4 Blogging Myths prevailing in the Blogosphere !!!!!

Blogging Myths

Being a blogger is a toughest job in the world with highest returns. But if you are a newbie in the blogosphere, you might be working up on building your knowledge on how the blogosphere works. You go through some high authority blogs and whatever you read there you believe it blindly. When I was new to this mysterious world, I too surfed around some biggest blogs and also some of the upcoming blogs just to build my knowledge. But now I can say that there are many myths prevailing in the blogosphere, as I am not a newbie any more.

        I have learned a lot in the recent months. I just want to share it with you all. Some of the myths that have surrounded the new bloggers, and how they get nowhere following them. I hope you will find it useful.


Myth #1 :-  Google loves fresh content.

     This is one of the biggest myth prevailing in the blogosphere. We all have been compelled to believe that posting articles regularly will increase our rankings, which is the biggest notion.
Truth :- 
The truth is that Google doesn’t love fresh content, but its the quality that it loves. The quality of your article ill decide whether your post is going to rank in Google or not. This might sound shocking, but is the truth. Just see around. Search about some specific keywords and you will see the quality articles ranking the SERP’s rather than the recently updated content. Let me help you here. Try to search “future of blogging” and you will see the post of ViperChill at top of search results. And below it you will find some fresh articles on the same keyword.

Myth #2 :-  People don’t like to read long articles.

This is another thing that many bloggers believe and post their articles according to it. We all think that an article should be around 700-1000 words or at most 1500 words otherwise your readers will get bored reading it.

Truth :-  This is yet another notion. The readers of your blog don’t look on your post length. Its the writing style of your article, the engagement that lacks in your post and this is the reason your articles are not read completely. I’ll give you the same example as in the previous point about the article on Viperchill about the future of blogging. The post is a freaking 12000 words post and still the most popular one with around 350 comments posted till date. It clearly suggests that if you have a great writing style and the engagement quotient is higher then the length of your post won’t matter. If you are not able to write engaging articles, then some writing tips provided at GeekyWriter will surely help you.

Myth #3 :- Guest Posts and blog commenting are only good for backlinks.

Whenever you search for the benefits of Guest posts and commenting, you will eventually end up with backlinks. If you ask anyone or read any related articles, you will find everyone concentrating on backlinks as the biggest benefit that is earned from guest post and comments.

Truth :- My take is completely different and opposite to what many of you know. Now that I am doing some guest posts and a lot of blog commenting, I came to know that the biggest benefit is the social exposure you get and the connection with other bloggers. I started with an intention to gain backlinks but I understood the reason that compels a Problogger like Zac Johnson do guest posts. The exposure you get, the relation you build with different bloggers is the only biggest benefit you get. Backlinks is nowhere near the exposure.

Myth #4 :- Adsense is the only big monetization program.

Many people enter in the field of blogging with an intention to make money with their blogs and their ultimate goal is to get an approval with Adsense. If they get rejected, they leave blogging in frustration. Such people think Adsense is the only thing that helps in making money.

Truth :- The bloggers who have already spent some good amount of time blogging will certainly know that Adsense is nothing to other mouth-watering programs in terms of earnings. If you got rejected or banned by Adsense, then its good for you. Try to explore more programs that offer higher incentives. The best one being Affiliate marketing. You can earn tons of money with it. Also the advertising method can bring huge amount of revenues. So don’t quit blogging. Try hard to build your blog and money will eventually start flowing towards you.

I hope that you all will completely agree with my above points. If I missed some point then I would really appreciate it if you add it in the comment section. If you liked it then please feel free to share it with your social circle. Thanks !!!!

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A blogger should never blog about these topics !!!

      Being a blogger, I know how difficult it is to come up with articles that will gain you both respect and authority as a blogger. The bloggers who are well aware of the working of the blogosphere will find a way out because they know that blogging is not a place that yields immediate results, you need to be patient and work constantly to build your blog and you will surely taste success. 

     However this is not the case when it comes to talking about new bloggers. They are not completely aware of how to manage their blogs and their presence. Their main aim to start a blog is to earn some money and because of this very reason they can’t succeed at all. They start posting irrelevant content on their blog which never gain any attention.
     So today I decided to write an article on what things a blogger should never blog about. 

How to make money online ??

    You have no right to tell people how to make money online when you are not making a penny. I have seen many blogs with “money making” niche but when it comes to their own earnings, they can’t answer it. 
     If you have immense knowledge on making money online or through blogging, then first you should apply it, make some money through it and then use your income report in the post so that your readers will believe you and won’t take you as just another blogger. Set an example before guiding your readers on any road. 
    Blogging about affiliate marketing when you are not making even $50 out of it. Everyone who knows about affiliate marketing also knows that it is not an easy task to make money out of it and so they will believe you only when you have some proof about what you got through it.

Writing Reviews.

    Whenever I read a review on a blog, I can say whether it’s copied or not. Not only I but anyone can say if its genuine or not. I have already seen many reviews and you might have seen some too. Writing reviews pf products that you don’t use is a bad practice. If a blog has benefited by writing such reviews, then don’t think that your blog will too. Its a completely different aspect. 
      You are on blogger platform and you write reviews of WordPress plug-ins on your blog, writing reviews of different hosting companies; are you fooling your readers ?? Do you think that people are dumb ?? A reader will instantly make out hat you do not have any knowledge and you are not at all serious for your blog. This practice will only harm your blog rather than doing any good.

The topics that doesn’t interest you

     This is the biggest problem prevailing in the blogosphere. Many new bloggers just start out their blogs on a topic that they don’t know about. Why to do such things ?? People follow such tactics just because of a simple notion. They simply see a successful blog on the very same topic and they think if it is making money then I can too with that particular topic.

       You won’t make money by just thing. That successful blogger has great knowledge about what he blogs. That’s the reason he is successful and you are not. Also if you try to read his articles and present it i your manner without knowing about the topic, you will suffer. How would you be able to answer your readers’ queries. Think about it ??


     Ah…… Now we are at a great point. There are many blogs are around that concentrated on providing other bloggers with great tutorials, widgets and customization for the blogs, be it WordPress or Blogger. But with such blogs, there are some blogs that copies the tutorials and present it on their blog as if they have worked on it.

      You can easily make out from the look of the blog and the presentation of the article, whether it is a genuine tutorial or a copied one. If you can’t make out from the above points, then try to drop a comment on how to customize it according to your own needs. I bet you won’t get a proper reply. This works, I have tried it on many blogs.

Finally ………

Why spend your precious time on such tactics. Your blog will not enjoy the benefits but will only loose the readership you have got. Write what you love and don’t see other successful blogs. Take inspiration from them but don’t blindly copy them. Believe me you will surely get successful with your blog. Keep blogging !!!

How can you write a good blog post ??

With millions of blogs around and thousands added everyday, many people dream of having a blog and that too a popular one. There are many blogs that are very informative and so they are too popular. Taking inspiration from such super-blogs and there monthly income report, people tend to incline more towards the blogging thing. But can you create a good blog ?? Of course, you can have one but with some work.

If you have started a blog, don’t just rush in to create content, because rushing into create more and more content you will copy from other blogs and this can prove your biggest mistake. Content is everything for your blog at the end. Don’t just throw in something old. Create a blog you can feel proud of.

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Consistency :-

The most important factor that makes your readers believe in your blog is your posting consistency. Try updating your blog once a day or once in two days. But please maintain a proper time. Don’t just post five times a week and nothing in the next week. This will make your readers think that you are not at all serious about your blog. Thus they will avoid turning towards your blog. This is not at all good as your blog’s success is dependent on your readers only. Maintain a schedule so that your readers know when you update your blog and they will visit you at that time.

Include some of “You” :-

I think if you have created a blog of your own then you will probably know the fact that a blog is a reflection of you. People blog to connect with other people around the world. Write a post in a such a way that people feel that you are talking to them. Don’t write the words as if your blog is some News Channel. There are many News Channel to do that. People love if you write like you are actually interacting with them. Also you can share some details of your life in your blog like your first income or any important event of your life. Such tactics won’t affect your blog but will only help it improve.

Use Pictures or Videos :-

Don’t just write for the sake of updating your blog. And if you are writing a post, don’t just use text. Sometimes readers search for an image in the post (even me). Use at least one image relevant to your topic.

“Images convey better than words.”

If you are writing about some gadgets or softwares or games or providing a tutorial, then including a video will be a great thing. Your readers will only love it. So don’t restrict yourself to text or even images. Try using videos at some moments.

Final Words :-

Keeping the above points in mind while writing a post will help you much and will also appeal to your readers. I hope that you would have liked my article. Please feel free to share it with your friends.

Do you think that I missed out on some important point ?? Then don’t hesitate and use the comment section below to point out the error I made and please let me know which point I missed ??

How to start the traffic flow towards your blog ??

How to drive traffic to blog

       I hope now you might have started a blog. For some newbie bloggers, it is very hard to get a decent amount of traffic for their blog. If they are completely new to the world of blogging then they would surely face a tough time in bringing the people to their blog. Even I faced this problem when I started blogging. But after reading many blogs, I found my way out and the traffic started diverting to my blog. So today I am going to share some simple ways on how to start diverting the traffic flow to your blog.

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Promote your blog among your friends :-

     ”A friend in need is a friend in deed”. Why not use this phrase ?? Ask your friends to visit your blog and even share it with their friends. This way you will get more exposure and thus you will get some extra visitors. Remember one thing that you won’t be able to get more number of visitors if you alone take all the responsibilities. Give some responsibility to your friends even, they won’t say no to your hardwork and will surely support you in your blog promotion.

Use Social Networks :-

      The world is experiencing a social revolution. The influence of social networks is prevailing in every field. Why not use the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for promoting your blog. This platforms are not just for chatting or tweeting but you can use it to gain some visitors. Join groups, like pages, make your fellow bloggers your friends and they too will help you by sharing your work. Don’t restrict yourself to just the above 3 social networks; explore more like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and many more. The latest hot network is Pinterest and even you can gain much traffic from it.

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Comment on other blogs :-

       Find other more popular blogs having a large number of visitors in your niche and start commenting on that blogs. But before commenting on the blogs, read the complete article before commenting so that you know on what topic you are giving your views. Always avoid comments like “Good job”,”Nice article” etc. Leave a genuine comment on the articles and you will see other visitors taking interest in your comments. Plus you will also build a good reputation of you own and thus of your blog.

Final Words :-

    The above points are very basic points aimed at people who don’t know how to start getting traffic for their blog. In my upcoming article, I will cover more ways to get more amount of traffic. I hope that you would have liked my above article. Please share it with your friends and let them also get benefited.

Why is selecting a “niche” so important for your blog ??

Select a niche to blog about

Blogging is one of the easiest thing on Internet; but if you want to succeed as a blogger then the same thing becomes really tough. We introduced this section a few days back to help you make your own blog. Today we are going to write about the next point to keep in mind before you start blogging. The first point that we posted was about Different Blogging Platforms that can help you to build your blog. Now today we will see how to decide on the “niche” i.e. the topic of your blog.

Selecting a niche for your blog is very important because it gives you the direction to take further steps in your blogging career. Not deciding a niche will only confuse you and even search engines will not be able to figure out what your blog is all about and thus your blog will go unnoticed. Below are some tips to help you decide on your blogging niche.

1) Ask Yourself :-

The first tip lies within yourself. First of all ask yourself what you are really good at. Which are the topics that really interests you, the things that never bores you, the topics in which you crave to learn more ?? Prepare a complete list of all the topics of your interests. Sort it out according to your knowledge about each of them. Don’t avoid any of the topic as you will be needing it in further steps.

2) Research around the Internet :-

After sorting out all the topics, you need to do a complete survey of what people search more on the Internet. See if there is any topic in your list that is searched more on the Internet. If yes then give the top priority to that topic as most of the traffic comes from the search engines. Don’t go for topics that people are not looking for. You must look in to each point in selecting the best niche as it is the only thing that will help you blog in the future.

3) Look for more sub-niches :-

After you have zeroed down on a topic, then just relax and prepare a complete list of articles that you are going to write on your blog. This will help you give the initial push to your blog. After that see if there is any more topic that relates much to your main niche. If yes, then do include it also in your blog so that you never feel short of articles and your blog remains well-updated.

Final Words :-

By following the above points, you will surely end up in selecting the best niche for your blog and will be able to make the most out of it. But remember that you will not be able to see immediate results and won’t get success in the beginning. Blogging is a time-consuming job and should be done with much patience.

If I am missing out on something then please let me know by dropping your comments below so that I can update the post. Feel free to ask any questions.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Vmware VCA410-DT which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Vmware VCP510-DT. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Different Blogging platforms that you should know about.

Different Blogging platforms

If you are going to start a blog then you should make yourself well-aware of the things that are important in blogging. How to blog is very important thing you should learn beforehand. The major downfalls or the major success of any blog should be keenly monitored and you should learn from them. Today we are going to take the first step in our blogging section. Today I am going to make you aware of the different blogging platforms that provide you blogging services; for free as well as paid. So let’s take a peek at some of the popular platforms to start your blog.

1) WordPress :-

WordPress is the current king of blogging platforms. It’s easy to use and very flexible. In fact, it’s such a flexible platform that it’s commonly used as an outright content management system. The large number of free and premium themes in addition to the level of community support makes it stand out in the crowd. To the best of my knowledge, no other platform offers the number of themes or level of community support like WordPress. It should also be noted that WordPress offers two versions – self-hosted and hosted for you.

2) Blogger :-

Blogger has been around for quite a while, bought by Google in 2003. Although Blogger has made many improvements over the years, people making the choice between it and WordPress typically go with the latter. That’s not because it’s a bad platform, it might just not offer more advanced users the features they’re looking for. Blogger is a good choice for those looking for a hosted platform and an easy setup (none really) to get started. If you are a newbie then you should go with blogger.

3) Joomla :-

Joomla is really a full CMS and it’s easy to create almost any kind of site with it such as a regular website for businesses, eCommerce, blogs or even social networks. It’s powerful, easy and has a great community backing it. Like some of the other platforms listed here, Joomla’s extensions really make it shine and give it more power and flexibility.

4) Drupal :-

Drupal and Joomla are actually quite similar (in terms of purpose), though Drupal seems to be more oriented towards community type sites. Drupal is certainly one of the best blogging platforms around but it also, like other platforms here, has the flexibility to run just about any kind of site. It has a passionate community and a huge collection of powerful modules (like plugins) that give it even more power. In regards to theming, however, it’s more so on the difficult end of the spectrum.

5) Tumblr :-

Tumblr isn’t really considered to be a full-on blogging platform, but rather a healthy cross between semi-micro-blogging and full-on blogging (think mini-blogging). You can really use it as you’d like though and it definitely has a decent and growing selection of themes.

6) Posterous :-

Like Tumblr, Posterous is intended to be a quick and easy way to share thoughts and media. Blogging via email is baked right in as it was built for using it that way and integration with other social media services such as Twitter and Facebook make it a solid cross between micro-blogging and full-on blogging.

Final Words :-

If you want to get into blogging business seriously then you should choose between Blogger and WordPress. This two are the best. With blogger, you can customize your blog the way you want by tweaking. While with WordPress, you will get everything without doing any tweaking. So that’s all for today. Wait for our nest article and next step towards blogging.

If you are offended by any of our articles then please let us know by commenting or by conacting us so we can avoid such mistakes in the future.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E20-597 which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E20-594. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Basic things you should do before you start blogging


Blogging is an art to learn. You can convey your thoughts to the people around the globe via blogging. Additionally you can get more information about the current affairs about the world by following different blogs. So I would say that everyone should start a blog to stay updated to the latest on-goings of this world. You can blog about many things that you like. But if you want to get successful in blogging and want to make an impact in the blogging world then you should follow some points that will help you excel in your blogging stint.

Starting a blog is not hard; its the easiest part. Your blog will be up and running within minutes. But before you create your own blog you should do some basic things to create a perfect blog. Below I have listed some basic points that will help you kickstart your online venture and create an influential blog.

1) Decide on a Blogging Platform :-

Firstly you should make yourself aware of the different blogging platforms available. There are many platforms that offer blogging services. Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Posterous are some of the popular platforms. The most used and the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is a free platform and you can customize it the way you want. It is recommend for newbie bloggers. WordPress, on the other hand, is a more advanced platform mostly preferred by professional bloggers for its robust services.

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2) Select your niche :-

After you have zeroed in on the blogging platform, you should decide your niche i.e. decide on a topic that you are going to blog about. This is the point where most of the new bloggers fail. You should decide on a topic that interests you and you should have much knowledge about it. Select a niche that will interest your future readers. This way you will get motivated and you will love blogging and providing with new updates to your readers.

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3) Choose the best Domain name :-

This is the next step after deciding your blog’s niche. Choose a relevant domain name that defines your niche. Your reader should get an idea of what your blog is all about by one look at your domain. Choose the best keywords in your domain name to get easy visibility to search engine robots and thus increasing your ranking.

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4) Do some homework :-

After completing the above steps don’t just race in to create a blog. Wait some time and brush up your knowledge. You have already zeroed down on a topic to blog about, so do some homework. Prepare a rough layout of the articles you are going to write. Brush up your knowledge. Expand your mindset and try to explore more possibilities that will help you and your blog. Write 20-30 articles beforehand to fill your blog with some stuff.

5) You are ready :-

Now you are all set to start your online venture and explore a completely new world. Create your personality as a blogger and help yourself to create an online reputation of yourself. If you have any problems, then I am here waiting eagerly to help you. So now buck up and explore yourself as a blogger.

I hope that you liked my post. If you did then feel free to share ti with your friends. If you have any query then please let us know by commenting so that we can solve it and avoid such mistakes in the future.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E22-275  which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E20-918. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.