Tawki – The Social Video Channel


My good friend David Leonhardt has come up with the next great new project on IndieGoGo that I just have to share with you. Tawki – The Social Video Channel, as David, co-founder of Tawki, puts it, “brings D.I.Y. videos to street level. Every individual, entrepreneur will be able to make videos part of their weekly or even daily marketing mix without breaking a hundred piggy banks each time. Sure, they can supply whatever images and video clips they like, add voice-overs and captions, but if all they need is a quick, topical video, they can get a totally unique video made with a single keyword and a single click.”

This is a great startup that is trying to reach its goal of $100,000 over the next 61 days. Check out the video here, and if you feel compelled, donate to the cause. You can also learn more about Tawki on Facebook and Twitter.

4 Commitment Devices to Help You Set & Achieve Financial Goals

Like billions of people around the world, you probably have numerous financial commitments. You most likely also think ahead to the future like any other common man. And why wouldn’t you? You need to fulfill these everyday obligations, as well as save aplenty for future.

Unfortunately, most people want to be rewarded but aren’t willing to put in the hard work in order to accomplish their goals. Though some people create budgets, many don’t have the drive to stick to it. They spend beyond their limits, slip into debt and after a long hibernation, wake up from their financial slumber and realize they’ve dug themselves into a rather deep hole.

Making goals

If you’re one of those who has difficulty sticking to a budget, you might want to consider, ‘Commitment Device’. The term was first coined by economists Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, who went into great detail on commitment device in their bestselling book, Freakonomics. This economist duo is also writing a blog which bears the same name. Commitment device refers to a contrivance that will chain you to a course-of-action, resulting in you achieving your desired effect. Here are brief descriptions about 4 commitment devices that will help you achieve your pre-set financial objectives.

Let Others Know

Tell those close to you that you have certain financial goals in life and that you are committed to fulfilling them. If you have no qualms in swallowing up your pride and being transparent, post your goals on Facebook. “I will payback all my debts in next 6 months,” is an extreme declaration that will keep you under pressure to live up to your goals. However, you will also receive the encouragement from your friends and acquaintances in your Facebook community. Sharing your monthly status report about debt payment will only make it easier for you to stick to your budget, all while showing your friends that you are serious about your promise and obligation.

Think about Online Help

Some psychologists and economists have started an innovative website that helps people follow their objectives. A site stickK helps you with commitment contracts that are regularly scrutinized by a referee to ensure you’re staying on track, and getting on you when you fall off the wagon. Goalmigo is another good choice if you thrive under peer pressure. This website allows you to set and share your goals with other users who share similar financial plans. Goalmigo also allows you to track your financial performance. If you search the Beeminder website, you can create a blueprint of your goals and monitor your progress as often as you like. With the principle value, “Either perform or be penalized,” Beeminder will help you take on all of your goals, assisting you with every step along the way.

Issue a Check to a group you dislike

Every one of us has a strong disliking for an organization; the one that champions nothing but poor ideas that simply cannot be tolerated. Issue a check in the name of this group or organization and drop in mail box whenever you fail in goal fulfillment. You may have some friends who also hold the same view of said organization. Tell them about your plan. When you share your goals with those who share your interests, they will jump on board and help you however they can to make sure you don’t send that check.

Prize for failure

It should be noted that this method does not work best for everyone. However, if this method does work for you, promise yourself that you will spend on frivolous purposes in the event of failing to pay back dues. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to “reward” yourself this way, you will work harder to escape any embarrassment caused by a preventable failure. However, some people don’t feel punished by this kind of reward, which means your plan itself will ultimately result in failure. If this happens to you, drop the idea and find a reward system that will help you stick to your financial goals.

This was a guest post by Peter Christopher, the finance blogger at Finance Care Guide.

The three top Probloggers making money blogging

      Blogging is a world where any one can earn in millions. It’s true and it demands only one thing – a little dedication in what you blog about. Most of the bloggers today start a blog by just reading some fancy stories of “How I make $10K from blogging”. Even I started off with an intention to make some quick bucks but I fell flat on my face. I got aware of the fact that I can’t make a cent like this. As my knowledge of this majestic world increased, I understood it’s not just about money. It’s much more than that. Blogging is the best platform to express yourself without anyone’s restriction. You can socialize with people from every corner of the world. I just love blogging.

The three top money making Probloggers

      Getting back to our topic. Today I am going to talk about the three top bloggers who earn millions from their blogs by telling people how to make money online. Yes, you heard it right. “Millions from their blogs”. Their biggest source of income is advertising and affiliate commissions. We can too earn like this. 
Well so let’s get to know them.

Zac Johnson

zac johnson    A personal favorite. (No hard feelings). I love this guy because he concentrates more on teaching how to be a successful affiliate. I want to earn money through affiliate marketing rather than applying for any other methods. So that’s the reason, he is my favorite. Zac Johnson – the Super Affiliate.
    When I was new to blogging, I was spending most of my time googling ways to make money online. Every post I found was about Google Adsense and other PPC ads to make online money. And then I got my hands on this awesome blog.
    This was the first blog I found that was concentrating on teaching people how to monetize your blog without using the much-hyped Google Adsense. It teaches you to master another way of making more money than Adsense, and that is through ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Zac Johnson, on his blog ZacJohnson.com, shares his experience of making money online with us. He is the biggest affiliate I have ever come across.
     Zac is making money online from the last 15 years. And he started his blog around 3 years ago. He truly lives to his blog’s tagline – “Inside the secret life of a Super Affiliate“. If you spend some quality time on his blog, I guarantee you that you will get to know many tips that will help you become a successful affiliate.
     He is the only blogger (in my knowledge) making millions in his affiliate commision. He uses a certain affiliate network and then he shares it with his readers so that they too get signed up with that network. (This is how he makes millions from affiliate commisions). I don’t think I can tell you more about him.
     You can know more about his money-making strategies on his blog. He shares them openly with his readers.

Visit his blog- ZacJohnson.com

Jeremy Schoemaker 

jeremy schoemaker    Remember the famous “$140,000 Google Adsense cheque”. This cheque helped Google Adsense in getting many new sign-ups. This world-famous Adsense cheque belongs to Jeremy Schoemaker.
      Jeremy Schoemaker is the owner of Shoemoney.com. If you want a blog that teaches you to make money online based on personal life experiences then Jeremy’s blog is the best blog for you.
      His story as a blogger is truly inspiring. I read his e-books and watched his video, both are amazing. You should too try to get your hands on his stuff. As a blogger, what I learnt from video is that you can’t make money from your blog until you got a decent readership. Jeremy blogged for about 3 years consistently with zero dollar as income. Yes “zero dollar”. And then he started monetinzing his blog and today he has made his place in multi-millionaire bloggers.
      Apart from his blog, he has even started programs to teach aspiring bloggers the how-to’s of blogging. One is an Internet Marketing course and the other one centralizes on making online money.
      He is truly an inspiration for any budding blogger (even to me). You can blindly look forward to him to start making your online fortune.
       I strongly suggest you to watch the “Blog Monetization” video, it’s awesome and he has revealed some secrets on successful affiliate marketing. Its a must watch for people wanting to make a 5-6 figure online income.

Visit his blog – ShoeMoney.com

John Chow

john chow     Do you know about JohnChow.com ?? Of course, you must be knowing about it. It’s one of the best blogs where you can learn different techniques to earn money online.

     John Chow, founder of TTZ Media Network, started his very first blog by the name of TheTechZone, a tech blog, where he succeeded much and finally launched a blog with his own name as a domain name to teach people how one can earn money through your computer sets. His tagline also fits best – ‘I make money online by telling people how I make money online‘.

     If I am not wrong, he started blogging in around 1998 by launching his tech blog, TheTechZone, which today has a prominent place among the tech sites. Even today it is going strong as it was back in the beginning.

    John Chow mainly does E-mail marketing (as I have known) and most of his income comes from advertisements and of course affiliate commissions. At JohnChow.com, he shares with his readers some of the best programs that pay amazing sums to you and ways to excel in your earnings. Some of the best techniques and Internet marketing formulas can be known by reading his posts keenly.

     He is the main that everyone should follow. He survived the worst times and made his place in the top bloggers today. He survived the dot com crash and was even banned by Google. But now all’s well and he’s again topping the SERPs. From being a cool, fun-loving and a hardcore foodie to being a serious blogger, he has truly motivated me towards some serious blogging.

Visit his blog – JohnChow.com

Final Words :-

    I have learnt a lot from the blogs of this amazing personality. I have got to learn many tricks on how to be a successful Internet Entrepreneur. But to earn a handsome amount of money, you should have a good number of subscribers and some good readership.

    If you think I have placed the above Probloggers one below the other, then you are wrong as all of them are unique in their own methods and so we have no right to compare them.

    Please share your valuable comments with us. Did you liked the article ?? If yes, then share it with your friends and let them know about these amazing personalities. Happy Blogging !!!!!

Note : I would strongly say to you that don’t reproduce the above article on your blog, as I have taken prior permission from each blogger mentioned above and after getting a positive feedback only did I produced this post. So I would recommend you not to copy this one.