The New iOS 7 Plays Catch-Up, But Adds Enough To Stand Out


Today is the day Apple fans have awaited since May, when the company announced the newest iteration of its iOS platform. The unifying theme of iOS 7 is simplicity, which is why Apple employe Jonny Ive, who designed the physical iPhone, to redesign iOS. And yes, it does look — different, at least. But let’s be real for a moment: design is about user experience, not aesthetics. A new-look iOS means nothing if the user doesn’t have an easier time with it.

From afar it can prove difficult to judge exactly how an OS will resonate with any particular user. We all have our individual preferences, after all. Yet those of us without direct access to the platform still need some kind of baseline for comparison. It’s not as though we’ll be able to walk into an Apple Store and get a really good feel for the OS during a test run.

Thankfully, many tech blogs have had iOS 7 in their hands for a few weeks (or more, depending on whether they beta tested it), some of them running it on a review unit of the iPhone 5S. We’re subjected to the bias of the individual reviewer, but many times that has to suffice. After reading through it a few times, it seems that Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch lays out a wonderful view of iOS 7, cutting most of the bull and sticking with the features the OS brings to the table.

My first impression: Android has been ahead of the pack for some time now.

Us vs. Them?

Unfortunately, any time you see a comparison between the two top smartphone platforms, you get an us vs. them situation. There are hardcore Android fans who mock the closed nature of the iPhone. The Apple faithful often thumb their noses at Android’s sometimes-crude design and “fragmentation,” even though that term hasn’t been relevant for at least two years. This dynamic makes it difficult to make any real comparisons between the two platforms.

It wasn’t until this past May, when Apple revealed iOS 7, that Android’s superiority became pretty clear. I remember thinking, at the time, that this was nothing that Android wasn’t doing. Yes, Apple is getting out ahead on the design aspect, as they always have. That’s their thing, and if people really do prefer aesthetics over experience they’d do well to wait on line to buy an iPhone 5S. But when it comes to the experience that these designs create, Android has been doing it for a while.

Control Center

There are some controls that you use so frequently, you want easy access to them. Previously on the iPhone you had to go into the Settings app to make changes to your WiFi options, airplane mode, Bluetooth, sound, brightness, and others. The new iOS adds the Control Center, which puts these things within easy reach.

Of course, Android has had this feature since at least 2.1 Eclair. (That was the first version of Android I used so maybe they even had it before.) Just drag down the top bar and you have all those functions just a touch away. The drag-down menu on Android is just super useful. Playing audio? Most apps show up in that menu, so you can pause, skip a track, or close the app. Again, these are features that have been present for years.

True, Apple does add AirDrop, a great feature that allows you to send files, via WiFi, to any other network-connected iPhone. While NFC is much more efficient, transferring files instantly, it also only works in a very short range and requires both parties to open a specific app. AirDrop is a bit more passive, more like a Skype file transfer. Google has acquired Bump, which will give Android the same functionality, but Apple did win on getting this feature first.

Voice commands

Here is another aspect where Apple wins outright. Siri has evolved into a truly useful function. (As opposed to when it was introduced; then it was mostly a novelty.) If you don’t mind looking like a crazy person by talking to your phone, it can become a valuable asset while you’re on the move. It’s great when driving, particularly.

The S-Voice feature on Samsung Android phones is just atrocious. The voice recognition is subpar, for starters. That’s really the crux of the entire feature, so without that it can’t really take off. The interface is also clunky, forcing you to wake up the feature before actually using it. There’s an opportunity here, but Apple just put plenty of distance between itself and the next closest competitor.


This is another area where we needn’t spend much time, because one platform has been doing this for years while one is just catching up. Android’s multitasking function is second to none. Remember when BlackBerry (yeah, I know) was touting its wonderful multitasking functionality that would allow it to stand out in a smartphone market dominated by two platers? Not only did they lift that multitasking feature right from WebOS, but Android had already lifted it by the time we got a look at BlackBerry 10.

Press and hold the button on an Android and you have a list of open applications, including a preview window. You can scroll through these and go to the one you intend. You can also close them all and start a new list of open applications, or go to the task manager so you can stop the processes. Apple’s multitasking feature looks similar, as it should, since it’s the most effective way to handle that task. But it doesn’t even bring as much to the table. No task manager or “close all” here.


The new Safari is admittedly great. I absolutely love some of the features in it, especially Read Later (even though I use Pocket as well). The new tabs page is well designed and easy to use. But does this really trump Chrome? I think not. If Safari synced with your home computer, perhaps it would come close. But Android does bring that one killer feature. Any tab you have open in your home browser, you can access on your Chrome for Android app.

In general the apps function similarly, so when one has a killer feature like this, it’s a victory. But let’s be real here again: the mobile browser is going to undergo revolutionary changes in the next few years. While Android has the best iteration currently available, I’m certain that it will look primitive by this point in 2015. We use our mobile phone differently than we do our desktops and laptops, and the next few years will be defined by moves in that direction.

The others

Condensing these last few items is a decision made because 1) I’m already sick of comparing these two platforms, and 2) because there are clear cut winners here.

Camera: Give it to Apple, which knows that its users love to snap pictures. You can put megapixel power behind your camera, or you can design it to take better pictures. HTC tried this with the HTC One, but as with most HTC devices that one hasn’t spread to many users. The new iOS camera features allows your phone to take vibrant pictures in any setting. With panorama and other functions, it’s tough to see another player topping this any time soon.

There are plenty of neat features they added to the photo app as well, including putting the picture locations on a map. Why Google hasn’t beaten them to the punch I’ll have no idea. Doesn’t Google basically own the mobile maps space?

Radio: When Google introduced Play Music, it was a revolution. It was essentially Spotify (with admittedly fewer songs) combined with your own music library. The idea is that you upload 20,000 songs from your own library, and then supplement it with Play Music. That can make for some killer radio stations — which is the only real feature of iTunes Radio. It’s nice, of course, but pales in comparison to Google’s offering.

Notifications: Again we have an area where Google was way, way ahead of the curve. Apple didn’t even introduce the notification center until what, iOS 5? Apple does bring some neat changes to the notification center in iOS 7, but it’s still just catching up to Google, which has the best drag-down menu experience of any platform. Bar none.

Whenever Apple or Google does something on mobile, we’re going to see comparisons between the two. It’s the nature of the us vs. them beast. With iOS 7 Apple largely played catchup to Google, adding many features that have been staples in Android for years. In many other areas, though, they took leaps ahead, putting the pressure on Google to keep apace.

Here’s the twist: Google is defragging Android, which will allow it to push updates as they become available. You get an iOS update once a year, with various small improvements and bug fixes throughout. With its new delivery method. Google can update Android in perpetuity — the way software was meant to be updated in the internet age. A year from now we’ll certainly see new developments from both camps, but chances are we’ll see Apple playing a lot more catch-up.

How your iPhone can Protect Your Home

Today’s article is brought to you by guest blogger Hammad Baig of Techtutshub.

Anyone who loves gadgets probably has a enough of them in their home to make them seriously think about home security. Smartphones, DVD players, big screen TVs and cameras are among the most attractive items for thieves, largely due to their value and portability.

However, a great idea for those who own multiple tech gadgets is to use their iPhones to fight back. Whether your property already has a good level of security or not, you can use this smartphone to help keep burglars at bay, and here’s how.

Alarm Application

The simplest approach is to look for an iOS application which can be used in conjunction with your existing burglar alarm system. These alarm gadgets are becoming more and more popular, in fact, if you use a big name firm like ADT for your alarm systems, you will be able to utilize a free application to control your alarm system. Once you use an application that syncs with your pre-existing security system, you’ll quickly incorporate it as an essential item in your home security.

Security Camera

Another interesting home security app you can find on the Apple App Store is Presence by Power People. It is free and works in a very clever way. To make this app work as intended, you’ll need at least two Apple devices. If you have an iPhone and an iPad, you’re golden, but if you have an old iPhone stored away, this will work as well. This application allows users to use one of the two Apple devices as a video camera and the other as a monitor, providing direct feed to your secondary device. It can be set up to record five seconds of video whenever movement is detected, and can also send you an email every time there’s activity in your home when you don’t expect it.

Webcam Viewer

If you don’t have two Apple devices to use the Presence application, you could set up a home security camera system using your PC’s webcam. This allows you to operate the same type of system covered in the last section, but without needing to purchase a second Apple device. There are numerous apps available in the App Store which will let you do this, many of which are free.


iSmart Alarm

While this final option isn’t yet available for purchase, you might hear about this app in greater detail in the months to come. It is a bespoke alarm system which you can control entirely from you iPhone, similarly to the way the previously mentioned apps help you monitor your home. The idea is that you purchase the cameras, motion sensors and pet tags as you need them, and then monitor the entire system through you iPhone. It will be interesting to see how it sells once available – and what bugs will affect the application – but early suggestions are that it might be amongst the best home security options available to those living in smaller homes or flats.

An article is written by Hammad Baig. He is a young blogger, online marketer, SEO and a tech lover. He loves share his ideas about blogging & technology.  You can reach his blog Techtutshub.

Some Major Issues of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was released amid much fanfare. It has been hailed as Apple’s best handset. The handset comes with several new features like a faster processor, 4G LTE features and a larger screen. The device sold about 5 million pieces in its first weekend. However, it does come with its own share of issues. Here are some of them.

Major Issues of the iPhone 5

Credits :

Major Issues of the iPhone 5 :

  • Aluminum Casing -The Aluminosilicate casing of the iPhone 5 is causing some issues for its users. This issue now popularly referred to as the “Scuff-gate” has left users complaining of scratches and nicks on the bezel of their iPhones after removing it from the box. This has been attributed to the Aluminum coating. The scratches will only increase with time. Hence it is wiser to use a protective case for your iPhone 5. There are a variety of cases in the market some where you can even design your own iPhone 5 barely there case using Case Mate DIY tool.
  • Light Leaking - The Apple iPhone 5 white colored models seem to be suffering from an issue of light leaking. This problem is mostly seen while using the phone in the dark. There seems to be some light emitted from the top right corner of the device behind the screen. This same issue was also faced by several iPhone 4S users. Several users who had this problem got their devices replaced by Apple.
  • Wi-Fi issues - Several iPhone 5 devices has had issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. Some users have complained about a really slow connection whereas some have no connection at all. Meanwhile some carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have had complaints of a bug that caused the network to charge for data when using Wi-Fi. Most of these issues have been resolved by Apple using a restore operation.
  • Maps - The maps issue started when the iPhone iOS 6 announced that it will introduce its own maps app and that iOS 6 will not be having Google Maps App. What happened next was navigation pandemonium with choppy looking images, wrong addresses. There were several reports of people getting stranded in snake infested deserts after using Apple maps. However, the issue seems to have been put to rest after Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology and Google Maps has been released for iOS 6.
  • Purple Flare - The iPhone 5 camera has been well acclaimed, but several users have been complaining about a purple flare in some of the images. This issue occurs whenever the camera lens is angled at bright lights. According to Apple, this problem has been seen in several phone based cameras.

Despite these shortcomings, the new iPhone 5 is still very much a great buy especially for those who are impressed by the design, simplicity and aesthetic sense in Apple products. The iOS6 interface is very user friendly and is one reason that Apple has a very loyal customer base.

Apple Tax – Is the Apple Experience Worth the Cost?

Apple has lately been something of a controversial company. While many see their products as highly inventive, intuitive and well designed, they could easily be accused of abusing their popularity. Not only is Apple currently suing everyone left, right and center, but they are also well known for create a very closed system that prevents customers from using their devices freely and for charging a lot more for the privilege.

Apple Tax

Credits : Cult Of Mac

What is Apple Tax ?

‘Apple Tax’ is a term that refers not only to the much higher price you’ll pay extra initially when you buy an Apple (try an extra hundred dollars or two for a device with generally lower specs even) but also for the increased price you’ll pay for just about everything else from that point on from media to songs. This is the price you pay for owning an Apple, this is ‘Apple Tax’, but is it worth it? Here are some other examples of Apple charging more for your products…


One notable difference between the Play Store and App Store is the cost of apps. It is much cheaper for a developer to develop an Android app than it is for them to develop the same thing on iPhone, Google take a much lower cut, there are far more ways of doing it (Basic4Android for instance lets them program it in a language similar to the very popular and easy Visual Basic) and they don’t need to buy any hardware especially. It’s no wonder then that you end up paying much more for your iPhone apps than you do for the same thing on other devices.

Take Amazing Alex – $0.99 on iPhone, $2.99 on iPad, or completely free on Android devices (tablet and phone) and the same is true of many other popular apps in the store. There are also just higher numbers of free apps on Android meaning that you can enjoy doing almost everything you need to without spending anything. Of course the quality is somewhat more negligible and there are again compatibility issues, so again you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth paying more for the iTunes experience?

Software and Hardware

At the same time after you’ve paid more for your iPhone and more for your apps, Apple ten find more other ways to charge you extra too. The fact that iPhones have such an unusual power port and no micro USB for instance means that you aren’t going to be able to charge your iPhone or iPod at a friend’s house from their computer. If you lose your iPhone charge you will need to buy one of the Apple branded ones and of course for that you will pay twice the price. And even the third party peripherals such as cases and screen protectors will cost you significantly more for Apple devices than they will for Samsung or Blackberry ones.

It’s not just on the iPhone that you will be paying more however, you’ll also be paying a lot more for your Macbooks than you would for a HP or another computer with similar specs. Again this also extends to the software – such as MS Word, as well as the peripheries. And if you’re into downloading things without paying full price (shame on you!) then that’s going to be a lot harder on an Apple machine meaning you can’t even worm your way out of the Apple tax.


In some ways you could also consider some of the many restrictions that Apple place on their products as being a form of tax too. For instance the DRM on your iTunes music that prevents you from copying it to more than a handful of devices, or the fact that you need iTunes to even access the files on your device. When all is said and done Apple users put up with a lot out of loyalty to their favorite tech firm… but do they get the same love back?

Whether or not you are happy to pay extra for the privilege of having a half-eaten apple logo on your device is of course a matter of choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get annoyed by it – particularly when Apple own such a large share of the market, and particularly when they have been recently accused of using tax ‘shelters’ to avoid paying all that much tax themselves… (apparently getting out of around $3 billion last year). Time will tell whether Apple’s antics eventually come back to haunt them, but for now – what do you think about it?

Image Credits : Cult Of Mac

Author Bio:
Jeet is a gadget lover and has used many of Apple’s products including earlier Macs, Powerbook, and the latest iGadgets. He works with GetLinksPro and writes on a variety of topics including technology and internet.

5 Simple Tips to Speed up iPhone.

It has happened with many users that they scrolled through the menu of iPhone but it took some time to swap to the next page. Many felt annoyed when they found that lots of times are taking by the phone to open an app. If these things are happening with your iPhone mainly in 2G, 3G and 3GS versions then you may have not optimized your iPhone for best performance. Here we will discuss on 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone which will be described in the following part.

Tips to Speed up iPhone

Simple Tips to Speed up iPhone.

#1. Empty ‘Safari’ Cache:

We use the internet a lot in these days and most of the websites are enabled with cookies and it means great level of cache. Safari browser is the source on which the hardware of iPhone depends a lot. Thus clearing out the caches can reduce Safari’s burden and as a result the burden on iPhone’s processor and RAM will also decrease.

#2. Clearing Inbox:

In iPhone certain resources are allocated as far as messaging and messaging related operations are concerned. Smoother surfing of phone can be realized if you cut the number of text messages down in your iPhone.

#3. Using Task Manager:

Many people held the browsers and iPhone apps on hold and switch back to other apps or Menu. As a result of this, iPhone’s battery, RAM and processor are used more and iPhone becomes slow. The solution of this problem is to download some nice Task Manager from Cydia or App Store. You will be able to view the standby Apps with the help of the Task Manager and it will automatically turn off the app which you are not using.

#4. Restarting Sometimes:

The tether will allow you to restart the phone if your iPhone is jailbreaked. For clearing the data, it is necessary to restart the iPhone once in a week. This will also increase the iPhone speed a lot.

#5. Upgrading the iPhone Model:

Another important tip from my 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone is upgrading the iPhone model. Of course the new versions which are introduced in the market are of better forms from every aspect compared to earlier models. Better processor, better RAM of upgraded models will always give better performance than your old iPhone. This is why; going for an upgraded model can solve your problem of slow phone operations.

These are the 5 simple tips to speed up iPhone. Follow these tips and you will definitely realize some improvement.

Author Bio: This is a Guest Post by Aadith Sasi on behalf of and

Top iPhone 5 Rivals : The Battle Begins.

iPhone 5 is the latest and quite frankly the greatest smartphone till now to have come out from the hallowed Apple stable. The excitement and the frenzy for it can be gauged by the fact that its sells crossed the 2 million mark within 24 hours of being available in the market. Most analysts have predicted the sell to cross the 10 million mark and more. But, the road ahead may not be as smooth as being predicted due to the presence some heavyweights with cheaper and even better alternatives.

top iphone 5 rivals

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The top iPhone 5 rivals are:-

1). Samsung Galaxy S3:-

Samsung Galaxy S3

Touted as the best smartphone ever, this is one rival that Apple sure can’t afford to brush under the carpet. The 4.9 in device is powered by the ice-cream sandwich with a quad-core Exynos processor. Couple that with the LTE connectivity, NFC , 8MP camera and features such as the S-Voice, Smart Stay,etc powered by the S-software, and you have got a sure match-winner. This reflects from the fact that it has sold over 6.5 million devices till the second quarter of the year.

2). Samsung Galaxy Note/Note 2:-

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Dubbed as the original Phablet, it is one of the biggest success stories of Samsung in 2012. It comes armed with features like 5.3 in screen, 2MP front camera, 8MP back camera, 1.5gHz dual-core processor, S-pen stylus,etc. As if one was not enough, its successor Note 2 has also been announced, which brings a plethora of features including the redesigned stylus and software features from Android Jelly Bean.

3). HTC One X:-


Despite the manufacturer’s observation of not being as hot as in market as expected, it is still one of the best smartphones available, its signature being its great 4.7in HD screen with 720p support. It is slim and light, powered by the Snapdragon S4 CPU and Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It is expected to challenge more hotly when it is upgraded to the Jelly Bean in the coming months.

4). Nokia Lumia 920:-

Nokia Lumia 920

Suddenly, Nokia seems to have made a splash in the smartphone market with its new Lumia 920. This boasts of a curved-glass screen of 4.5 in with a resolution of 1280*768, with a pure motion HD+ display. Its most striking feature is its camera laced with the PureView technology. It also has the same Snapdragon processor like One X, NFC support City lens App, etc. With this, Nokia will surely try to regain some of the lost ground in this business.

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5). Motorola Droid RAZR M:-

Motorola Droid RAZR M

It is one of the most affordable smartphones in the market featuring a 4.3in HD display coupled with super amoled technology. It comes with the android Ice Cream Sandwich, and powered by the same processor as Nokia and HTC. Its other features include 4G LTE & NFC support, a 8MP camera, 1080p video recording etc.

With such rivals on the block, iPhone 5 will surely not have a smooth run in the market. As the smartphone market further heats up, the customers can only hope to gain, with new devices laced latest features and technology enhancing their life.

Author Bio : Sanjib Saha is the owner and founder of Technoinsta and Android firm . He loves playing Cricket. You can follow him on twitter @sanjibinkiit.

10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Playing Games on a smartphone is the most addictive thing that each and ecery person who owns a smartphone does. Just a few days back, iPhone 5 hit the markets and so that’s why we wanted to bring to you the best games to play on iPhone 5.

10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Some people are going to use new iPhone 5 for making business, for studying or for blogging. Somebody can write essays with it but most people prefer playing games. We propose you the list of the most popular games on iPhone 5.

Top 10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Captain America

Lead captain America on a suicide mission through HYDRA in World War Two. You must battle to free Dugan, Falsworth and Bucky from the fiery red hands of the Red Skull, all whilst he secretly develops weapons of mass destruction. Armed with his unbreakable shield, he must somehow keep everybody alive and foil Red skull, all
within the limits of this iPhone game.

Dead Space

The iPhone version of this survival horror is never going to be as scary or immersive as the console version, unless you are playing it on a plane during a power cut. Nevertheless the game has been highly ranked for its competent conversion from console to phone. It even keeps some of the scary elements; along with keeping the
improvised weapon aspect. It is currently the goriest iPhone 5 game you can buy.

Infinity Blade II

Siris battles his way through a world where the God King has been defeated. Siris must battle un-killable tyrants and their hordes of Titans. It is full of mystery and stunning graphics which immerses you nicely into the legendary and mythical feel of the game.

Grand Theft Auto 3

From the 2D game that drained young people’s time like acid did for 1960’s hippies. Grand Theft Auto went 3D and changed console gaming forever. Now it is on the iPhone 5 with graphics that are undeniably compelling. The world is just as ruthless, seedy and open as its console counterpart.

Real Racing 2

Just like the name claims, you can play this game and watch through live cameras as you drive real cars on a real track, all from the comfort of your home. Well not seriously. The title actually stands for the realism they have tried to add to the game; with real feel road surface reactions and gear switching. It is a hard game to play because it is easy to make mistakes and crash. Nevertheless it is fun in short bursts.

StarFront: Collision

You are placed on Sinistral, where Xenodium crystals are the new oil, and humans are racing to grab as much as they can through their company called the Consortium. There is also an alien race that is just itching to eat these crystals and will do anything to stop you digging them up. A third party can enter the game too, called the Wardens. These are a robot race who don’t like the look of humans and fancy helping the aliens.

Halo multiplayer : The Archetype

It logs you into a lobby of other players remarkably quickly so that you can start a shooting match with strangers very quickly. It is a first person shooter with a futuristic feel.

Scribblenauts Remix

This is a puzzle game. It gives you challenges to complete with word puzzles and challenges. It has fifty levels and super scribblenauts with a further 40 levels. It is not very different from the online puzzle games but is not very expensive, so maybe worth a little try. It is said to be addictive, as most of the 2D online games tend to be.
Maybe you could try a previous scribblenaut before buying or watch a game being played on YouTube first.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

It is not unlike the many other PGA tour versions, but is a nice distraction if you have a few minutes with nothing to do. It can become addictive if you pride yourself on perfection. It is possible to learn the “technique” to improve your game.

Fight Night Champion

A boxing game is always fun on an iPhone, and this one is especially brutal. The game play is innovative, which makes a change because boxing games are notorious for becoming monotonous very quickly. The in-game graphics are the best graphics ever seen in a boxing game (remember that there are not loads of them on the market though).

Author’s bio : My name is Sonia Jackson. I represent the website Custom Essay Writing. We’ll help you to solve all problems with writing different essays and research papers in a short time; we’ll answer all your questions and give you useful advices.

Apple takes on Google with 3D maps and Siri !!!

Apple takes on Google with 3D maps and iOS 6
     Apple unveiled the iOS 6 in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday. Its been the most biggest update that Apple Inc. and we are seeing since Steve Jobs. At WWDC, Apple showed off upgrades to the software running iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices.   
     There are hundreds of improvements brought out in iOS 6 mobile operating system, which is due to hit the markets by the end of the year. With this major update, Apple seeks to outshine their biggest rival, Google’s Android OS. The never ending war between the two superpowers, Apple v/s Android takes a new turn.
    Apple’s chief Tim Cook kicked off company’s annual WWDC by showing off some new capabilities built into the software. Apple booted the Google maps from iOS 6 with the 3D maps, opening up another front in the war with Android OS. Apple’s new operating system for iPhone and iPad will include a completely new maping solution. 
    Coming to Siri, it’s getting a great boost with this upgrade. Siri made its debut with the release of iPhone 4S and will now be extended to the recent generation iPads.Another hardcore improvement was to integrate Facebook just like the Twitter integration. 
Apple takes on Google with the latest iOS 6, 3D maps and Siri
    Apple even pulled the curtains off the more slimmer, more powerful Macintosh laptops. This move will help Apple, which is leading the market for tablets, to stay strong against the laptops running on Windows OS or the Google Chrome OS. The entire line of MacBook will get updated with faster processors, graphics, memory, flash storage and USB 3 connectivity. Improved models will see a boost in speed and memory. 
    Adding to the long list of new features is the “Retina” display that is going to be included in the high-performance MacBook Pro, giving it and extra high resolution screen. With all-flash architecture, a radially thin and light design and the Retina display, the new MacBook Pro is the most advanced Mac ever built. 
     Well, time for wrap up. Now it’s your turn to share your views with us and join in the discussion. Also I want to suggest you to subscribe with us as there are more news coming in the upcoming days about Apple which includes the new Mac OS. I bet you don’t want to miss it. So subscribe with us and enjoy each and every post. 
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New iOS 6 features : A quick look

New iOS 6 features a quick look

    Apple Inc. has always used its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to launch new upgrades. Same is with this year’s conference. Apple is going to launch some of the best upgrades. There will be only one thing missing, and that would be Steve Jobs. This is gonna be the first biggest upgrade in the Apple history sans Steve Jobs. 

    This year’s Conference is going to see some great updates. The much awaited iOS 6 will be put in front of the world. Its been the talk of the town for a while now. So I decided to write an article about the latest features coming up with iOS 6. So here we go. 

New iOS 6 features :-

  1. Siri got a boost and new languages are added but a disappoint as to Indians as no Indian languages yet.
  2. Siri can now also launch applications.
  3. Reply by message and remind me later has been added to incoming calls.
  4. Facetime now works over 3G.
  5. The new ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature stops all sounds and even prevents the screen from lighting up. 
  6. Facebook has now been integrated into iOS similar to the way Twitter is integrated to the Apple devices.
  7. Apple’s map application now replaces the usage of Google maps, plus the updated maps shows the cities in 3D.
  8. Safari can now add iCloud tabs.
  9. Lost mode allows you to send a mobile number to a lost device, thus giving the finder the opportunity to return the lost device. (He’ll return, if he’s not a jerk).
  10. iOS has added a VIP feature so that certain people in your contacts will have their mails, messages and calls prioritized.
  11. Photo Stream now allow you to share pictures with your friends, family and even loved ones. 

    I hope you got a rough idea of what’s new in the iOS 6. If you want a more detailed look at all the latest features, then you can go here. If you liked it then please share it.

How did Android and iOS became smartphones – Growing Up [Infographic]

How did Android and iOS became smartphones

     Before some five years, having a smartphone was a big thing. But now the scenario is completely different. This is all due to the advancement of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These two operating systems created a whirlwind in the mobile market. And today we can see the results of it. Almost every person is a proud owner of an Android device because of its easy availability (i.e. cheap price), while Iphone is the first choice of people who are willing to spend money. But the question is how did this two superpowers actually became superpowers ?? Here, I have brought an Infographic to answer your question.

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 - Android v/s IOS [Infographic]
 - War of the smartphones – Android v/s Iphone

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