SEOClerks – The Only Capable Competitor of Fiverr.

Affordable SEO by SEOClerksOnce you get exposed to the online industry, you will hear about lots and lots of success stories. Some making huge income while some making small yet decent money. So you too will wonder how they make money online and how can you do that too ? It’s damn simple but you must be good and dedicated in what you are going to do.

Most of you who are attached with the online industry might be quite familiar with Fiverr. It is a much popular site where people offer their services for just $5. That’s a superb thing as you can get your work done for just $5; no bargain, no hidden costs.

But when a certain service start gaining momentum and becomes popular, its going to face some competition from other growing companies. Here too Fiverr is facing a tough competition. SEOClerks is a similar platform where people offer their services for a less price. Not $5, but the price is affordable and worth it.

What is SEOClerks ?

SEOClerks is basically a simple SEO platform that provides affordable SEO services. This services cover all the search engine optimization factors and helps you improve your SEO at a very nominal price. You can view the different services in the marketplace where everything is sorted out as per the categories.

The services that are offered at SEOClerks are :

  • Article Writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Sponsored  Blog Reviews
  • Buying and Selling Traffic
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Blog Commenting
  • And everything that is related to it.

Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

SEOClerks is a perfect place for beginners and experts alike to sell their services or to order some services. SEOClerks was designed in such a way that beginners find it easy to navigate and experts get a flexible experience.

You Get Quality and Affordable Services at SEOClerks.

When you order something at SEOClerks, then you will surely get quality work done. I am saying this because whoever is selling his services will need to get positive reviews for his services from his clients to earn more; so messing with quality won’t give any positive feedback.

So you can remain assured that you will get your work properly done and at an affordable price. But it is advisable to examine every seller before placing an order. Read feedback, contact him, read reviews and only then proceed further.

Join SEOClerks Now !!!

So if you are good at something and you want to get paid for your services, then you must sign up with SEOClerks as it is completely free. Unlike Fiverr, you won’t get only $5 ($4 actually) for the hard work you do. You can set your own price for the hardwork involved but don’t keep it too high that no one places an order.

Join SEOClerks Now for FREE and start earning money.

Are you using SEOClerks already ? Are you satisfied with the services ? Drop your feedback below. I would be glad to hear from you.

PinSomo WordPress Theme : Making Money for Amazon Niche Sites

Pinsomo WordPress Theme

If you’re an Amazon affiliate looking to gain an increase in site traffic for your site, here’s PinSomo — your WordPress wondertheme.

PinSomo theme is the first Pinterest theme of its kind to be integrated with Facebook OpenGraph, Facebook Insights, Google Authorship Markup and a Mobile-Responsive design. Plus, we can trust PinSomo Theme as it comes from the person who brought the superb SEO plugin – SEOPressor, yes it’s Daniel Tan.

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These are several benefits PinSomo can give you as an Amazon affiliate there’s another benefit that may not seem as monumental as the others but is still relatively important and usually overlooked.

This is the benefit of minimal time, effort and cost of setting up PinSomo. It only takes 2 minutes to download and install your PinSomo, just like any other WordPress theme. And there’s no need to hire programmers to create a whole new site for you, it’s a simple task that anyone can do — for free!

The other main benefits of PinSomo WordPress Theme.

  • Increase site traffic by turning your site into Pinterest
  • Allows you to monitor and adjust your site content based on visitor feedback (how your visitors behave and navigate on your site using Facebook OpenGraph) which is graphically consolidated for your easy disposal and analyse (Facebook Insights function)
  • Automatically integrates your site with Google Authorship Markup so that your work is always recognized by Google and improves your SEO ranking because of your original content
  • Lets your visitors view your site no matter what devices they’re on because of its mobile-responsive design, meaning your site will still be as aesthetic and still functional even if it’s viewed on devices with a different screen size

With PinSomo, whether you’re an Amazon affiliate or just a simple online marketer, you’ll be armed with tools that will help you increase traffic, monitor and adjust to maintain that traffic and provide your visitors with the best user-experience doing so.

PinSomo can work wonders.

PinSomo WordPress Theme

Bizrate Insights found that 32% of online buyers in North America have made purchases after seeing an image on Pinterest or a similar image-sharing site.The reason why PinSomo works for Amazon niche sites is because is mainly because Amazon is filled with many products with visual representations and these visual images are naturally attractive to each and every person out there. Images are literally first impressions that are the essential first-steps to any purchase. It only makes sense that as an Amazon affiliate, having your site look like Pinterest means having more traffic and in turn – more income.

However, this is not always the case as mentioned earlier and we always have to bear in mind that the content that we put on our site has to be relevant with the Amazon product that we’re promoting otherwise there wouldn’t be results. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and imagine yourself seeing some attractive visual content with a product that could satisfy a need that you have — wouldn’t you be disappointed if you clicked on it and realized it has nothing to do with the product you had in mind?

See PinSomo in Action :-

Traffic increase by just changing theme to PinSomo ….

Many people in the online industry struggle to gain more traffic on their websites and this usually affects the sales. There are many other sites, especially socially networking ones that do incredibly well in terms of web traffic. However, not all of us can afford one.

World’s most expensive domain, www.s*, it too was struggling with traffic issues despite bring quite popular. What they did was just change the site’s layout to look like Pinterest and the traffic jumped by a whopping 1173%!

What are you waiting for ….

So now what ?? What are you waiting for ?? Just follow the link below and buy the theme and add it to your site layout and see the magic happen.

PinSomo Theme Demo | Buy the PinSomo WordPress Theme Now


OIO Publisher Review : Best Ad-Management plugin !!!

When we talk about making money from our blogs, we always think of programs like Google Adsense and advertising programs like BuySellAds. There are many blogs whose main income stream is selling out advertisement space. For selling advertisement banners, bloggers use services like BuySellAds. But getting approval from it is as tough as getting approved by Adsense. Not anymore. Here is an awesome plugin that can manage all your ads from a single place – OIO Publisher plugin.

When you have a blog that attracts a lot of traffic, you will receive many advertising offers daily. Sometimes that too irritating, because replying to each and every mail is a tedious job. Plus, the offers are of different types like purchasing banner ads, text-link ads or a sponsored post. You might get confused about all this chaos.

So for you, here is a revolutionary plugin that will take care of all your worries, and will notify you when a sale is made. All you have to do is install the plugin, do some settings, create some ad-spots and forget about it.


What OIO Publisher can do ???

I can’t say anything about the plugin. It’s so easy to use that any blogger will be able to set it up within a matter of minutes.

Setting up Ad zones

It’s really quite easy to set up the ad zones with the plugin. You don’t need to do any coding. All you have to do is add different values in the plugin dashboard, save it, drag the OIO ad box to the sidebar or wherever you want and wait for the advertisers to buy them.

OIO Publisher - Setting ad zones

As you can see, you can select the create different ad zones, and customize it according to your need – like selecting the different banner sizes, cost per month, per impression or per click. Great isn’t it ??

Theme selection

When you install the OIO Publisher and set it up you will get a custom advertise page from where advertisers can directly buy ad-spots. You can change the look of it. There are 3 custom themes available to do that. Or if you have the knowledge of PHP and CSS, then you can design the page as you like.

Payment Options

OIO Publisher supports many payment options. You can accept payments via :

  • PayPal
  • AlertPay
  • EntreCard
  • Google Checkout
  • 2Checkout
  • Or Offline Payments

Advanced Settings

The plugin also allows you to set different settings for more convenience. The advanced settings of the plugin include :

  • You can decide if you want to allow the advertisers to edit their banners after purchasing.
  • You can accept payments only after you approve the ads.
  • Open ads in a new window and adding a nofollow attribute to the links.
  • You can allow advertisers to upload their images to your server.
  • To avoid spammers, you can also add a security question.
  • Plus, many more features. Explore it yourself ;)

How OIO Publisher plugin works ??


When you install and setup the plugin and create your desired ad spots, you will see a widget which you have to place wherever you want – sidebar or header. This widget will display the “Advertise here” banner.

When a potential advertiser clicks on your banner, he will be redirected to your sales page, which is generated by the plugin automatically. This page is a simple form where the advertiser has to fill in the required details and submit it for review. If you find the ad appropriate, you can approve it and the ad will be displayed on your blog.

If the advertiser has subscribed for regular ad banner for month to month payment, then OIO publisher will check the payment gateway to see whether the payment is done or not. It will also notify you if any buyer cancels his subscription and the ad will be removed automatically.

My Final view on OIO Publisher plugin.

The plugin is a superb and a must for every blogger. I would strongly recommend it for those who want a hassle-free environment for selling ad spaces. There is everything in the plugin you would look for. It allows you to sell banner ads, text-link ads, sponsored posts and Inline Ads as well. So I would surely say that why to go for BuySellAds, when you can control everything with the help of OIO Publisher.

The plugin, however is a premium plugin which will cost you $47, but I have a great offer for you. You can use the coupon code GREEN-TB10 and get the amazing plugin, OIO Publisher at just $37.

Buy OIO Publisher now