What you Need to Know about the Nvidia Shield

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With the number of Android users growing daily, the Android OS-powered devices are becoming dime-a-dozen, ranging from your extremely affordable smartphones and tables, to the high-end flagships of the most recognizable brands in the market. But the more we get acquainted with the latest Jelly Bean Android operating system, the more we crave and desire from our devices. Aside from being used as a business phone, the Android smartphone is also used as a gaming device – many consumers are using their Android devices as an alternative to handheld systems like the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita. But the touch interface of the typical Android “gaming” phone or table is somewhat limiting to an average gamer, as these devices tend to lack the mobility offered by a physical controller with a joystick, and an emphatic, interactive experience delivered by mashing different control buttons.

This handheld gaming experience is what the Nvidia Shield brings to Android: it literally gives you something rigid to grasp, similarly to the controllers of full-fledged gaming consoles, all while retaining the ease and convenience of a mobile gaming OS. But before you rush to your car and speed to the nearest electronics store, there are important bits of information you need to know about the Nvidia Shield before you part ways with your hard-earned cash.

Android Mobile Gaming – No More, No Less

If you’re new to the Android gaming scene, it’s best to get acquainted with the system before choosing the Shield as an entertainment option. Try and see for yourself all that the Google Play store has to offer in terms of mobile games, and see if the options are in line with your current gaming habits. While there is a boatload of games available through Google, not everything is truly worth your time and money – just like any smartphone and the applications available for it. Some games are repetitive, while others are knockoffs of other successful titles. A great place to start is to take some time and skim through the “Editor’s Choice” along with the top apps that other users are downloading. Another avenue you should implore is to do some online research for the top Android games of the year. Though, it should be noted that many of these games are streamlined for mobile use, so the graphics and control won’t be the same as the ones you currently play on a traditional gaming console.

Can’t Find the Right Games? Emulate!

One way to circumvent the lack of “quality” game sis to download emulators and run games from older consoles on the Nvidia Shield. This method is done by Android gamers to make the most out of their devices, especially if they’ve exhausted all of their Google Play store options. Others may contest that the ability to emulate old console games shouldn’t be considered a plus for the Shield, but it is undoubtedly a great way to add more value to the $299 gaming device.

Handheld Gaming with a High-End Price

Yep, you read that right: the Nvidia Shield costs $299 – a significant price increase over the handheld PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS XL, both priced at $199. And even when they are cheaper, it could be argued that these two are the top choices in the handheld gaming community, and industry Android devices have yet to dominate. So with that premium price point, it’s difficult to convince gamers to switch from their old portable devices to the Shield. And that’s before you even get into the number of quality games available for both devices. These aren’t your typical pixelated, side-scrolling hack-and-slash style of games. Some of these titles are HD, open world RPGs and FPS games that are right on par with their console counterparts. Each of these devices carries exclusive titles, but they also offer thousands of games from third-party developers.

You’ve Been Warned

You may not be sold on the Nvidia Shield, not only because of its price, but also because of the better options available on the market. But the Shield, on its own, is a quality gaming device. It comes packed with the zippy NVIDIA Tegra, 1.9 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15, and 2 GB of RAM. These are high-end specs by traditional Android standards, capable of running even the most resource-demanding Android titles. The Shield also allows you to stream PC games, provided you have a GeForce GTX 650 or higher GPU on your computer. So, if you want to play Skyrim without being bunkered down at your desk, the Nvidia Shield is the best way to do it.

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Best Tech Options for Seniors

Coolpix S30

Photo via CitiWideOnline.com

There is no age limit when it comes to technology. However, there are certain tech options better suited to the senior set. This doesn’t mean that tech options geared towards a more mature crowd can’t still be stylish – and even downright cool. Here are some tech options seniors are likely to find appealing.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD ($199)

“This is a good way to introduce seniors to the joys of electronic books,” explains Steven Miller, senior technology editor for eldercare locator site Assisted Living Today. “In addition to offering 600,000 book choices, the Kindle eliminates the need to lug around heavy books. The 7-inch is a good model for seniors on the go, while the larger 8.9-inch model tends to be a better choice for home use. This particular Kindle also allows access to Amazon’s app store, videos, and music. It’s basically like a starter tablet computer for seniors, but it works well if it’s only used for reading too.”

Click & Grow Smart Flowerpot ($39.99 and $59.99; refill cartridges $19.99)

For seniors who love to garden but can’t deal with the maintenance requirements of gardening as easily anymore, this self-watering “smart” flowerpot does all the work for you. The starter kit comes with a plant cartridge with seeds. All you have to do is add water to the reservoir, insert batteries in the compartment, and add the seeds. Options include basil, mini-tomatoes, thyme, marigolds, and a few other choices.

Bushnell BackTrack ($51.36 to $69.99)

This key chain device is an excellent way for seniors to easily find their cars. You simply set the start and end points and you are guided back to your vehicle. The device uses GPS, but doesn’t always work inside parking garages due to the weak signal in enclosed spaces. It does, however, come in handy for quickly finding a parked car in an outdoor parking lot or along a crowded street.

BookSwim ($24 per month for 3 books at a time)

This site – similar to Netflix – allows seniors not ready to e-readers to have traditional books sent directly to their home. A list of books can be created on the site and when the top three choices are returned, the next three selections are automatically sent. This eliminates repeated trips to the library but still allows seniors to enjoy the pleasure of books. As an added convenience, shipping is included in the subscription price.

Nikon Coolpix S30 ($79.95)

This is a perfect camera for seniors looking to enjoy the latest photo technology without trying to figure out tiny buttons and other features that can be difficult to spot. This point-and-shoot camera is easy to use with a large photo button. It is also water and dust resistant for seniors on the go. Even the menu options are larger and easy to figure out.

Striiv Activity Monitor ($99.95)

Active seniors will appreciate this key chain pedometer. Aside from tracking movements, it also offers incentives for staying active such as the ability to bring a virtual island to life. It can also allow a senior to make a donation once a specific goal is achieved.

Starbucks Verismo ($199 plus the cost of coffee pads and other accessories)

More than just a simple single-serve coffee maker, this coffee maker lets a senior enjoy the same blends found in the store without the hassle of standing in line. In addition to brewing coffee, it also makes vanilla lattes, espresso, and a handful of Starbucks’ original brews. It’s very easy to use and makes great coffee.

This is just a sample of many of the tech options that just happen to be appealing to seniors for one reason or another. The main ingredient in anything geared towards seniors is ease of use, but this is really a trait that appeals to anyone looking to take advantage of the latest tech options regardless of age.

How LEDs Are Creation of Smart Future ?

LED refers to Light Emitting Diodes. You might have seen this technology being used by your friends or people you know. Thumbs down, if you do not use this in your home. Technology is progressing and so the people, but it seems that you are still on the same place. The ones who use LED technology are paying their contribution in defining bright future. They are playing their role in the creation of smart future. How? Well, the ‘HOW’ must be hitting your brain now. Right? The benefits of LED will answer this ‘How’ part. Let us have a look at it.

How LEDs Are Creation of Smart Future ?

No Heat

The best part of LEDs is nearly zero Heat Production by it. When you use traditional ways of lighting like CFLs or Fluorescent bulbs, then you might have noted that these get hot after a few minutes working. This happens due to heat production by them. About 80 percent of input energy gets converted into heat by CFLs. No such problem is there when you use LED as the heat production is almost zero.


As the CFLs get hot after a short time usage, one cannot use them in small places as there is always a huge risk in doing so. This makes CFLs to be unsafe. No heat production is involved in LEDs, so totally safe to use in any kind of places. Moreover, LEDs do not contain any glass in them, so there is not any problem of breakage. This makes LEDs safe from every aspect.

Energy Efficient

As stated already, heat production by LEDs is near to zero. It directly means that LEDs convert all the supplied energy into light. There is not any consumption of input energy. So you make use of all input energy. This certainly reduces the high electricity bills which always hit your doors.

Eco Friendly

Along with saving your hard earned money and thinking about your safety, taking care of environment is also your duty. After all, we all have to live in this environment and one can’t expect the life to exist if the environment is polluted. LEDs do not pollute the environment to any extent as these do not make use of dangerous material which can cause problems to environment. This is the reason why governments suggest people to use LEDs instead of CFLs, as in CFLs’ production, a dangerous material Mercury is used. This is highly harmful for environment.

Various Shapes and Sizes

LEDs are available in various shapes and sizes. It is clearly known that everyone has its own fantasies and choice. In CFLs, all are compelled to use same poor design, whether they like it or not. But no such case in LEDs. You have the option to select from a wide range of LEDs of different shapes and sizes. Select the one that suits your home the most. After all, it is beauty of your house that defines your personality. Right?

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Upcoming Launches 2013 – What to Watch for in 2013 ?

As another year ends tech enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the latest offerings from the worlds of gaming, computers, smartphones and TVs. With rumored big releases from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon we take a look at some of the most highly anticipated technology for 2013.

So here are some of the most anticipated upcoming launches for the next year. Read on to know more about the upcoming launches 2013.

Upcoming Launches 2013

Upcoming Launches 2013

Xbox 720

One of the most anticipated gaming releases for the new year, the next generation of Microsoft’s successful Xbox family is surrounded by rumours. Even the name has been privy to leaks and privacy control! Reports suggest that the new console will be released in autumn next year. Speculation abounds as to the gaming set-up but rumours are rife that discs will be obsolete and Microsoft will instead opt for a complete, digital offering. Tech Radar reports that Microsoft recently filed a patent for an augmented reality project which would project images onto the walls, producing a completely immersed gaming experience. Whatever the final outcome this is definitely one to watch next year!

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Recently arrived in the UK, 4G is set to burst on to the mobile broadband scene in 2013. While EE is currently the only provider of 4G the new year is set to bring a new host of operators, including Vodafone, Telefonica and Three. The network provides speeds of between eight and 12 megabits per second making it as fast as home broadband connections. Tech enthusiasts are sure to look forward to quicker downloads and less buffering as well as better coverage. If you’ve held back from EE’s 4G offering in hope of getting a better deal the new year is certain to bring highly competitive rates as the big companies fight for 4G control!

Apple television

Rumours of an Apple television have abounded for years but now rumblings in the tech world mean that the highly anticipated release may arrive sooner than we think with many predicting it will be enter the market at the end of 2013. Nicknamed the Apple iTV, it is believed that the size of the screens (no doubt in keeping with Apple’s chic designs) will be between 32 and 55 inches. Sources say it is likely that Apple will incorporate facial recognition, like Microsoft’s Kinect, resulting in an interactive device. It is also rumoured that Apple will include Siri, its voice recognition software, so users can essentially talk to their TV. While nothing has been confirmed by Apply itself all signs point to an imminent release.

Kindle phone

The Kindle phone is largely based on rumour, which was unfounded when Amazon failed to announce plans for the product alongside the launch of its updated Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader in September 2012. Expectations had reached fever pitch among tech reporters before the launch and many were left disappointed. However, that doesn’t mean a plan for a Kindle phone is not on the cards. While a 2012 release is unlikely, it could well be that Amazon reveals the latest addition to their Kindle family in the new year.

Leap Motion

Just one look at the promo video for Leap Motion and you’re already eager to pre-order the interactive device. Not quite a mouse and not quite a keyboard the Leap platform is placed in front of your computer or laptop and tracks your finger movements which are then replicated on screen. You can control your computer movements without even touching it! The company expects to start shipping devices next year so expect to see this in tech shops everywhere (that is until they sell out, which they probably will!)

Whatever happens in the new year, it’s sure to be one hell of a techno ride!

Author Bio : This article was written by Rachel Hurley who writes for Appliances Online. When she isn’t looking into the technological future she enjoys grabbing a glass of wine and relaxing on the couch. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Hurley23.

PC Sales hit Roadblock After the Launch of Windows 8

Windows 8 was launched among much hype but it seems as if it has failed to live up to the hype created at the time of its launch. The news is that PC sales are down after Windows 8 have started rolling out. Not a good news for Microsoft.

Launch of Windows 8

Microsoft entered the tablet industry, mainly dominated by iPad, with the launch of Microsoft Surface tablet that runs on Windows 8. The new operating system looks great if used with touch-based devices but it failed to impress the folks who used it on their notebooks and computers.

According to a report released by a market research company, NPD Group, the Notebooks sales have dropped by 24 percent compared to the same period last year since the launch of Windows 8. The Desktop PCs have reported better performance than Notebooks but their sales is also down at 9 percent from the previous period. Overall the sales of devices running on Microsoft Windows 8 have fallen 21 percent compared to last year.

It is too early to predict that Windows 8 has failed, but still it has not been able to create a positive impact like it was created with Windows 7. However the sales of Windows 8 can go up as their is a whole festive season ahead of us.

One further thing that is a reason behind the drop on sales percentage is that the prices of many of the devices including Desktops running on Windows 8 have increased up to 10 percent. This rise in prices have also helped Windows 8 hit a roadblock.

The sales figure doesn’t include the Microsoft Surface tablet as of now, because Microsoft has yet started supplying it.

Source : T3.com

Apple Tax – Is the Apple Experience Worth the Cost?

Apple has lately been something of a controversial company. While many see their products as highly inventive, intuitive and well designed, they could easily be accused of abusing their popularity. Not only is Apple currently suing everyone left, right and center, but they are also well known for create a very closed system that prevents customers from using their devices freely and for charging a lot more for the privilege.

Apple Tax

Credits : Cult Of Mac

What is Apple Tax ?

‘Apple Tax’ is a term that refers not only to the much higher price you’ll pay extra initially when you buy an Apple (try an extra hundred dollars or two for a device with generally lower specs even) but also for the increased price you’ll pay for just about everything else from that point on from media to songs. This is the price you pay for owning an Apple, this is ‘Apple Tax’, but is it worth it? Here are some other examples of Apple charging more for your products…


One notable difference between the Play Store and App Store is the cost of apps. It is much cheaper for a developer to develop an Android app than it is for them to develop the same thing on iPhone, Google take a much lower cut, there are far more ways of doing it (Basic4Android for instance lets them program it in a language similar to the very popular and easy Visual Basic) and they don’t need to buy any hardware especially. It’s no wonder then that you end up paying much more for your iPhone apps than you do for the same thing on other devices.

Take Amazing Alex – $0.99 on iPhone, $2.99 on iPad, or completely free on Android devices (tablet and phone) and the same is true of many other popular apps in the store. There are also just higher numbers of free apps on Android meaning that you can enjoy doing almost everything you need to without spending anything. Of course the quality is somewhat more negligible and there are again compatibility issues, so again you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth paying more for the iTunes experience?

Software and Hardware

At the same time after you’ve paid more for your iPhone and more for your apps, Apple ten find more other ways to charge you extra too. The fact that iPhones have such an unusual power port and no micro USB for instance means that you aren’t going to be able to charge your iPhone or iPod at a friend’s house from their computer. If you lose your iPhone charge you will need to buy one of the Apple branded ones and of course for that you will pay twice the price. And even the third party peripherals such as cases and screen protectors will cost you significantly more for Apple devices than they will for Samsung or Blackberry ones.

It’s not just on the iPhone that you will be paying more however, you’ll also be paying a lot more for your Macbooks than you would for a HP or another computer with similar specs. Again this also extends to the software – such as MS Word, as well as the peripheries. And if you’re into downloading things without paying full price (shame on you!) then that’s going to be a lot harder on an Apple machine meaning you can’t even worm your way out of the Apple tax.


In some ways you could also consider some of the many restrictions that Apple place on their products as being a form of tax too. For instance the DRM on your iTunes music that prevents you from copying it to more than a handful of devices, or the fact that you need iTunes to even access the files on your device. When all is said and done Apple users put up with a lot out of loyalty to their favorite tech firm… but do they get the same love back?

Whether or not you are happy to pay extra for the privilege of having a half-eaten apple logo on your device is of course a matter of choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get annoyed by it – particularly when Apple own such a large share of the market, and particularly when they have been recently accused of using tax ‘shelters’ to avoid paying all that much tax themselves… (apparently getting out of around $3 billion last year). Time will tell whether Apple’s antics eventually come back to haunt them, but for now – what do you think about it?

Image Credits : Cult Of Mac

Author Bio:
Jeet is a gadget lover and has used many of Apple’s products including earlier Macs, Powerbook, and the latest iGadgets. He works with GetLinksPro and writes on a variety of topics including technology and internet.

Microsoft launches Surface Tablets along with Windows 8 !!!

It’s merry time for techies and gadget freaks as Microsoft finally launched its very first tablet just days after iPad Mini was launched. Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows unit and the person behind Widows 8 launched the latest hardware in front of around 1000 media persons and PC industry partners.

Microsoft launches Surface Tablets.

The launch of the Surface tablets is clearly shows that Microsoft is trying to take a strong position in the mobile computing market which was till now led by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Steve Ballmer stated ” We have reimagined Windows and we have reimagined the whole PC industry “.

The early reviews of Microsoft were mixed as some were criticizing the design and the user interface while some where praising it and even calling it a revolutionary design. But amidst all the speculation and after the heavy testing and tweaking, Surface tablets were launched and went on sale on Thursday midnight.

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Alongwith Surface tablets, it was the day that the much-awaited Windows 8 was launched for the people to use. Windows 8 sports a completely new look with its Metro-like design and the tile interface. No wonder it will work best with touch enabled devices like Surface tablets and Windows phones.

Microsoft launches Windows 8

According to Steve Sinofsky, Windows 8 is built on the base of Windows 7 which proved to be the best selling OS for Microsoft reaching upto 670 million license already sold.

Many people including the investors are uncertain about the success of Windows 8, because of the fact that the consumer previews got some rave reviews. However they feel that a solid and ground-breaking launch could hep Microsoft’s stock which have remained quite low compared to Apple’s stock.

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No wonder, Microsoft is trying to give a tough competition to Apple by launching its Surface tablet and Windows 8 only after iPad Mini was launched and days before Google Nexus 7 hit the stores. Now we only have to witness the clash of the titans. Let’s see if Microsoft can make way by competing with two giants who have always ruled the world of mobile computing.

What’s your say? Will Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows 8 live up to the expectations ?

Apple Launched iPad Mini to Take Over the Tablet Market.

Apple has always had a upper hand when it comes to mobile computing market. The evergreen iPhone and iPad are the true examples. Many tablets and smartphones were released to give these two a competition but it all provide futile as both these stood right there and made way for their successors.

Apple Launched iPad Mini

If that was not enough, Apple made another move to take the dominance of the market by launching iPad Mini before the Google Nexus 7 hit the stores. The new iPad Mini is half the size of the existing iPad and it clearly gives an idea that its been made to compete with the likes of Google Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

It was clearly evident that the main focus is to completely take over the growing market as Schiller compared the iPad Mini with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, citing feature by feature why the iPad Mini was superior compared to its couterparts.

From the first reviews, it looks that iPad Mini will surely prove to be a tough competitor as it boasts of almost all the specs as the existing iPad excluding the screen size. Its a Mini version so the screen size will definitely be small. Apple will surely make a dream run with this device if we go with the specs but the prize may prove to be a little hindrance in the dream run.

Apple’s iPad Mini is priced at $329 for the WiFi-only model where as the cheapest Amazon Kindle Fire comes at $159 and Google Nexus 7 has got a price tag of $249.

But it seems that Apple executives doesn’t care about this little hindrance as Tim Cook stated that Apple sold the 100 millionth iPad just two weeks before the launch; the first iPad went on sale in April 2012. That’s one hell of a benchmark, almost impossible for anyone to cross.

So what do you think will the iPad Mini do to the mobile computing market ? Is it capable to take over the whole market before Google Nexus 7 hit the stores ? Have you say …..

HP Unveiles Four New All-in-One Windows 8 Computers !!!

Since Windows 8 was announced, it has been in the limelight – for some good reasons while for some bad reasons also. It has always managed to stay in limelight by rolling out different preview versions and announcing new features time after time. Plus it gained momentum as experts were criticizing its design while some geeks where appreciating it.

We don’t want to talk much about Windows 8 here as it has officially been announced that Windows 8 will be out by October this year and you can enjoy it in your own PC.

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Still there is about a month to its release, HP has unveiled four amazing all-in-one desktop computers, which are all super-slim. Most of the HP all-in-ones or the TouchSmart line of devices are quite famous for its touch-screen, but there is an exception in one of the unveiled PCs. The all-in-one PC, SpectreOne which is the slimmest in the group, is not a touch-screen computer. SpectreOne is just 11.5mm thin, the company’s slimmest all-in-one PCs.

HP SpectreOne all-in-one :

HP SpectreOne Windows 8

HP SpectreOne – The slimmest all-in-one Windows 8 PC

SpectreOne is a sleek PC with a 23.6-inch flush-glass full HD display and a curved back; features a wireless trackpad and powered up with multi-touch technology (Much like Apple – HP should be ready with some lawyers) so that the users can scroll and swipe through the Windows 8′s metro-style user interface.

The SpectreOne is loaded with 1GB NVDIA graphics card and an optional ExpressCache that speeds up the boot times and applications start time. A notable feature of HP’s SpectreOne is that it supports near-field communication (NFC) technology which means you can share stuff with just a tap. The device is equipped two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

As per HP, the SpectreOne is powered up by the latest intel processors but didn’t reveal the  actual configuration. Also the release date hasn’t been announced yet. But the device is expected to be out by November in the US with a price tag of $1,299.

HP Envy 23 and HP Envy  20 :

HP has also unveiled two more all-in-ones. The two PCs are HP Envy 20 and HP Envy 23, both are touchscreen devices and the name is so because of their respective diagonal display sizes. Both the touch-based all-in-ones are powered by Windows 8 and sports a 10-point multi-touch functionality. Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry about the memory, as it is loaded with a huge disk space, about 3 TB of storage space.

HP Envy All-in-Ones

Both the computers, Envy 23 and Envy 20 are to be released in the month of October, priced at $999 for 23-inch and $799 for the latter.

HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one :

The fourth all-in-one in line is the HP Pavilion 20 which is also slated to be out by the month of October with a price tag of $499.

HP Pavilion

Let me know what you think about the all-in-one Windows 8 HP desktops. Lets see what you think about HP computers.

Author Bio : Lanroni is a blogger and writer who writes for www.opendoorloan.co.uk. He also shares link to help you get quick loans.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launched – Apple’s iPad gets a stiff competitor, again.

I think that the companies are now focusing more on tablets. I don’t know why but it is true that people, especially tech-savvy people are more inclined to buying a tablet instead of a computer or a laptop. So what else do I need to say. Let,s get to the topic. Samsung’s most awaited smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has finally been unveiled. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would probably change the tides in the tablet market and give the market-dominating iPad a tough competition. Just about a month back, Microsoft launched Surface tablets to get into the tablet market and now its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to rock the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

South Korea’s giant Samsung has finally unveiled its most awaited smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a super-size version of its predecessor Galaxy Note smartphone. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is twice as wide as its predecessor and is nearly of the size of a tablet. The release comes as Samsung is making its position strong in the tablet market, which is dominated by Apple’s iPad. This would only add fuel to the battle as the two technology giants are already engaged in a legal war over patent infringements.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is powered by Google’s Android 4.0.3 OS and features a big touchscreen which around 10.1 inches diagonally, considerably twice the size of the previous Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note came with a stylus and so Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 too comes with a stylus known as “S pen” to write notes and draw on the screen with much ease. An advanced feature too has been included. The new version allows users to split the screen in half to view two programs at once. The new version is much faster and you can run multiple applications faster as Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes equipped with a quad-core processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The new Galaxy Note weighs 597 grams, which is lighter than iPad that weighs 652 grams. Powered with a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, you can expect much faster performance even with multiple applications running. Also the Note is better than the iPad in terms of camera. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a 5 MP rear camera with LED flash and a 1.9 MP front camera, while iPad comes with a similar 5 MP rear camera but a 0.3 MP front camera. It comes with a storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB, and MicroSD upto 64 GB. Its powered by WiFi and 3G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is already on sale in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Samsung launched Galaxy Note in November, a device which was an amalgamation of its flagship product Galaxy S smartphones and the Galaxy tablets. So the new tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is apparently launched aiming at giving Apple’s market-leading iPad a tough competition.

The new Galaxy Note is practically a new tablet PC that comes with a stylus pen, in which the iPad lacks big time. Moreover, Samsung has been concentrating more on expanding the range of stylus-equipped mobile devices to compete better against its US rival, which has not released any such products till date.

Samsung and Apple are already engaged in a bitter court battle in 10 countries worldwide over patents for smartphones and tablet computers. At a recent major hearing in California, Apple is seeking more than $2.5 billion after accusing the South Korean giant of infringing patents. Samsung, on the other hand, denies this and counter-charges that Apple has infringed its patents for wireless communication.

Let’s not get more into the legal issues of the two tech giants. What we should concentrate more on is the fact that we are getting more and more tablets and smartphones to enjoy as the giants are rolling out new and better devices.

With Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1, Apple faces another possible killer. The specs in most aspects are much in favor to the Android device, but still can it dethrone the king ???