Microsoft launches Surface Tablets along with Windows 8 !!!

It’s merry time for techies and gadget freaks as Microsoft finally launched its very first tablet just days after iPad Mini was launched. Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows unit and the person behind Widows 8 launched the latest hardware in front of around 1000 media persons and PC industry partners.

Microsoft launches Surface Tablets.

The launch of the Surface tablets is clearly shows that Microsoft is trying to take a strong position in the mobile computing market which was till now led by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Steve Ballmer stated ” We have reimagined Windows and we have reimagined the whole PC industry “.

The early reviews of Microsoft were mixed as some were criticizing the design and the user interface while some where praising it and even calling it a revolutionary design. But amidst all the speculation and after the heavy testing and tweaking, Surface tablets were launched and went on sale on Thursday midnight.

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Alongwith Surface tablets, it was the day that the much-awaited Windows 8 was launched for the people to use. Windows 8 sports a completely new look with its Metro-like design and the tile interface. No wonder it will work best with touch enabled devices like Surface tablets and Windows phones.

Microsoft launches Windows 8

According to Steve Sinofsky, Windows 8 is built on the base of Windows 7 which proved to be the best selling OS for Microsoft reaching upto 670 million license already sold.

Many people including the investors are uncertain about the success of Windows 8, because of the fact that the consumer previews got some rave reviews. However they feel that a solid and ground-breaking launch could hep Microsoft’s stock which have remained quite low compared to Apple’s stock.

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No wonder, Microsoft is trying to give a tough competition to Apple by launching its Surface tablet and Windows 8 only after iPad Mini was launched and days before Google Nexus 7 hit the stores. Now we only have to witness the clash of the titans. Let’s see if Microsoft can make way by competing with two giants who have always ruled the world of mobile computing.

What’s your say? Will Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows 8 live up to the expectations ?

Microsoft takes on Apple; finally unveils the Surface Tablets

Microsoft launches Surface Tablets

    We have been waiting for so long for this announcement and the earth-shattering announcement is finally here – Microsoft finally surfaces in the tablets market. Amidst so many rumours about hte launch, the design and of course the specification of Microsoft’s tablet, Microsoft finally unveiled its device in front of the world.

     Microsoft has been working on a tablet for so long, but it has entered the market with a vengeance. Not one, but it has two tablets in its kitty. One is Windows 8 RT tablet that runs on NVIDIA tegra 3 ARM processor and the other one is Windows 8 Pro tablet that runs on Intel’s Ivy bridge Core i5 chips.

Microsoft has named the tablets as “Surface”. Just as Windows 8 is changing the dimensions of Windows operating system, Microsoft claims that Surface too will change the dimensions of the tablets. Surface is first of its kind. It is designed to work both as a tablet and a PC.

Microsoft Surface Tablets
    The Surface tablet is super-thin, just 9.3 mm for the Windows RT version and 13.5 mm fot the Windows Pro version. You will find a Micro SD post on the side of the RT version and a micro SDXC port in the Pro version for adding the data to the device or reading files like pictures from your digital camera on the go. Surface tablets boast of a 10.6 inch 16:9 widescreen HD display screen.The screen is made of Gorilla Glass, which as we all know is an ultra-strong glass which prevents scratches and cracks even if it tumbles from our hands. 
     There is a nice addition to this device. Both the tablets have two ful size USB ports – something which you normally won’t see in the tablets. A built-in kickstand on the rear of the tablet to hold it up while you are typing or viewing videos.
      Remember Apple’s Smart Cover, the same thing you will see with Microsoft’s tablets. A Touch Cover for the device that protects the screen, it connects to the Surface via the magnets on the devices side. It’s not just like another cover or like Apple’s Smart Cover. It’s much more than that. The insid of the 3mm cover doubles up as a fully functional keyboard with a built-in trackpad when its opened up. You will even get a stylus if you go for the Pro version, and it attaches to the side of the tablet for easy storage.
Microsoft Surface TabletsMicrosoft Surface Tablets
     The Windows 8 RT version will be available in 32GB and 64GB, while the Windows 8 Pro version will be available in 64GB and 128GB. Both the versions will have a 2×2 MIMO WiFi antennae. the RT version has a Micro HD Video Port while the Pro version has a Mini display Port Video.
    So what are you views regarding Microsoft’s jump in the tablets market ?? Will this move actually shake the Apple’s dominance ?? Share your views with us.
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