How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Blog ??

Pinterest is a new social platform compared to Facebook and Twitter and completely different from every other network. So if bloggers are finding out new ways to drive traffic to their blogs and are avoiding this great platform with high potential, then you are going to regret it afterwards.

Drive Traffic with Pinterest

According to a study, Pinterest is referring more traffic to sites and blogs as compared to the traffic referred by Google Plus, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. If we compare Pinterest and Twitter, taking the number of users, then Pinterest refers more traffic than Twitter – Pinterest has around 10 million users while Twitter boasts of 200 million users.

Why do you need to have a Pinterest account ?

As I said earlier, Pinterest has got huge potential. In this year, it has created an impact in the social media, compelling biggies like Facebook and Twitter to rethink over their strategies. So many bloggers and business owners got in the shelter of Pinterest to leverage the benefits.

It also seems that search engines love Pinterest as it has a simple design and you can navigate through it too easily. Many companies are also generating big nucks by rolling out themes that resembles to the theme of Pinterest.

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Why people are attracted to use Pinterest ?

This is a simple question with a very simple answer. Here is a very famous quote that explains all – “Images speak louder than words”.

I think the owners of Pinterest might have taken inspiration from this quote and created a highly popular social networking site. The site uses images, known as “Pins”. As you share links, status, images on Facebook; the same way you can share the images you like with Pinterest. If we look in a more detailed perspective, then it actually allows users to save and share the web-pages from around the Internet in forms of images.

As a result, more and more users are using Pinterest as it uses images, that are visually appealing rather that status updates.

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Simple Tips to Drive Traffic with Pinterest :-

#1.  Use Pinterest as a User not a blogger :

The first step would be to login to Pinterest not as a blogger but as a user to find useful images. Try to keep a blog post of yours in mind. Now try to search different pins and boards with a proper keyword that bests suits your blog post.

Analyze different images properly, study the description of the images and try to draft a compelling description for your own images. This will help you rank high in search terms for the relevant keyword on Pinterest.

#2. Get into your blogging shoes :

Now it’s time to be back as a blogger. Now that you know how you can rank high, it’s time to pin proper images. Get to your blog post and choose the image that best describe your post. (Don’t forget to add the “Pin It” button in your bookmarks bar). Use a relevant board or make a seperate one for the image and provide a proper description that contains your keyword.

#3. Be Social, Followers does matter :

This is the most important thing if you want to reap benefits from any social network, including Pinterest. Don’t just stick to pinning images from your blog. Search around Pinterest, if you like some images then don’t think twice to re-pin the image. Similarly, if you like any web-page or any blog post, then try to be friendly by pinning the post onto Pinterest. This way you will see a rise in your followers count and who knows if you too get a re-pin from others.

#4. Add a Pin-It button to your Blog post : 

Adding a Pin button will be quite beneficial as users who like your blog will be able to share your post easily. There are many social sharing plugins available that has “Pin” buttons integrated, but if you want to add it at some other place, you can find the code from Pinterest. Just login, and go to the “Goodies” section and you will find the code.

#5. Be Generous – Return the Favor :

If any pinner is pinning your blog images, then be generous enough to return the favor by following his pins or by re-pinning his images. He will surely love your gesture and will share your images more often.

#6. Be Different :

As we all know, Pinterest is a network completely different from its counterparts, so you have to find your own ways to get traffic from Pinterest. No one will ever reveal his strategies, you have to discover the strategy that suits you the best and work on it. Be different, because the platform we are talking about is different.

 I don’t get thousands of visitors from Pinterest, but from the last few days I started working on Pinterest and it is climbing up on my top referrers list. So I thought of writing a post about Pinterest. If you think I have missed out on any point that might be useful or have presented anything in a wrong manner, please feel free to drop a comment. I would love your gesture.

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