Apple Launched iPad Mini to Take Over the Tablet Market.

Apple has always had a upper hand when it comes to mobile computing market. The evergreen iPhone and iPad are the true examples. Many tablets and smartphones were released to give these two a competition but it all provide futile as both these stood right there and made way for their successors.

Apple Launched iPad Mini

If that was not enough, Apple made another move to take the dominance of the market by launching iPad Mini before the Google Nexus 7 hit the stores. The new iPad Mini is half the size of the existing iPad and it clearly gives an idea that its been made to compete with the likes of Google Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

It was clearly evident that the main focus is to completely take over the growing market as Schiller compared the iPad Mini with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, citing feature by feature why the iPad Mini was superior compared to its couterparts.

From the first reviews, it looks that iPad Mini will surely prove to be a tough competitor as it boasts of almost all the specs as the existing iPad excluding the screen size. Its a Mini version so the screen size will definitely be small. Apple will surely make a dream run with this device if we go with the specs but the prize may prove to be a little hindrance in the dream run.

Apple’s iPad Mini is priced at $329 for the WiFi-only model where as the cheapest Amazon Kindle Fire comes at $159 and Google Nexus 7 has got a price tag of $249.

But it seems that Apple executives doesn’t care about this little hindrance as Tim Cook stated that Apple sold the 100 millionth iPad just two weeks before the launch; the first iPad went on sale in April 2012. That’s one hell of a benchmark, almost impossible for anyone to cross.

So what do you think will the iPad Mini do to the mobile computing market ? Is it capable to take over the whole market before Google Nexus 7 hit the stores ? Have you say …..

Top 5 Games For iPad Retina Display

The latest iPad has brought too many hardware features in it. One out of them is the high-resolution Retina display which ensures the high quality while watching movies or playing games. The all new revolutionary, the new iPad, has changed the whole game. Apple can not be easily beat as far as display is concerned. Well, most of the apps of iTunes don’t come with the compatibility of running with high quality. They offer normal quality even on the Retina display. But there are some games which offer high quality. It is somewhat difficult to find out few of the top games for iPad retina display, but let us take a burden to find out them for you. The below post is the effort of our vigerous research. So let’s have a look at the list of such games below.

iPad Retina Display

Games for iPad retina display

1. Angry Birds Space HD

Angry birds Space iPad

Angry birds game doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most popular game on several mobile platform. The game is hugely popular both in iOS and android community. Well, if you are thinking that it’s just another Angry Bird labeled game, then you need to think twice. In fact, before concluding any result, you must give it a try. Angry birds space HD is the iteration of hugely popular angry bird game series on the iOs platform. This awesome game has got many awesome features in it that can make you get addicted with the game. Playing with the angry birds in the zero gravity and passing through the obstacles to win the game, is really worth to try.

2. Sky Gamblers

Sky Gamblers


Sky Gamblers is the game with high resolutions making the best out of your iPad’s retina display. Like to fight with enemies? Now do all that in the sky while enjoying the high display quality. Shoot others or get hit by others. Target your enemy with deadly rocket and fire it to blow up him in the fire. The awesome sound effects further add up the fun in playing this game.

3. Modern Combat 3

Modern Combat 3

Love to play war and action games. What about enjoying such games with awesome sound quality in high-resolution on your HD Retina display. Modern Combat 3 is the game that brings this awesome fun on your iPad. It’s a first shooter game in which you need to target your enemies with the deadly gun. Create an environment of loud crying and fires.

4. Infinity Blade II HD

Infinity blade 2 HD

One of the most famous games of iPad, Infinity Blade II has got awesome HD features for the Retina display of your iPad. Fighting with your enemies with the finger really creates a great fun. The perfect graphics, nice design, great sound effects don’t allow you to leave the game. Just keep killing your enemies who keep coming to disturb your way to victory. Show the power of your fingers and defeat them to end the level.

5. Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow

This is the game that I personally like to play on Retina display of new iPad. When I was playing this game, I could not believe that whether I am playing this game on iPad or Play station gaming console. The perfect graphics make you to think your iPad as perfect gaming gadget. Of course, the fast touch response adds more in the fun list.

The iPad’s retina display is also fantastic for anyone who wants to watch movies on the go. Many of the movie online movie streaming services offer their customers an app to watch movies online on a device of their choice. Why not try great services such as Now TV, LOVEFiLM and Netflix.

Don’t lower the value of awesome Retina display of your iPad by playing low quality games. These games are available in the iTunes. You are surely going to get addicted to all these games. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try now.

Do you love playing games on Android too? Here you will find a huge collection of android multiplayer games and High Definition games. You will love them equally. In fact, our multiplayer games list covers many of the highly popular games available on Google Play store.