Should you be obsessed with .sx domains?

.sx domain

Can you believe that there are more than 20 million searches for ‘sex’ every month in the UK? That’s almost the same as the number of searches for ‘football’!

Surprising or not, the English are 39% more sex obsessed than the Scottish and 52% more obsessed than the Northern Irish. But the topic has been even more prominent in the online world recently, with the launch of .sx domains.

.sx is the country code top-level domain for the island of Sint Maarten, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Aware that they were sitting on a potential gold mine, the powers that be on the island made the nation’s domain extension available for anyone to register and use for whatever purpose.

Clearly the intention behind the move is obvious – the extension should appeal to anyone running an adult website. But .sx has also gained the attention of some of the world’s most famous online brands.

Major players including Google have registered their domains under the .sx extension to stop other people getting their hands on them and exploiting their reputations through unscrupulous means. Doing this is known as brand protection, and companies are given a grace period to buy domain names based around their trademarks before any new extension goes on sale to the general public.

But the arrival of .sx domains should, by and large, be viewed as a positive thing. After all, with so many companies online it can be hard get the name you want – the launch of a new extension frees up online real estate.

And although there is an association with adult content, it is important to remember the origin of the .sx extension is entirely innocent. It remains to be seen whether any companies will take the plunge and opt for a .sx domain name despite, rather than because of the connotations it carries.

If they don’t, it would be a shame – .sx, as with any new domain extension, brings with it a whole host of opportunities. A .sx domain is an invaluable tool in a world where a distinctive name can give your business the boost you’ve been waiting for.

Check out this infographic for more about .sx domains.

123-reg sx domain infographic

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Written by Will Stevens, part of the blog team. The company is the UK’s largest accredited provider of domain names.

The basic guide to successful Affiliate Marketing – My first Infographic !!!

The basic guide to successful Affiliate Marketing

      A blogger actually starts a blog with an intention to make money online. With some dedication, hard-work and patience he can make his way to a passive income. The best way to make money online is affiliate marketing. Why ?? Because by doing affiliate marketing, our income is in our hands. We don’t need to sit and wait for the clicks, we have to make sales. The more effort we put in the higher is the sales and thus the higher are affiliate commissions.

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The basic guide to successful Affiliate Marketing

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Tips on Android Usability Testing [Infographic]

Tips on Android Usability Testing Infographic

     Android, Android, Android. This amazing mobile operating system is truly a hit among smartphone lovers worldwide. And it should be because it is the best mobile OS (according to me). There are many posts published about Android here on this blog. And now I have brought an amazing yet informative and a very nice Infographic depicting the Usability Testing Tips of Android. You can easily know, using this tips, whether your Android device is working fine or not ??

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Android Usability Testing Tips :-

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The Brain of a Blogger [Infographic]

The Brain of a Blogger [Infographic]
       Being a blogger myself, I know how tough it is to create a popular blog. Thereon are so many things to consider when launching your own blog. A blogger has to consider the things like what his blog will be all about, how will he promote it, how he is gonna make money out of it ?? Blah, blah, blah. I know all that stuff and I presume that you too will be knowing about the basics things of blogging. So I want go that deep into it. I wanted to write a post about it but by chance I got my hands on this superb Infographic about the same topic. And as you know “Images speak better than words”, I decided to have this Infographic instead of a post.

         This amazing Infographic has been created by Infolinks (I hope you know about Infolinks). This Infographic mainly concentrates on the various topics that are in the brain of a blogger. I hope you will like it.

The Brain of a Blogger

The Brain of a Blogger [Infographic]

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How did Android and iOS became smartphones – Growing Up [Infographic]

How did Android and iOS became smartphones

     Before some five years, having a smartphone was a big thing. But now the scenario is completely different. This is all due to the advancement of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These two operating systems created a whirlwind in the mobile market. And today we can see the results of it. Almost every person is a proud owner of an Android device because of its easy availability (i.e. cheap price), while Iphone is the first choice of people who are willing to spend money. But the question is how did this two superpowers actually became superpowers ?? Here, I have brought an Infographic to answer your question.

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The hot topic for Bloggers – SEO Trends 2012 [Infographic]

       Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the most important thing for a blogger or anyone associated to the online community. We can see that, in the recent times SEO has got a completely new meaning. With Google transforming cute little animals into the nightmares of bloggers with its Panda and Penguin updates, everyone of us now knows that SEO is not just about backlinks or traffic but its has become a lot more than that. Here is an amazing Infographic that will show you the latest trends in SEO.

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SEO trends 2012 Infographic

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Trends in Mobile Apps Download [Infographic]

Mobile Apps Download Infographic

      In the success of any smartphone, the apps available in it play a vital role. The craze to have different apps in one’s smartphone has increased a lot these days. Be it Android or Iphone or any other smartphone, people tend to install a number of apps without even knowing what is the use of it. The craze of downloading loads of apps has increased just recently. Here is an amazing yet informative Infographic about the amazing facts about the trends in downloading different mobile apps.

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Droid v/s IOS : Battle of the mobile Operating systems [Infographic]

Droid v/s IOS Battle of the mobile OPS
       The battle of the two most sought after mobile operating system – Android and iOS, has been the most trending topic online and even offline. Both are trying to get ahead of each other in this race. They are trying to prove that one is better than the other, and we are enjoying its benefits. We are getting more and more games and apps to enjoy on our smart devices. Am I right or am I right ??? 
       Many blogs and websites are covering this topic day after day and week after week as this topic is evergreen. I am also trying to reap the benefits of this hot topic. Some days back, while surfing the net I stumbled upon this amazing Infographic that has covered the topic very beautifully. I loved it and thought it is worth sharing. I hope you too will like it.
This Infographic is provided by people at Hunch.

Droid V/S IOS : Battle of the OPS.

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The complete history of Android [Infographic]

The history of Android     After its launch in 2003, Android has come a long way in the smartphone world. It has seen some great and pleasant changes from its very first version, Cupcake to the latest, IceCream Sandwich. So I decided to bring out the complete history of Android, from the beginning till the latest, in the form of an infographic. I hope you like it. Please share your views with us via comments.

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Can I trust Google ?? [Infographic]

Can I trust Google

       Google has come a long way from where it was founded. It’s official motto was “Don’t be Evil”. But the question today is can we still trust Google to do no evil ?? Well this is the most controversial topic haunting the world of internet. A few days back, Google faced serious allegations that it is showing misleading results on its page that leads to its own services when there are other more genuine results. So here is an interesting infographic to check whether you can still trust Google or not.

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      Android v/s IOS [Infographic]

Can I Trust Google ?!!

Mother, Can I Trust Google?