Update Your Content Regularly to Make Your Visitors and Penguin Happy.

Evergreen content is one that never goes out of date. Websites that have evergreen content are the ones that receive continuous readership. In other words, such websites have content that remains useful even if someone reads it after five years. News articles cannot be counted as evergreen since they usually contain contemporary information.

Evergreen Content

Writing evergreen content is all about writing information that won’t change even if it is read several years down the line. Here are some examples of evergreen content:

  • How to Design Your Bathroom
  • How to Make Cake
  • Historical articles on places or people
  • Encyclopedia type articles

However, creating timeless content in every niche is not easy. So, as an alternative, you can try creating content that is useful for the reader at least for a year or two. And if even that’s not possible, then you can update your posts on a timely basis so that they remain relevant for a longer period. When you realize that content is becoming old or outdated, you should start researching on it and update it so that it remains valid. For example, if you have a post like top 10 local search marketing companies of St. Louis, then the article may not hold its utility for longer unless you infuse it with fresh data/facts every year or so.

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Google Penguin Update

On 24th Apr, 2012, Google announced its algorithm called Google Penguin to thwart all the websites that are making use of black hat SEO techniques to rank better on Google Search results. Google does not want its users to see websites that make use of tactics like overuse of keywords, cloaking, taking part in link schemes, using plagiarized content, etc. Google Panda, the previous algorithm release by Google, was aimed at downranking all the poor quality websites. Google Penguin was aimed at putting an end to spammy content and link bombing.

Benefits of Regularly Updating Content on Your Site

1. Better ranking on search engine

Search engines always want to show search results that are useful for their users. Hence, famous search engines are making use of algorithms that allow them to display unique, informative and topnotch quality to their users. Up-to-date content meets all these factors and this is the reason why such content ranks well on search engines. Before allotting a rank to a website, search engine spiders crawl the entire website and then they index it. If the website is found to contain high quality and relevant content, it will receive a good ranking.

2. Providing your readers with informative content

Readers will only read your posts if they find them interesting and informative. If they find boring and old content on your site, they will leave your website and go to another one.

3. Increasing credibility of your website

When your site visitors find interesting and relevant content every time they visit your site, the credibility of your website will increase. This will in turn also help in increasing your visibility in SERP.

4. Boosting traffic to your site

Since regularly updated content helps in ranking your site better on search engine, it will directly help in boosting the traffic to your site. You will receive high traffic continuously even long time after the day it was published.

5. Generating lead

The success of any business depends on how fast you are able to generate leads. Networking is one of the best ways to generate leads. If you are updating your site with relevant, informative and fresh content, there is a high possibility that people will share your website to their friends and colleagues and thereby increase the chances of generating sales.

PinSomo WordPress Theme : Making Money for Amazon Niche Sites

Pinsomo WordPress Theme

If you’re an Amazon affiliate looking to gain an increase in site traffic for your site, here’s PinSomo — your WordPress wondertheme.

PinSomo theme is the first Pinterest theme of its kind to be integrated with Facebook OpenGraph, Facebook Insights, Google Authorship Markup and a Mobile-Responsive design. Plus, we can trust PinSomo Theme as it comes from the person who brought the superb SEO plugin – SEOPressor, yes it’s Daniel Tan.

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These are several benefits PinSomo can give you as an Amazon affiliate there’s another benefit that may not seem as monumental as the others but is still relatively important and usually overlooked.

This is the benefit of minimal time, effort and cost of setting up PinSomo. It only takes 2 minutes to download and install your PinSomo, just like any other WordPress theme. And there’s no need to hire programmers to create a whole new site for you, it’s a simple task that anyone can do — for free!

The other main benefits of PinSomo WordPress Theme.

  • Increase site traffic by turning your site into Pinterest
  • Allows you to monitor and adjust your site content based on visitor feedback (how your visitors behave and navigate on your site using Facebook OpenGraph) which is graphically consolidated for your easy disposal and analyse (Facebook Insights function)
  • Automatically integrates your site with Google Authorship Markup so that your work is always recognized by Google and improves your SEO ranking because of your original content
  • Lets your visitors view your site no matter what devices they’re on because of its mobile-responsive design, meaning your site will still be as aesthetic and still functional even if it’s viewed on devices with a different screen size

With PinSomo, whether you’re an Amazon affiliate or just a simple online marketer, you’ll be armed with tools that will help you increase traffic, monitor and adjust to maintain that traffic and provide your visitors with the best user-experience doing so.

PinSomo can work wonders.

PinSomo WordPress Theme

Bizrate Insights found that 32% of online buyers in North America have made purchases after seeing an image on Pinterest or a similar image-sharing site.The reason why PinSomo works for Amazon niche sites is because is mainly because Amazon is filled with many products with visual representations and these visual images are naturally attractive to each and every person out there. Images are literally first impressions that are the essential first-steps to any purchase. It only makes sense that as an Amazon affiliate, having your site look like Pinterest means having more traffic and in turn – more income.

However, this is not always the case as mentioned earlier and we always have to bear in mind that the content that we put on our site has to be relevant with the Amazon product that we’re promoting otherwise there wouldn’t be results. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and imagine yourself seeing some attractive visual content with a product that could satisfy a need that you have — wouldn’t you be disappointed if you clicked on it and realized it has nothing to do with the product you had in mind?

See PinSomo in Action :-

Traffic increase by just changing theme to PinSomo ….

Many people in the online industry struggle to gain more traffic on their websites and this usually affects the sales. There are many other sites, especially socially networking ones that do incredibly well in terms of web traffic. However, not all of us can afford one.

World’s most expensive domain, www.s*x.com, it too was struggling with traffic issues despite bring quite popular. What they did was just change the site’s layout to look like Pinterest and the traffic jumped by a whopping 1173%!

What are you waiting for ….

So now what ?? What are you waiting for ?? Just follow the link below and buy the theme and add it to your site layout and see the magic happen.

PinSomo Theme Demo | Buy the PinSomo WordPress Theme Now


Blog Engage – The Best Community for all Bloggers !!!

Blog Engage - RSS and Marketing Services

What’s the main aim of a blogger ?? Obviously, making some quick bucks from his blog. But for that quick bucks to actually generate, a blog should be getting a decent traffic. So as per my view, getting traffic should be the only goal of a blogger.

So how to get traffic to your blog ?? There are many ways for it, but I am going to share a unique way to get traffic which most of the bloggers might be knowing already. I’m talking about BlogEngage community. Its a beautiful place where you can know many bloggers, plus you can generate great traffic to your blog.

What is Blog Engage ??

Blog Engage is a simple site where you can submit your blog, submit your recently published blog posts and see the traffic flowing to your blog.

Wait it’s not that simple. You too have to do some work. You have to use your social skills. Your article will be shared and voted only if you are kind enough to share and vote other users’ (bloggers’) articles. The other members of the community will surely like your gesture and you will get votes and shares in return.

Its just like Facebook for bloggers. You like (vote) the articles, share them on different networks and get the same thing in return and you can even get your blog post on the homepage of the amazing site.

Advantages of being on Blog Engage :

  • You can manually submit your articles and you can use all the features and functions of the site.
  • Adsense Revenue Sharing program.
  • You can create or join existing groups and increase your exposure.
  • Blog Forum and Blog Directory.
  • You can keep a watch on your friends’ activities on your wall.
  • EasyRetweet bonus.
  • Free SEO marketing e-book.

Blog Engage - RSS and Marketing Services

Earn money with Blog Engage :

You heard it right. You can even make some money with this amazing site. You can join the Affiliate Lights affiliate program and you can add recurring commissions for every referral. Plus, as a member of the community, you are eligible to take part in the “Guest Posting Contest” and make some more money. Great, isn’t it ;)

There’s much more ……….

The things I have mentioned above are that of a Standard account, but that’s not all. You can even sign-up for a premium account to enjoy more added features. You can see the different membership options here.

So now you know of yet another robust service that can give you long-time results as a blogger. So please be sure to join Blog Engage and enjoy the benefits :D

How to Hone your Business using Online Tools ???

Use online methods to expand your business
If you are a businessman or anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur, then you wouldn’t afford on missing out on any ways to expand your business. If you see around yourself, most of the people will be glued to their mobiles or tablets. They are connected with the online world. People today stay mostly on the Internet and so you wouldn’t like on missing this important aspect for your business.


The world today believes the things appearing online. Such is the influence of Internet that people can’t think of living even an hour without a connection. So if you want to promote your products, sell it and become an entrepreneur, then you must use these strong online tools to achieve the success. The strong online tools are social media, online marketing and of course, blogging.


Social Media is the most influential property :-


There was a time when social media was nothing as compared to hat it is today. There were social networks before as well, but since Facebook, the face of social media has completely changed. The inception of Facebook opened the doors for other social networks to jump into the flowing waters. As a result, today there are sites that can be used as social media tools. 


Most of the people, of all age groups, spend their time updating their status or tweeting or doing other social activities. So you shouldn’t avoid this chance to take you business to the next level. Consider all the major social networks and create your business presence on them. Create a Facebook page or group, an official Twitter profile, a Google+ page and so on. But for getting new business opportunities and new clients, there is another great social platform worth trying.


LinkedIn is the best for business opportunities :- 

If you are connected to the online world from a long time, then you will be knowing about LinkedIn. This platform is the best place where people build their connections and explore new business opportunities. It’s not just like Facebook or Google+ or Twitter, it’s much more than that. You can easily set your profile, add your work and interests and build connections. You will surely get some great opportunities in the future clients. All you have to do is connect strongly, socialize effectively and bang you will end up expanding your business.


How blogging can help ???


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to hone your business skills and thus your business. It’s one of the most used tool today that many people resort to, be it for fun, for solving their problems or for the sake of earning money. With blogging, you can end up building some great relationships with your fellow bloggers, which will only help you in the future.


What yo can do is create your business website, and also create a blog of your website. Promote it hard and get some readers to your blog. You have to write about your products. The benefits of using your products, how they can be helpful to you, how to make the most of it, etc. These methods are proven methods. Go around the Internet and you will find many business websites promoting their products on their own blog. So why can’t we do it ?? Huh ….



Email Marketing :- 
This is another method that you can use for rocking your business. Now that you have set up your blog, try to build an email list. Encourage your visitors to enroll themselves in your email list, so that they can get every promotional activities directly in their inbox. Like this you can easily sell your products using email campaign methods. 


Start accepting Affiliate who will promote your product :-


Now this is another rocking way to expand your business. You are willing to sell your products, but you can’t reach to different audience. This is impossible for you. But if you start offering commissions to people who sell your products and promote your business, then you surely will get new customers from around the world.


Conclusion :-


It’s not just limited to the above methods. You can rock your online business by various methods. These are the methods that are most commonly used to kick-start your entrepreneurship; but to become a successful one you have to find out your unique marketing skill and thus you will surely rock it. So keep promoting and keep rocking!!!!


Share your views below with us to let us know how we are doing? What do you think about hte above post? Do you think there is another rocking methods for expanding business?? Please do let us know.


Social Media marketing – The Known and the Unknown Facts

Social Media marketing

       I am not the Jack of all trades and I am not going to play that boring role. I know a little bit of social media marketing (I can safely assume that since I am into SEO and social media for the past 5 years) and my experience says that you cannot be always right while promoting your service in the sphere of social media since the rules are changing all the time. There is no as such rule to follow and that means, the probability of attaining success is subjected to the experiments that you have conducted earlier. Even when you have the feeling that you know exactly what needs to be done to make the ongoing campaign a huge success, you may find yourself totally wrong when you start crunching data. 

       Though I have no such intention to play God of social media marketing, I am trying to give you some tips that may help you overcome such embarrassing situation

It is not Digital Media

       Social media and digital media are two different areas and to attain success, you need to have different marketing strategy ready. Digital media is basically like one way street and there is little or no opportunity to be interactive in the whole process. For say, if you distribute advert on leading online web design blog, you simply want to promote your service and draw some clicks via them. There is no interaction involved. But social media is a different ground altogether. Here engagement is the key metric of success and for that reason you have to work hard to your bone to make that happen. You have come up with witty and creative ideas so that people would voluntarily participate in your marketing campaign and share, like and tweet your posts with yours being actively being involved in it.

Not Commercial

       People by nature are adverse to commercials. But we all know that it is a necessary evil and therefore, there is no escape from it. As a viewer, you are destined to watch few seconds of video clipping until the “Skip” option appear. So that while promoting your campaigns via Google Adwords, you have got the option of forcing ads down the throats of the audience even when they are not at all willing to buy that product. But social media is a different ball of game altogether. Here audience has the option to ignore you and you cannot do much about this.

        So that means, your marketing campaign should not feel like promotional. It is really a bad practice to go for marketing pitch in each single post or update. Rather you should listen to what people are saying or what people want this from you.

Do Not Count this as an Investment

       Do not turn the life of a social media marketer hell by asking him/her to show you the ROI of ongoing social media promotional activities. It is nearly impossible to measure the outcome of social media marketing and no amount of data crunching is going to help you. You need to understand the fact that social media marketing is not like a real estate investment. It is about building relationship and spreading your brand image so that people can easily relate themselves with your brand.

About Author:

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he is currently associated with Webarts, a search engine marketing company based in Cyprus.

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