How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Blog ??

Pinterest is a new social platform compared to Facebook and Twitter and completely different from every other network. So if bloggers are finding out new ways to drive traffic to their blogs and are avoiding this great platform with high potential, then you are going to regret it afterwards.

Drive Traffic with Pinterest

According to a study, Pinterest is referring more traffic to sites and blogs as compared to the traffic referred by Google Plus, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. If we compare Pinterest and Twitter, taking the number of users, then Pinterest refers more traffic than Twitter – Pinterest has around 10 million users while Twitter boasts of 200 million users.

Why do you need to have a Pinterest account ?

As I said earlier, Pinterest has got huge potential. In this year, it has created an impact in the social media, compelling biggies like Facebook and Twitter to rethink over their strategies. So many bloggers and business owners got in the shelter of Pinterest to leverage the benefits.

It also seems that search engines love Pinterest as it has a simple design and you can navigate through it too easily. Many companies are also generating big nucks by rolling out themes that resembles to the theme of Pinterest.

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Why people are attracted to use Pinterest ?

This is a simple question with a very simple answer. Here is a very famous quote that explains all – “Images speak louder than words”.

I think the owners of Pinterest might have taken inspiration from this quote and created a highly popular social networking site. The site uses images, known as “Pins”. As you share links, status, images on Facebook; the same way you can share the images you like with Pinterest. If we look in a more detailed perspective, then it actually allows users to save and share the web-pages from around the Internet in forms of images.

As a result, more and more users are using Pinterest as it uses images, that are visually appealing rather that status updates.

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Simple Tips to Drive Traffic with Pinterest :-

#1.  Use Pinterest as a User not a blogger :

The first step would be to login to Pinterest not as a blogger but as a user to find useful images. Try to keep a blog post of yours in mind. Now try to search different pins and boards with a proper keyword that bests suits your blog post.

Analyze different images properly, study the description of the images and try to draft a compelling description for your own images. This will help you rank high in search terms for the relevant keyword on Pinterest.

#2. Get into your blogging shoes :

Now it’s time to be back as a blogger. Now that you know how you can rank high, it’s time to pin proper images. Get to your blog post and choose the image that best describe your post. (Don’t forget to add the “Pin It” button in your bookmarks bar). Use a relevant board or make a seperate one for the image and provide a proper description that contains your keyword.

#3. Be Social, Followers does matter :

This is the most important thing if you want to reap benefits from any social network, including Pinterest. Don’t just stick to pinning images from your blog. Search around Pinterest, if you like some images then don’t think twice to re-pin the image. Similarly, if you like any web-page or any blog post, then try to be friendly by pinning the post onto Pinterest. This way you will see a rise in your followers count and who knows if you too get a re-pin from others.

#4. Add a Pin-It button to your Blog post : 

Adding a Pin button will be quite beneficial as users who like your blog will be able to share your post easily. There are many social sharing plugins available that has “Pin” buttons integrated, but if you want to add it at some other place, you can find the code from Pinterest. Just login, and go to the “Goodies” section and you will find the code.

#5. Be Generous – Return the Favor :

If any pinner is pinning your blog images, then be generous enough to return the favor by following his pins or by re-pinning his images. He will surely love your gesture and will share your images more often.

#6. Be Different :

As we all know, Pinterest is a network completely different from its counterparts, so you have to find your own ways to get traffic from Pinterest. No one will ever reveal his strategies, you have to discover the strategy that suits you the best and work on it. Be different, because the platform we are talking about is different.

 I don’t get thousands of visitors from Pinterest, but from the last few days I started working on Pinterest and it is climbing up on my top referrers list. So I thought of writing a post about Pinterest. If you think I have missed out on any point that might be useful or have presented anything in a wrong manner, please feel free to drop a comment. I would love your gesture.

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How can you get more Twitter Followers ?? [Infographic]

get more twitter followers
      Being a blogger, I can understand the desperation of getting visitors from each and every corner of the online world. And what better than Twitter to get the traffic ?? Twitter is one of the biggest used social network around.So it’s natural that you will use it to get the required traffic. But its not that easy to get Twitter traffic as it depends on the number of followers you have. The more number of followers, the more Twitter traffic.
      We all implement hell lot of ways to get the followers, but only some works. Happened to me as well. I am applying some of the ways to get more followers. I searched for many ways and I found an amazing Infographic here that’ll help you get an idea of how to get more followers.
      The Infographic has been created by Twiends. It’s a site that helps in getting more followers. I got some and after getting my desired results, I will draft a complete post about how to use it. So stay tuned. Till then enjoy this Infographic.

How to get more Twitter Followers :-

get more twitter followers

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Why Facebook should be afraid of Google+ ??

Facebook should be afraid of Google+

         Social Media is the hottest topic today in the Internet world. Everyone spends most of his time on various social networks. The most famous ones include the status updates, plus ones and tweets. I hope you would get it. The social world recently saw a great social platform rising and becoming popular on a much faster rate. I am talking about Pinterest. This network is completely different to what we all are used to. Simply saying it is an image-based social networking site. But this all we will cover in some other post. Our today’s topic is why Facebook should be afraid of Google+.

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The biggest reason :-

         The biggest reason of why Facebook should be afraid of Google+ is that Facebook is going to compete with a Google service and we all know what Google is. Google is something that no one is unfamiliar with. Its the synonym to Internet. Whichever field Google has entered in, it has completely taken charge over it. If you would see the services offered by this search giant, then you will be shocked. Other reason is that people loves Google and they should because with you will get the online security as a freebie.

Take a look at the services offered by Google. Click here

Large No. of Google Users :-

          Most of the people who are familiar with the Internet are bound to be familiar with Google. And so all of us have our very own Google account. According to my knowledge, more than a billion people have a Google account. Additionally you can use any of the services offered by Google by just one single id. So just think, if everyone out there who have a Google account just signs in to Google+ then it will easily surpass Facebook within no time.

The Updated Design of Google+ :-

           Just a few days back Google+ rolled out with its new design. This new layout is clean and and anyone can easily navigate through it. Some amazing new features like the size of the image has been increased a lot, a different hangouts page, a cute and awesome navigation ribbon and much more. I love this new design than what it used to be before. To know more about the updated layout click the link below.

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One more reason :-

          Now people have started getting bored of the same new features of Facebook. It is providing nothing new. Even the Timeline feature has nothing appealing. But you can expect some image modification in Facebook in the near future after it acquired Instagram. But it would also be limited to only images. The social network addicts like me have already started their search for some new platforms. For now, Pinterest looks the most promising and yes Google+ is also growing in terms of popularity.

Final words :-

         If Facebook wants to stay in the race or want to maintain the top position in the social world then it has to bring in some amazing new features so that it can bind the people again. But defeating Facebook is not a child’s play as it is the biggest today. But if Facebook doesn’t do something and provide something new to its users then the doomsday for Facebook is near.

         I hope you would have liked my article. Please share your views with us by commenting below. Your feedback is valuable for us.

Pinterest – A hot newcomer in the Social World


Nowadays there has been a tough competition between all the social networking sites to grab hold of the first spot. Facebook has managed to maintain it from a long time but it has become desperate to stay on top. The arrival of Google+ has created a lot of desperation among the Facebook developers. And now yet another site has come up and it is known as Pinterest. It is been said to be the most prominent newcomer in the world of social media. So let’s see what this Pinterest is and why the leading social networks are sensing some potential competition in it.

So, What is Pinterest ??

In simple words, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and save your pins that you have collected from around the Internet. It can be said that you can bookmark some of the useful webpages in your Pinterest accounts so that they are not lost when your computer’s all screwed up. By doing this, even your friends and family members can see your pins and make use of those important page that you have pinned.

Pinterest has found its way in the top 10 major social networking services with 11.7 million unique users. And after seeing the success rate, it is all set to make a new history. Some mobile based applications are also on its way. In the world of Pinterest, images are called ‘Pins’ and videos are called ‘Pinboards’. You can ‘Pin’ any image on the Internet by installing a small “Pin It” button in your browser’s toolbar. Pin it ans share it with the world.


Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Pinterest :-

An another interesting feature of Pinterest is to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Pinterest. This allows you to find your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also unlink your account at any time you want. Also when you like something and create a pin you will have the option to tweet it and share it on Facebook. Pinterest is well aware of your need that is why you are been provided with that every  options you need.

Tweet and share your pin

Create your Pins on Pinterest :-

Its very easy to create a pin. You just have to copy and paste the url of what you want to pin and save it in the respective board you want. Its very very easy and you will master its every feature within minutes. So start creating your pins and share it with the world.

create pins

Summary :-

If you are already using Pinterest then you will find nothing new in this post. But hose who didn’t knew about it and for those who knew about it, let me tell you that Pinterest is all set to take the Internet world by storm with the massively growing community. If you decide to join Pinterest then don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to get the latest updates their. Follow me on Pinterest.

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The things about Facebook that I love and things that I hate !!!

Things I love and hate about Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the leading social networking site today with more than 750 million users worldwide. Many people start their day with a status update which is sufficient to show how much people are addicted to Facebook. It is the best place today to socialize with people around the world and stay connected with your friends. But there are something that Facebook excels in and something where it fails. Today we are gonna discuss some points that I love and some points that I hate about Facebook.

First of all let’s see why is Facebook so much popular ?? The reason about the popularity of it among the youths as well as old people around the globe.

The reason of its Success :-

The biggest reason why Facebook is so popular is it’s perfect timing. I mean to say that Facebook came when no other social network was offering any such services. Mark Zuckerberg hit the fortune by launching it a time when people were bored of other social networks and Facebook offered them much different services to explore. So more and more people created their account with it and thus made it so much popular.

The things that I love about Facebook :-

Its Design :-

The creators of Facebook have indeed done a great amount of hard-work to create the design of Facebook and give it a perfect look. Even the new users will love its simple user interface and would never get confused.

Wide Variety of Pages and Groups :-

This is the best thing about Facebook that fell in love with. You can find a wide range of pages and groups of different categories on Facebook. You will never get bored of browsing such pages.

Strong Connection :-

I am able to easily connect with my friends on Facebook. I can see what they are doing or what they are up to. Above this all, Facebook helps me to remember my friends’ birthday and saves me from their torture that they give me if I forget it.

The things that I hate about Facebook :-

Large number of users :-

This is the biggest nuisance on Facebook. Their are so many users of Facebook that it makes almost impossible for you to find anyone’s profile. Also the amount of fake accounts is way more that the genuine ones. I think that Facebook has managed to get so many users just because of the fake accounts that people create.

Timeline for pages :-

After the implementation of Timeline feature for personal profile, Facebook introduced it for the pages as well. In this process, all the pages lost their landing pages. This landing pages where the main attraction of such pages which are now completely gone. But you can create a cover photo instead but it can’t be compared with the landing pages.

Unlimited tagging :-

You are tagged with many photos or videos or links which are not at all of any use. This things are just useless. It annoys me very much when any of my friend tags me to some useless photo.

The ‘Dislike’ button :-

This is the feature for which I am longing to have. People in my friend list just upload some things that are just bullshit. What they think when they update some stupid status which has got no meaning. Now Facebook has got to introduce a ‘Dislike’ button.

Final words :-

My list of likes and dislikes not just ends here. It’s just that I cannot present it in one single post or you will get annoyed with the article. This points I wrote about are my personal view. If you feel that you like some point that I don’t then it’s just a matter of perception. If you think I am missing out on some point then please let me and my other readers know it by commenting below.

Again I want to say that each and everything that I have written is my personal perception. It may be that you will feel differently about it as it is your personal view. So if you are offended by any point then please don’t take it seriously. No hard feelings.

Author Bio:  I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E20-515  which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E20-517. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Why you should use Twitter ??

Why you should use Twitter

The people today have resorted to virtual reality, fully committing to themselves to computers and smartphones. The world is passing through a technology revolution. Humans like to spend time on the internet socializing with the people from around the world rather than stepping out of their houses and knowing their neighbours. Social networking sites are taking on the social world by storm. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are some of the social networks that have become successful in gaining much popularity with the masses in a short time period.

Most of us have accounts on Facebook and even Google+ and we use it quite often. But we But not many of us have ever tweeted. Forget about tweeting, some of you must not have ever created a Twitter account. Why not ?? If you love using and socializing on Facebook and Google+, then you will probably love Twitter as well.

The 140-character limitation :-

As per my opinion, Twitter is the most challenging platform to show-off. The limit of tweeting only 140 characters is the hardest part. This might be the biggest reason that might have kept you away from Twitter. It is hard but not impossible. Take it as a challenge. Our generation loves challenges. So why not take this quality of ours to this social platform. Transform the 140-character limit to your biggest strength.

You can build strong connections :-

Twitter is a very wide network with millions of users. Those who have Twitter accounts come to this platform to make their online connection strong. You can find many companies or people’s who are worth following. You can learn a lot from these successful personalities. This is one thing Facebook doesn’t have. Half of the accounts on Facebook are fake. While there is different scenario on Twitter.

The best place to promote :-

If you are the owner of some website or want to promote your product with a large number of people then Twitter is the best place for promotion. Facebook Ads is the better way for promotion but you have to pay for it. If you are not willing to pay then you should start tweeting. Build a list of followers and convince them that the thing you are promoting is worth a try.They will probably get somewhat convinced.

Find People you love :-

If you want to keep an eye on your favorite celeb – be a sportsperson, an actor, a media personality or a business tycoon, then you can find them on Twitter very easily. If you search them on Facebook, then you will come across thousands of profile and you will get totally confused that which one is the genuine one.

Final Words :-

After reading the above article, if you are going to create a Twitter account then it will be my achievement. Don’t think that I was promoting Twitter. It was just a personal feeling. If we give so much importance to Facebook then why not use Twitter that is as advanced as Facebook.

If you have any objection regarding the above article then feel free to comment as it would motivate us to solve your problems and not commit any such mistakes in the future. Please help us improve by giving your precious feedback. Thank you.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E20-690  which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E22-290. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Manage all your social networks’ profile from one site.

            This is an era of Internet. There won’t be anyone on the Earth who may not know about Internet. And in that the addition of Social Networking sites has created a completely new world better known as the ‘Virtual World’. Most of us would be having accounts on many social networking sites. Managing all this is really tiring. Now no more tiring as we can manage all our profiles from one website itself.

For changing or updating your profile information on different sites, you have to go to their respective ‘Settings’ page, which is very time consuming and boring. So we can use a new site to update our profile without even opening the ‘Settings’ page. For changing the settings of a social network, you must be logged in to that site. Its easy-to-use interface will help you to update your information with just one click. This amazing website we are talking about is “Blisscontrol”.


What is Blisscontrol ??

Bliss Control is simply a directory of links to manage your social media settings. The tool helps you easily access links to any settings page on the top social networks.

For example if you want to change your bio on Facebook, you select those options on the homepage, hit “Go” and you’ll be taken to the right place on Facebook to change your bio.


Which Services are supported ??

It supports all the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Flickr.

Go to

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E20-007 which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E20-390. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Which one is better – Google Plus or Facebook ??

Which one is better - Google Plus or Facebook

Social Networking is a craze today, not only among our generation but also among people of every age group. People prefer to remain active on social networking sites rather than going out and meet someone. Facebook today is the undisputed ruler of social networking sites. But there has emerged a threat named Google Plus.

              Google Plus though being new is gaining much great response in the social world. People trust it more because it’s a product rolled out by Google which is the most trusted name on Internet. A look into the site will give you an overall view of the features of Google +. Going by the description and the look of the features, it seems that this time Google will be successful with their endeavor in the social media segment. The undefeated king of search engines is taking strong steps to become the king of social networking sites.
              On the other hand, Facebook has sensed the danger in Google+ and is trying to roll out newer and newer features so that it’s users don’t migrate to Google+. The new look of Facebook is the proof of its insecurity. It launched the Timeline feature for personal accounts which got mixed reviews and now it has rolled out the Timeline Feature for the pages as well.
              Personally saying, I found Google+ far more better and advanced than Facebook. The features of Google+ are amazing, the photo effects are visually very clear and of course the circles. All and all I would say that Google+ is better than Facebook and will surely outnumber Facebook users.
              I would like to know what you feel – whether Facebook is better or Google+ ?? Let us know your views regarding the same. The people’s views only decide the popularity of the social networks.
Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Symantec ST0-153 which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Symantec ST0-151. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.