Why Facebook should be afraid of Google+ ??

Facebook should be afraid of Google+

         Social Media is the hottest topic today in the Internet world. Everyone spends most of his time on various social networks. The most famous ones include the status updates, plus ones and tweets. I hope you would get it. The social world recently saw a great social platform rising and becoming popular on a much faster rate. I am talking about Pinterest. This network is completely different to what we all are used to. Simply saying it is an image-based social networking site. But this all we will cover in some other post. Our today’s topic is why Facebook should be afraid of Google+.

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The biggest reason :-

         The biggest reason of why Facebook should be afraid of Google+ is that Facebook is going to compete with a Google service and we all know what Google is. Google is something that no one is unfamiliar with. Its the synonym to Internet. Whichever field Google has entered in, it has completely taken charge over it. If you would see the services offered by this search giant, then you will be shocked. Other reason is that people loves Google and they should because with you will get the online security as a freebie.

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Large No. of Google Users :-

          Most of the people who are familiar with the Internet are bound to be familiar with Google. And so all of us have our very own Google account. According to my knowledge, more than a billion people have a Google account. Additionally you can use any of the services offered by Google by just one single id. So just think, if everyone out there who have a Google account just signs in to Google+ then it will easily surpass Facebook within no time.

The Updated Design of Google+ :-

           Just a few days back Google+ rolled out with its new design. This new layout is clean and and anyone can easily navigate through it. Some amazing new features like the size of the image has been increased a lot, a different hangouts page, a cute and awesome navigation ribbon and much more. I love this new design than what it used to be before. To know more about the updated layout click the link below.

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One more reason :-

          Now people have started getting bored of the same new features of Facebook. It is providing nothing new. Even the Timeline feature has nothing appealing. But you can expect some image modification in Facebook in the near future after it acquired Instagram. But it would also be limited to only images. The social network addicts like me have already started their search for some new platforms. For now, Pinterest looks the most promising and yes Google+ is also growing in terms of popularity.

Final words :-

         If Facebook wants to stay in the race or want to maintain the top position in the social world then it has to bring in some amazing new features so that it can bind the people again. But defeating Facebook is not a child’s play as it is the biggest today. But if Facebook doesn’t do something and provide something new to its users then the doomsday for Facebook is near.

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Google+ gets a new look with some new features.

Google+ gets a new look with some new features.

           Google+ from the day of its launch has been the topic of discussion. It has gained both positive and negative feedbacks. Its comparison with other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has always been the hottest topic on the Internet. But irrespective of such feedback, Google+ is taking strong steps and is gaining popularity among the masses. Facebook has already sensed a threat in the growing popularity of Google+ and is keen to roll out new features to keep the users glued to Facebook.

            And just yesterday or may be two days back Google+ came out with a completely new look, the images and videos are larger and navigation customizable. The design fits well with the new streamlined Google look. I have listed some of the new features below ……

Bigger Photos and Videos :-

      Google+ was already doing a great job with the images and videos, this new change will surely draw more attention to it. Additionally, a new ‘insta-gallery’ will appear whenever you hover over a photo making it easy to view a complete set of images.

Bigger Photos and Videos

Profile pages resembling to Facebook Timeline :-

       One of the biggest changes that you will notice is the Timeline like look of your profile pages. Its not completely like Timeline but resembles much to it. A user can upload a picture that will be seen horizontallly alongside the profile picture. This of course looks more professional than its previous look.

Profile pages resembling to Facebook Timeline

Navigation Ribbon :-

         One of the most beautiful feature included in this layout is the navigation ribbon on the left. It is fully customizable and allows user to move apps up and down according to its personal preference. This is one feature that will please you at once.

Navigation Ribbon

Hangouts :-

           There is another “Hangouts” page where you can navigate using the navigation ribbon. Hangouts have become easier to manage with this new layout.

Google+ gets a new look.

Final Words :-

     This are some of the interesting features that Google+ now has. If you want a detailed report about this upgrade then please read the official Google blog post.

      Also please do comment about what you feel about this new look and whether it is good or bad from its previous look. We will be more than happy to have your comment.