Your New ID Card: Your Mobile Device?



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Do you remember those science fiction movies, where people don’t carry ID cards anymore, but are verified through other means? Well, our mobile world is bringing that world closer to reality.

There are two categories of identification right now that are leading how we protect ourselves. One is based on biometrics, which is about identifying unique biological aspects of your body, such as your fingerprint, retinal scans or even your voice. Others, however, are based on passwords and identification based on technology that is either with you, on you, or in you. Yep, that’s right; soon enough, you could become your ID. Here are just some of the identification systems that we’ll all soon be familiar with.

Your Mobile Device

Nearly everyone these days has at least one mobile device, and that fact has made it a good idea to use mobile devices in conjunction with biometric data to confirm our access. After all, you may be exactly who you say you are, but you may not exactly have access to where you want to go.

Your mobile device may be tagged with a unique serial number or passcode. Thus, if your mobile device is “swiped” near a reader, you’ll be allowed access. Another way is that you have entered a passcode into a specific app, and the app then is used to identify you. As mentioned before, this will probably be in conjunction with biometric security measures.

Access by Communication

It’s a bit old-school, but calling someone up through a mobile line or VoIP (read more about VoiP service) to ask for access still works, but with an added layer of security – again, your mobile device is identified, and don’t be surprised if your call will have video as well.

This has the distinct advantage of providing a visual and audio confirmation, combined with a mobile device confirmation as well. However, the idea of using a mobile device for identification and security does have problems as well.


Even though mobile devices can act like key cards and as portable audio and video confirmation devices, there are still inherent problems.

The very fact that a mobile device is portable can lead to at least two problems. The first one is if the person accidentally forgets his or her mobile device. This would probably mean that the security measures should have alternatives – but then, doesn’t that complicate what should have been simplified?

Another problem is well, having your mobile device stolen. This is the reason why, when you do use your own mobile device for identification, you should make sure that your own mobile device has its own security system. The last thing you need is to be accused of being lax with security – why give you the opportunity to use a mobile device identification system, if you’re going to let it be stolen?

But is it feasible?

As stated before, many people find the very nature of a portable or mobile device a big target for theft or forgetfulness. However, this sort of system should be seen as a way to shorten confirmation for security – and that the alternate measures are actually the “standard.” Still, the threat of not being with your mobile device will always be the question with these systems.

On the other hand, imagine if, instead of standing in line to get into your secure workspace, or waiting for someone in the IT department to give you access to secure files while you’re working from home, you can just call up, and have the proper security confirmations done, by the book? It would shorten what would be time-sucking security processes that can be very frustrating.

In the end, the use of mobile devices as identification and security systems are definitely on the way to reality, but will probably never be a stand-alone system.

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Upcoming Launches 2013 – What to Watch for in 2013 ?

As another year ends tech enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the latest offerings from the worlds of gaming, computers, smartphones and TVs. With rumored big releases from the likes of Microsoft, Apple and Amazon we take a look at some of the most highly anticipated technology for 2013.

So here are some of the most anticipated upcoming launches for the next year. Read on to know more about the upcoming launches 2013.

Upcoming Launches 2013

Upcoming Launches 2013

Xbox 720

One of the most anticipated gaming releases for the new year, the next generation of Microsoft’s successful Xbox family is surrounded by rumours. Even the name has been privy to leaks and privacy control! Reports suggest that the new console will be released in autumn next year. Speculation abounds as to the gaming set-up but rumours are rife that discs will be obsolete and Microsoft will instead opt for a complete, digital offering. Tech Radar reports that Microsoft recently filed a patent for an augmented reality project which would project images onto the walls, producing a completely immersed gaming experience. Whatever the final outcome this is definitely one to watch next year!

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Recently arrived in the UK, 4G is set to burst on to the mobile broadband scene in 2013. While EE is currently the only provider of 4G the new year is set to bring a new host of operators, including Vodafone, Telefonica and Three. The network provides speeds of between eight and 12 megabits per second making it as fast as home broadband connections. Tech enthusiasts are sure to look forward to quicker downloads and less buffering as well as better coverage. If you’ve held back from EE’s 4G offering in hope of getting a better deal the new year is certain to bring highly competitive rates as the big companies fight for 4G control!

Apple television

Rumours of an Apple television have abounded for years but now rumblings in the tech world mean that the highly anticipated release may arrive sooner than we think with many predicting it will be enter the market at the end of 2013. Nicknamed the Apple iTV, it is believed that the size of the screens (no doubt in keeping with Apple’s chic designs) will be between 32 and 55 inches. Sources say it is likely that Apple will incorporate facial recognition, like Microsoft’s Kinect, resulting in an interactive device. It is also rumoured that Apple will include Siri, its voice recognition software, so users can essentially talk to their TV. While nothing has been confirmed by Apply itself all signs point to an imminent release.

Kindle phone

The Kindle phone is largely based on rumour, which was unfounded when Amazon failed to announce plans for the product alongside the launch of its updated Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader in September 2012. Expectations had reached fever pitch among tech reporters before the launch and many were left disappointed. However, that doesn’t mean a plan for a Kindle phone is not on the cards. While a 2012 release is unlikely, it could well be that Amazon reveals the latest addition to their Kindle family in the new year.

Leap Motion

Just one look at the promo video for Leap Motion and you’re already eager to pre-order the interactive device. Not quite a mouse and not quite a keyboard the Leap platform is placed in front of your computer or laptop and tracks your finger movements which are then replicated on screen. You can control your computer movements without even touching it! The company expects to start shipping devices next year so expect to see this in tech shops everywhere (that is until they sell out, which they probably will!)

Whatever happens in the new year, it’s sure to be one hell of a techno ride!

Author Bio : This article was written by Rachel Hurley who writes for Appliances Online. When she isn’t looking into the technological future she enjoys grabbing a glass of wine and relaxing on the couch. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Hurley23.

6 Awesome Ways to Create Valuable Content.


create valuable content

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The problem with most blogs is..their content sucks! They don’t worry about creating valuable content to their readers. Most of the blog posts will be either boring, unhelpful or they totally lack quality.

So how can you create incredible content for your readers that last even after years?

Here’s the dirty little secret to create valuable content.

Ways to create Valuable Content :

Every blog post should have a PURPOSE. You must be able to provide quality to create a great connection with your readers.

Incredible content starts with great headlines: 90 out of 100 people will decide whether or not to decide your blog posts by just looking at your headlines. So never (ever) forget the importance of your headlines. Spend some time to craft the killer titles. Try to create 3 to 5 headlines for each blog post that you write and choose the best one among them. This way you can create better titles for your blog posts.

16 is the new 14: Make your font size bigger. Your typography plays a vital role to make your blog more appealing. Your readers will love to read with bigger font sizes, don’t make it hard to read your content by using small font sizes like 12 or 13 px. Make it large.

Use the word YOU: Write your articles as if you’re directly talking to your friends. This way you can create engaging content. Your readers will love to see this kind of engagement on your blog. Moreover it creates a personal touch with your audience which will be very useful for you to build a better network around your blog in the long run.

Have a voice: Don’t write your blog posts without having a personality in it. No one will like to read the blog posts which lack the ‘feel’ in it. You can only breathe life into your blog posts by having a personal tone. Develop your own writing style and stick to it. Make sure your readers are comfartable with it.

Create scannable content: Write for the online readers, not for offline people. Most of the online readers prefer skimming your content rather reading it from the scratch. Consider this point before you’re writing your future posts. Write scannable content. Break your content into short paragraphs. Use lots of sub heads, bullets, italic, bold letters to make it more appealing.

Remove the unwanted stuff: Don’t use fluff words. They will degrade your quality of the content. Make sure you’re writing a great copy instead of filling your blog posts with useless stuff.

Interlink to your old posts: Don’t forget to interlink to your old posts, but be sure you’re linking to the relevant posts. It’s recommended to linking to authority sites in your niche whenever it’s necessary. By doing this, you’re not only providing extensive reference to your readers but also you’re increasing your credibility.

Bonus tip: proof read your content

Don’t forget to double check what you’ve written. Because your blog readers won’t love when your content contains full of grammatical mistakes and typos. It also creates a bad impact on your blog when you publish the blog posts without worrying about proof reading it. Even the prolific writers will get typos while writing, but they will take care of whatever they write. They will triple check their writing before hitting ‘publish’ button.

Over to you:

Creating great content is not a rocket science though, but it takes lots of time, research and efforts. You can’t get the results immediately after publishing your blog posts. Give them some time to get more online visibility. Moreover if you publish the blog posts randomly without worrying about the readers you can never make captivating content.

Do you’ve any more tips to write killer content? Share them below

Author Bio: I am Sai Kumar, Founder and CEO of Crunchyhub. I am a 21 Year Ordinary and a Simple guy from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am a part time blogger and I write about How-To’s, Technology, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media etc

The Samsung Tablet Resurfaces – Just a Beginning ?

samsung tablets

The Samsung tablet has received a lot of praise. It has been revised, but many people are still unaware of what this device can do. Much of this has to do with all the competition that is out there for the Samsung tablet. The Microsoft Surface tablet is taking strong steps, while the dominance of iPad in the tablets market is known by all.

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Samsung tablet vs. Apple

It would be easy to say that Samsung only has Apple to worry about, but this would be untrue. The battlefield of portable tablet PCs is actually a war between Apple and everyone else. Samsung is trying to raise out of the “everyone else” category to stand alone as the sole competitor against the Apple franchise.

So far the iPad has become the tablet of choice for the large majority of tablet PC users throughout the world. This is amazing when consumers have so many choices with Dell, HP, Blackberry, Kindle, and Toshiba. Samsung has often been clumped into this group of Android tablets that are subpar to the elite iPad, but Samsung is trying desperately to break out of this mold. This company bounced back with a 10.1 Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 2. Both devices may lure more consumers away from Apple.

New and Better Offerings

In the technology world new doesn’t always equate to better. It obviously should be main ingredient in new technology, but there are times when rushed products tend to fall short of their anticipated glory. Samsung has avoided those mistakes and focused on tablets that appear to combine features similar to two of the hottest tablet PCs on the market. The Kindle and iPad are hot and the engineers at Samsung recognized this. That is why the Galaxy Note Tab takes helps lessons in product from both of these popular devices.

It is evident that Samsung engineers where following the Apple design when they resurfaced with a thinner, lighter design with a better battery life. The front and rear facing cameras also make people recall the front and rear camera design for the iPad 2 that lead to the powerful Facetime App.

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Variations of the Same Thing

When it comes to stealing ideas Samsung also copied the genius of Amazon. The Samsung tablet is actually a variation of different Galaxy tablets with subtle differences. This is the exact same thing that Amazon did with the Kindle. Right now there are Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. There is also another one called the Kindle Paper White. This can be compared to the Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 that come with different storage capacity and different megapixels for the cameras. There is also a different OS between the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 2. This differences give consumers more options, but it is still all within the Samsung Tablet family.

Samsung Tablet for All Occasions

This time Samsung has made an effort to appeal to a more diverse audience. This tablet isn’t just for the home users. It can be used in school and work environments. Samsung is marketing tablets to the world.

Author’s Bio: Myke Thomas is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog focuses on internet bloggers, technology bloggers and telecom bloggers. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter.

Top iPhone 5 Rivals : The Battle Begins.

iPhone 5 is the latest and quite frankly the greatest smartphone till now to have come out from the hallowed Apple stable. The excitement and the frenzy for it can be gauged by the fact that its sells crossed the 2 million mark within 24 hours of being available in the market. Most analysts have predicted the sell to cross the 10 million mark and more. But, the road ahead may not be as smooth as being predicted due to the presence some heavyweights with cheaper and even better alternatives.

top iphone 5 rivals

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The top iPhone 5 rivals are:-

1). Samsung Galaxy S3:-

Samsung Galaxy S3

Touted as the best smartphone ever, this is one rival that Apple sure can’t afford to brush under the carpet. The 4.9 in device is powered by the ice-cream sandwich with a quad-core Exynos processor. Couple that with the LTE connectivity, NFC , 8MP camera and features such as the S-Voice, Smart Stay,etc powered by the S-software, and you have got a sure match-winner. This reflects from the fact that it has sold over 6.5 million devices till the second quarter of the year.

2). Samsung Galaxy Note/Note 2:-

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Dubbed as the original Phablet, it is one of the biggest success stories of Samsung in 2012. It comes armed with features like 5.3 in screen, 2MP front camera, 8MP back camera, 1.5gHz dual-core processor, S-pen stylus,etc. As if one was not enough, its successor Note 2 has also been announced, which brings a plethora of features including the redesigned stylus and software features from Android Jelly Bean.

3). HTC One X:-


Despite the manufacturer’s observation of not being as hot as in market as expected, it is still one of the best smartphones available, its signature being its great 4.7in HD screen with 720p support. It is slim and light, powered by the Snapdragon S4 CPU and Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It is expected to challenge more hotly when it is upgraded to the Jelly Bean in the coming months.

4). Nokia Lumia 920:-

Nokia Lumia 920

Suddenly, Nokia seems to have made a splash in the smartphone market with its new Lumia 920. This boasts of a curved-glass screen of 4.5 in with a resolution of 1280*768, with a pure motion HD+ display. Its most striking feature is its camera laced with the PureView technology. It also has the same Snapdragon processor like One X, NFC support City lens App, etc. With this, Nokia will surely try to regain some of the lost ground in this business.

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5). Motorola Droid RAZR M:-

Motorola Droid RAZR M

It is one of the most affordable smartphones in the market featuring a 4.3in HD display coupled with super amoled technology. It comes with the android Ice Cream Sandwich, and powered by the same processor as Nokia and HTC. Its other features include 4G LTE & NFC support, a 8MP camera, 1080p video recording etc.

With such rivals on the block, iPhone 5 will surely not have a smooth run in the market. As the smartphone market further heats up, the customers can only hope to gain, with new devices laced latest features and technology enhancing their life.

Author Bio : Sanjib Saha is the owner and founder of Technoinsta and Android firm . He loves playing Cricket. You can follow him on twitter @sanjibinkiit.

3 Awesome Games for your XBOX 360 !!!!

Xbox is a great or should I say the best gaming console with huge no. of amazing games to play on. If you have never heard about Xbox, then you must be living in the deep hole under the rock. Well, I hope that you are not among such people. Do you own a Xbox or planning to grab one? If the answer is Yes, then lemme tell you that Xbox gaming industry is growing rapidly and choosing the best games for the fast race of new games, is not an easy task. But you don’t have to worry as I am going to list the best Xbox games in this post. So let’s pay  attention over it.

Xbox 360 games

Best Games for XBOX 360

1. Halo 4

Halo 4

Halo 4

Just imagine a deadly war where people are crying all over, swords are killing people and their red blood is making the environment red. Now stop imagining and feel the same by playing Halo 4 on your Xbox. Halo 4 is another add up in the Halo game’s series. No body is yours, you are not of anyone, all are enemies, so pick up sword and move onto the path of victory by killing the monsters coming in your path. Show your power and kill enemies to splash their blood on your screen. Be ready to face the challenges in your path and let the points to speak about your success story.

2. Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon

Love to play racing games? Forza Horizon is for you. Enter into the world of racing by playing this amazing game on your Xbox. Some traffic rules are there but rules are meant to be broken. Drive madly and kill innocent people coming in your path. Don’t let your competitors to run over you. Keep the accelerator pressed and stay ahead of all cars chasing you down. Destroy buildings, apply sudden breaks, use nitro and disturb the local police to add more in your fun.

3. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Bring the graphics at its best by playing this game on your Xbox. Kill the enemies and make everyone to scare from you. Focus your flashlight so as to point your deadly weapons on the neck of enemies. This game brings the war at its best. Better choice of weapons, deadly guns which can destroy every single mark of your enemies. Perfect sound, cool graphics make this game better than the best.

Don’t you love XBOX ??

Playing games has always been hobby of every person, especially in the childhood. But these games will surely wake up the sleeping kid in your mind. So what are you waiting for? These games are waiting for you. Don’t wait and enter into the world of excitement and fun. Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Author’s Bio:
Michael is a designer and prepares premium quality 3d models for computer architects and artists. His three dimensional archmodels that include 3d car model products are used to create authentic architectural renders to advertise homes projects and get city permissions. Users save a lot of time to produce their visualization work due to the 3d object items he designs.

The Future of Games Looks Brighter with the upcoming releases !!!


When we first had a chance to play GTA in 3D surroundings (so many years ago) we all knew that was something so great compared to anything else on the market that it must be a huge hit. And it proved (after so many years) that this was not another instant hit; we actually witnessed the history of gaming unfolding in front of our eyes.

After so many years, it looks like developers have finally reached a stage where they can proudly say that what will come in 2013 will be something ground-breaking.

Which games might have a huge success in 2013?

Internet is full of expectations regarding two games (promo videos hit the market few months ago) and these games are:

  1. Star wars 1313
  2. Watch Dog

So what is so exciting about these titles? Star wars is a franchise over 40 years old and it might look like there is nothing more to say. We still don’t know much about the story but what we saw so far (gameplay and teaser) it looks like the price of the game won’t be a problem; it’s the PC hardware that will have to be changed. Yes, you can always set the graphics and sound to “Low” but this won’t be the same game anymore.

Pure reality is the future

The reality of Star Wars 1313 is something that really surprised me and I screamed –“Take my money” when I saw the first seconds of the teaser. Actually that was the gameplay inside of the teaser and it looked great. Particles, lighting and graphics are so realistic. If we talk about 3rd person shooter style that is going to be used in SW 1313, we really think this is something that should be switched to FPS.

star wars 1313

Star Wars 1313

Watch dog, how to start talking about this game without saying that I’ve been totally blown away with the idea, the concept and the graphics. Now we’re coming back to a GTA-like as mentioned in the beginning of the article. At some moments you will feel like you’re playing GTA from the future (let’s say 30 years from now) because the entire surrounding area, the action and the details look like you’re playing with a real objects, and not something created with the use of the machines. Since I’ve mentioned machines, it is useful to say that the main character is a Hacker who is able to control anyone’s life through the net called “CTOS” (let’s say it is UBISOFTS’s Skynet). Overall, the easiest way to explain this game is to say that it is Hitman meeting GTA.

watch dog

Watch Dog

So, where do great hits such as Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3 fit in? They are already hits of the past months and great games for present days, but the future is saved for other games. Until that future arrives developers of the mentioned FPS’s will probably work on getting their games more and more realistic. Demolishing houses and taking down entire forests (as in Bad Company 2) is something that will keep our attention for a several more months for sure, but when the new hits hit the virtual store shelfs, this will be a sign that new players have came to town.

Who is the winner?

The winners are everybody. The little guy (you) get the chance to enter the world of unknown, to become somebody else and to lose few hours in the virtual reality. The software developers will earn a pile of green bucks (that’s for sure) and the hardware producers will get a chance to introduce new (and more powerful) graphic cards. Looks like this circle is not going to break anytime soon and we are enjoying it.

Author bio:The post is shared by Jason Phillips. He is an event manager. He is a 32 year old guy with many targets to be achieved in future. Other than his profession he likes playing games and writing blogs on them. One of his best written articles was on Sniper Games 365.

The Power of Negative Blog Comments (Criticism)

Every article that is published will always receive some sort of criticism from individuals in form of blog comments who enjoy reading about new factors, however, it may be good or bad. As you begin to build a blog, its also about building the related design, execution, and especially the subjects that are posts or articles written about on your blog. The main objective of any blog, however, is to get as many individuals as possible to become enthusiastic about your blog and the content and visit it frequently and share their views via blog comments.

Negative Blog comments

The Bloggers who create blogs do not need to be very concerned about any bad reviews that is made about the blog in fact, they should be grateful that people are making any reviews at all. The fact is  that the individuals with every comment are referring your blog, even if it is adverse criticism, it should be considered as an excellent achievement in its own way for your blog because that is exactly what you want. If the articles written on your blog trigger a lot of criticism from visitors, then you have achieved your objective of getting more individuals to become enthusiastic about your blog.

The Negative Blog Comments :-

Handling negative blog comments (criticism) is a kind of a hard factor to control, especially if you are new to blogging and have never created a blog before. As time goes on, however, you will become more accustomed to blog criticism and negative blog comments and it will have a much less effect on your emotional perspective. You must remember that criticism is a very excellent factor because it shows that peoples are enthusiastic about referring to your blog and also provides productive reviews for you on how to better enhance and improve the overall efficiency of your content.

Probably one of the most obvious method of finding out how many lot people are visiting your web page used by the visitor is by looking at the quantity of reviews that your blog is having. Having many reviews and blog comments published to the blog, whether they are positive or negative, results into a very successful blog, so the question then is how you can get more reviews on your websites. This objective can be accomplished in a number of different ways. If you want to improve your visitors’ wishes to check out your blog, you must think of and implement topics  that draw out the feelings and views of an ordinary person.

Topics that are fairly recent or highly controversial will improve the visitors wishes to post a statement/comment on your web page which will therefore improve the number of individuals that check out your blog. Write content that will get individuals to want to give reviews and participate in the on the internet discussion that is organised by your blog. Making blogs as a type of competition will also ignite people’s chances of writing reviews on your web page. One of the factors that you can advertise on your blog which will make it very interesting is a prize for the top commenters to the articles that you post. This method will give visitors another reason for posting reviews and blog comments to your websites.

Top 5 Games For iPad Retina Display

The latest iPad has brought too many hardware features in it. One out of them is the high-resolution Retina display which ensures the high quality while watching movies or playing games. The all new revolutionary, the new iPad, has changed the whole game. Apple can not be easily beat as far as display is concerned. Well, most of the apps of iTunes don’t come with the compatibility of running with high quality. They offer normal quality even on the Retina display. But there are some games which offer high quality. It is somewhat difficult to find out few of the top games for iPad retina display, but let us take a burden to find out them for you. The below post is the effort of our vigerous research. So let’s have a look at the list of such games below.

iPad Retina Display

Games for iPad retina display

1. Angry Birds Space HD

Angry birds Space iPad

Angry birds game doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most popular game on several mobile platform. The game is hugely popular both in iOS and android community. Well, if you are thinking that it’s just another Angry Bird labeled game, then you need to think twice. In fact, before concluding any result, you must give it a try. Angry birds space HD is the iteration of hugely popular angry bird game series on the iOs platform. This awesome game has got many awesome features in it that can make you get addicted with the game. Playing with the angry birds in the zero gravity and passing through the obstacles to win the game, is really worth to try.

2. Sky Gamblers

Sky Gamblers


Sky Gamblers is the game with high resolutions making the best out of your iPad’s retina display. Like to fight with enemies? Now do all that in the sky while enjoying the high display quality. Shoot others or get hit by others. Target your enemy with deadly rocket and fire it to blow up him in the fire. The awesome sound effects further add up the fun in playing this game.

3. Modern Combat 3

Modern Combat 3

Love to play war and action games. What about enjoying such games with awesome sound quality in high-resolution on your HD Retina display. Modern Combat 3 is the game that brings this awesome fun on your iPad. It’s a first shooter game in which you need to target your enemies with the deadly gun. Create an environment of loud crying and fires.

4. Infinity Blade II HD

Infinity blade 2 HD

One of the most famous games of iPad, Infinity Blade II has got awesome HD features for the Retina display of your iPad. Fighting with your enemies with the finger really creates a great fun. The perfect graphics, nice design, great sound effects don’t allow you to leave the game. Just keep killing your enemies who keep coming to disturb your way to victory. Show the power of your fingers and defeat them to end the level.

5. Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow

This is the game that I personally like to play on Retina display of new iPad. When I was playing this game, I could not believe that whether I am playing this game on iPad or Play station gaming console. The perfect graphics make you to think your iPad as perfect gaming gadget. Of course, the fast touch response adds more in the fun list.

The iPad’s retina display is also fantastic for anyone who wants to watch movies on the go. Many of the movie online movie streaming services offer their customers an app to watch movies online on a device of their choice. Why not try great services such as Now TV, LOVEFiLM and Netflix.

Don’t lower the value of awesome Retina display of your iPad by playing low quality games. These games are available in the iTunes. You are surely going to get addicted to all these games. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try now.

Do you love playing games on Android too? Here you will find a huge collection of android multiplayer games and High Definition games. You will love them equally. In fact, our multiplayer games list covers many of the highly popular games available on Google Play store.

How to increase blog subscribers fast ??

If you ask most newbie bloggers what’s the most challenging thing to them, it’s how to increase subscribers to their blogs. Anyone that knows what blogging means must know the importance of having blog subscribers. The issue for many bloggers is how to make people subscribe to their mailing list.

get more blog subscribers

Even established bloggers find it tough most times.

You might even have tried all of what you’ve heard and read from other bloggers on how to increase blog subscribers but nothing have worked, then you are even on the verge of giving up on increasing your subscriber base. These days, we are no longer in the era when good blog design and traffic used to help bloggers to gain new blog subscribers, but there’s been a lot more to it.

My article will be drawing insights on how you can increase your blog subscribers base in less than three months.

#1 Problem: Traffic

It’s undeniable, if you don’t have traffic flowing in on your blog, you won’t get blog subscribers. But this time, it’s not just any traffic, but traffic that reckons with your blog. Take for instance your blog talks about the latest Smartphones; if the readers coming to your blog are not interested in Smartphones, then it’s not useful for them to subscribe to your blog. This is why it is important for you to get traffic that resonates with your blog.

How to Solve this Problem

Solving your traffic problem would go a long way to increase the number of people that subscribe to your blog every day. To increase the number of resonant traffic you get to your blog, you should try the tips listed below:

  • Run guest posts on relevant blogs and websites
  • Target relevant keywords for Search Traffic
  • Model your blog posts to resonate with your blog

#2 Problem: Conviction

The second thing that hinders people from subscribing to your blog is the lack of conviction to do so. Before anyone will surrender his/her email address to you, they will ask themselves why they must do so. Erase any thing that gives them doubts to subscribe to your blog.

Give people a reason or course to willingly give up their email and you’ll see how your blog subscribers base will dramatically increase.

How to Solve This Problem

Looking for a way to give people reason or course to subscribe to your mailing list will help you to achieve a milestone success. Since traffic, high quality articles and a good blog design alone is not enough to help you gain a lot of subscribers to your blog, applying the tips listed below will help you complement your efforts.

Other methods that you can implement to increase blog subscribers.

Run a Blog Event (Contests, Free Membership site offers etc.)

Running an event on your blog would be a powerful way to give people reason to subscribe to your email list. Of course this won’t happen automatically, but you will make them sign up to your email list before they are eligible to participate in the event. And you’ll notice, people will be more than willing to subscribe to your email list if your event is of great benefit to them, which is why making the event even extremely useful to bloggers more important.

Launch a Product

Another great way to make people willingly surrender their email address for you is to launch a product. People appreciate new things and can do anything to get exciting offers. Use your new product as a bait to capture people’s email address and your turn up will be worth it.

Mind you, you might need to collaborate with other bloggers to make this more effective and get more blog subscribers.


With the tips you’ve seen in this blog post, if you can apply them religiously you will be rewarded with a surprising increase in your blog subscribers list.

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