What you Need to Know about the Nvidia Shield

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With the number of Android users growing daily, the Android OS-powered devices are becoming dime-a-dozen, ranging from your extremely affordable smartphones and tables, to the high-end flagships of the most recognizable brands in the market. But the more we get acquainted with the latest Jelly Bean Android operating system, the more we crave and desire from our devices. Aside from being used as a business phone, the Android smartphone is also used as a gaming device – many consumers are using their Android devices as an alternative to handheld systems like the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita. But the touch interface of the typical Android “gaming” phone or table is somewhat limiting to an average gamer, as these devices tend to lack the mobility offered by a physical controller with a joystick, and an emphatic, interactive experience delivered by mashing different control buttons.

This handheld gaming experience is what the Nvidia Shield brings to Android: it literally gives you something rigid to grasp, similarly to the controllers of full-fledged gaming consoles, all while retaining the ease and convenience of a mobile gaming OS. But before you rush to your car and speed to the nearest electronics store, there are important bits of information you need to know about the Nvidia Shield before you part ways with your hard-earned cash.

Android Mobile Gaming – No More, No Less

If you’re new to the Android gaming scene, it’s best to get acquainted with the system before choosing the Shield as an entertainment option. Try and see for yourself all that the Google Play store has to offer in terms of mobile games, and see if the options are in line with your current gaming habits. While there is a boatload of games available through Google, not everything is truly worth your time and money – just like any smartphone and the applications available for it. Some games are repetitive, while others are knockoffs of other successful titles. A great place to start is to take some time and skim through the “Editor’s Choice” along with the top apps that other users are downloading. Another avenue you should implore is to do some online research for the top Android games of the year. Though, it should be noted that many of these games are streamlined for mobile use, so the graphics and control won’t be the same as the ones you currently play on a traditional gaming console.

Can’t Find the Right Games? Emulate!

One way to circumvent the lack of “quality” game sis to download emulators and run games from older consoles on the Nvidia Shield. This method is done by Android gamers to make the most out of their devices, especially if they’ve exhausted all of their Google Play store options. Others may contest that the ability to emulate old console games shouldn’t be considered a plus for the Shield, but it is undoubtedly a great way to add more value to the $299 gaming device.

Handheld Gaming with a High-End Price

Yep, you read that right: the Nvidia Shield costs $299 – a significant price increase over the handheld PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS XL, both priced at $199. And even when they are cheaper, it could be argued that these two are the top choices in the handheld gaming community, and industry Android devices have yet to dominate. So with that premium price point, it’s difficult to convince gamers to switch from their old portable devices to the Shield. And that’s before you even get into the number of quality games available for both devices. These aren’t your typical pixelated, side-scrolling hack-and-slash style of games. Some of these titles are HD, open world RPGs and FPS games that are right on par with their console counterparts. Each of these devices carries exclusive titles, but they also offer thousands of games from third-party developers.

You’ve Been Warned

You may not be sold on the Nvidia Shield, not only because of its price, but also because of the better options available on the market. But the Shield, on its own, is a quality gaming device. It comes packed with the zippy NVIDIA Tegra, 1.9 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15, and 2 GB of RAM. These are high-end specs by traditional Android standards, capable of running even the most resource-demanding Android titles. The Shield also allows you to stream PC games, provided you have a GeForce GTX 650 or higher GPU on your computer. So, if you want to play Skyrim without being bunkered down at your desk, the Nvidia Shield is the best way to do it.

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PC Games: A Paradigm Shift.

The greatest invention of history of mankind and modern technology is the invention of computer and computer games. Computer games popularly known as computer games are not new to the world now and require no introduction, capable enough even to addict a 3 year old kid. PC games have been well-liked for decades now and every home has at least one.

PC games

The history of computer games is as old as microprocessor and microcomputer. The 1st generation development happened in terms of textual interaction but very soon picked up with graphic. The second generation came up with consoles based computer games and the world was never the same again. With the technology advancements in hardware as well as freeware with popular operating systems, high end graphic designs backed-up with higher processor speeds, the PC gaming experience has now reached to its pinnacle.

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Playing a PC game for long hours could be addictive as research have scientifically shown that thrill from playing computer games could causes the brain to release an addictive chemical compound. Besides its popularity, I believe the more dangerous aspect of PC gaming is the lack of awareness. Currently, many parents in the United States see nothing wrong with computer games; some may even believe that gaming benefits their children.

Apart from just a time utilizing activity, PC Games have evolved as a great stress buster as when you are tired or stress, they are a great supply of adrenalin. Some researchers around the world have now realized their therapeutic use for child brain development, physically challenged or people with phobias when used under supervision. The belief of this healing is that exposing people to the cause of their fear with in a controlled ambiance may actually lead to cure. The explicit paybacks are extensive ranging, from superior hand-to-eye coordination with doctors, to improvement in eye sight and the power to look & understand things, which again improve your driving ability during the night or in darker conditions. In a survey, people who have played games with action made 25 % faster decisions than others maintain complete accuracy.

PC games serve as a range of educational benefits too covering the entire gamut of creativity, learning and imagination. For example, Simulation games are being used as a means of preparing learners for real world challenges. Computer games can also help students to enhance their learning skills such as logical thinking and independent decision making capabilities. It provides a great opportunity to socialize. With the introduction of computer games in social media sites, people are collectively playing computer games with pears on Facebook etc. One can actually gather gaming points on computer games and share it online with pears and stay connected with friends and family.

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To sum the whole article, it can be said that though these games have known to create some controversy since the time they have come into foray due to the violence they depict but still if they are used in a proper and under supervision of the elders than these can be used to not just provide entertainment to the masses but also in some cases work as a learning curve for children.

Today there are some games museums which have been opened the world amongst which the one in Berlin (opened in 2011) is known to have games since the early 1970s. These games are here to stay and will evolve to become much better.

Best Game Trailers – 5 Best Games Rolling out in 2012.

Believe it or not, but everyone is fond of playing games. In the past decade, the gaming fever has only increased as the games that were rolled out were awesome with super graphics and amazing gameplay. Also the availability of different gaming gears like XBOX, PlayStations, Nintendo and computers with proper configuration has played a vital role in helping the games market scale up to a commendable spot.

Best Game Trailers in 2012

Best Game Trailers in 2012

2012 is the year that gaming fanatics will go crazy with some hot new titles scheduled to hit the stores in the final quarter of the year. Fifa 13, PES 13 and Dishonoured are already out and GTA 5 is going to be in stores next year, still some games are lined up to hit the market.

Let’s have a look at some of the best games that you must look out for in 2012.

Best Game Trailers.

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

Release Date : October 31st, 2012
Platform : PC, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, XBox 360

Halo 4

Release Date : November 6th, 2012
Platform : XBox 360

Call of Duty : Black Ops II

Release Date : November 13th, 2012
Platform : PC, PS3, XBox 360

Hitman Absolution

Release Date : November 20th, 2012
Platform : PC, PS3, XBox 360

Far Cry 3

Release Date : December 4th, 2012
Platform : PC, PS3, XBox 360

Over To You:

What do you think about all these games? Are you a gaming fanatic like me? Do you want to get your hands on these best games of 2012? Of course, you would love to play these games. I will surely go for NFS Most Wanted. Which gaming title will you go for?

Let me know about your views in the comments. Did you liked the best game trailers of 2012?

What Makes the Ninja Games So Much Popular?

Have you ever thought why the ninja games are becoming increasingly popular these days? There are tons of ninja games available online to play and once you start playing them, you will find yourself getting much addicted to the games and you will start loving the ninja games.

Ninja Games

There are tons of ninja games available and it seems that developers and creators are offering these games for free to gaming lovers. Ninja games are becoming a rage these days, much like the zombie games were some time ago.

What makes Ninja Games a hot item? There are lots of factors contributing to the success of the online ninja games. Some of the factors have more effect than others but it is the total effect of all the factors that contribute in the success of the online ninja games.

Why are Ninja Games so Popular?

Amazing Graphics.

Most of the Ninja games have a high quality of graphics display. I am not saying that all the games released are good quality but majority online ninja games does have amazing graphics and proper art. Most of the games that you play like on NinjaRuler fit best in this criteria and so they have better advantage over any other game on the internet.

Great Potential for Good Action.

Who are these ninjas? They are warriors, so when you play ninja games, you won’t expect some racing or that sort; you will expect some hardcore action and that’s what most of the ninja games has to offer. Almost all the best ninja games have great battles, awesome power-ups, great strategies and upgrade to become a skilled player.

Gripping Storyline.

If a game doesn’t have a proper storyline then you won’t feel like playing it, though having all the elements at proper place. If you are not served with a good storyline you won’t play any game. Ninja games have great storyline, tales of heroics, daring, stealth, training sequences and then the revenge. Almost all the ninja games are served with  gripping storyline, but sometimes there are exceptions too.

The Movies.

This is probably a small factor but still its worth considering. Most of the Ninja games and the Asian games have found a great following among the youngsters and teenagers. Young men like hardcore action and ninja movies serves out-of-the world action sequences and so it is natural that ninja movies will attract their attention. So when it comes to play online ninja games, they are bound to experience the same feeling what they do when they watch their favorite ninja movie.

So What now?

If you still doubt the appeal of ninja games then you must go out there and try your hand at some of the best ninja games available. The above mentioned reason are just a few factors, the other factors will come out as you will start playing the games and enjoying them. So just get out there and play some ninja games and return here to share your experience with us.

Top 4 Best Online Games to Play When You Are Really Bored !!!

Playing games is always a fun thing and every person loves to do that and never gets bored of it. Today we have lots of ways to pass time and not get bored, but still at some moment we can get bored because of the daily routine. A person gets bored mostly at his office and he starts looking for less time- consuming ways to beat that boredom and re-energize. At this moment, the online games can help you a lot beat the shit out of the boredom.

Best Online Games

Every office has internet connection and today mostly you have access to Internet connection almost everywhere. So why not take advantage of it and start playing some games that can help you relax your mind and consumes less time.

4 Best Online Games to Beat Boredom.

#1. Truck Parking

Parking a car is so easy in the real world, but its not that easy when you do it virtually. There are lots of games based on the parking factor. Parking a truck and avoiding the obstacles in between the path is too exciting. Once you play this game, you will play it very often.

#2. CityVille

CityVille is a Facebook game developed by Zynga. This is the game that I was addicted and played it for hours altogether. The game is simple, you are the mayor of the city and you need to build new houses and increase the population. As you will build more and more houses with proper town planning, you will see many new features getting in your way. Your city will get some wonders like Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty to show off. You must try your hand at it, but beware or you will become an addict.

#3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds was launched and it completely smashed through all the records. A simple game with more simple gameplay. But still it has taken the game lovers by storm and has reached to almost all the people in the world. The game is so popular that it is available in almost all the platforms, computers and all the mobile phones. The cute birds with unique power, the trajectories and the angle of launch, the gravity and the cute looking villainous pigs – all these have made Angry Birds a smashing hit ans it is still going strong.

#4. Solitaire

This is one superb and classic card game. Solitaire is the best way to beat boredom and relax your mind. This classic game will never allow you to become bored. You will play the card game more and more often and you will never really feel tired of it. So you should go for online Solitaire to see the magic happen that will relax your mind and beat your boredom.

So What’s Your Take?

What do you think of the above article? Do you have any online games that are your favorites? If yes, do share with us and let us know of the best online games that we can play.

5 Awesome Childhood Video Games That We Almost Forgot !!!

Childhood memories are so sweet. Our childhood days are awesome and we only accept that once we are old enough. Some of the best childhood memories of mine are attached with the video games that I used to play. The childhood video games were all unique and legendary. Look around for the games available today, awesome gameplay, great audio-visual but still no match to our childhood video games.

childhood video games

We have forgot some of the best games that we used to play some 10 years back. Today we play high-intensity games but still they are not a match to those innocent games. Let’s see some of the best childhood video games that we almost forgot until this post.

Best Childhood Video Games:

Super Mario Bros.


Mario is the best of all the games that I ever played in my life. The princess getting kidnapped and our innocent plumber, Mario sets out to save her and save the Mushroom kingdom from the turtle-like villain. This was super fun, going around, jumping on turtles, going into tunnels to earn some extra points, getting upgrades etc. I can’t ever forget those awesome hours dedicated to play just this game.



This game was the first action-packed game that I played. You play as a military man set out to neutralize all the terrorist activities and the terrorist group named Red Falcon Organization that aims at taking over the world. In this game also, there were some great moments, like the spins when you die, the amazing upgrades you get and the unique guns with more unique firepower. A great game that almost every child might have played.


Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic is another iconic fictional character that is still loved by avid gamers. Sonic, the hedgehog, sets out to foil the plans of evil Dr. Robotnik to take over the world, along with his sidekick. In the adventure, we witness lots of things like the superfast speed at which Sonic runs, the roller-coaster like paths, collecting points and jumping the hurdles made it an action game, a racing game, an adventure game and even an arcade game. The franchise became so popular that lots of games are launched in different genres with Sonic as the main lead.



Spiderman is one of the most loved superheroes out there. So it is natural that its games also has a fan-following. Infact, Spidey came out first through games and cartoons and was later adapted to the big screens. Spiderman vs the Kingpin becomes the best game. This is because there are lot of the old friends like Dr. Octopus, Electro, Mysterio etc. that come in Spiderman’s way to stop him and save the world. New York city witnesses the wrath of Kingpin as the ultimate villain who along with other villains take a dig on our very favorite Spiderman.

Bubble Games

Bubble games

I also loved the different bubble games a lot. Sounds very weird but I loved playing bubble games as it were quite easy and I used to get highscores every now and then. So it is natural for any child to get addicted in something he gets good results. There were many games that were related to bubbles; my favorite was the one in which we have to make a pair of 3 same colored bubbles and they explode. You can find some of the great bubble games at BubbleRush. If you have not played bubble games, then play it; it’s not too late.

Over To You:

So what do you think of the above games? You might to be having some favorites. I am eager to know about your favorite childhood video games.

Why Soccer Games Are Always Meant to be a Hit?

Soccer Games, once released are meant to woo the gaming fanatics around the world. Soccer Games are played and enjoyed by every gamer, provided if they have proper configuration and proper gaming hardware. Why are Soccer Games so popular among the humans?

Soccer Games

Soccer happens to be the most popular sport in the world and therefore I won’t be surprised if Soccer Games released can shake up the entire gaming market. Some of the best examples are FIFA and PES. These two games has always had a upper hand in the soccer fraternity. No other soccer game could go a long way in presence of these two games.

Soccer Games are Popular, but why?

FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) released its latest version – FIFA 2013 and PES 2013. When we compare both the games, you won’t find much difference as both the games are superbly made, comes from big stables, includes the soccer stars with their original names, the visual is a treat. It appears that we are watching the game live, just the control is in our hands.

The world’s most loved and the most favorite sport is Soccer and so it’s natural to see a huge rush when a soccer game of the stature of FIFA or PES releases. Both these games are competing with each other since 1990 but everytime FIFA has managed to come above PES.

FIFA Soccer 2012 literally crushed PES 2012 as the sold out ratio was 4 to 1. PES developers have always struggled to take sown FIFA but still FIFA have managed to give spot on performance and come up as winner and a favorite in almost every segment of the game.

Can everyone play Soccer Games?

These two popular soccer games – FIFA and PES comes with a price tag, not affordable by lower or middle income group people. Also sometimes the absence of the proper gaming configuration or proper gear can also become a spoil-sport.

But still soccer games lovers cannot stay away from soccer games for long as they have found a new way to fulfill their desire to play soccer games on their computers. There are many gaming sites that allow users to play online soccer games for free.

Because of this availability, soccer lovers are increasing and so whenever a new soccer game is released, it is bound to take the world by storm and break almost all the records. Just because of the raving soccer fans.

So what do you think of the soccer games? Let us know your feedback by commenting below.

3 Best Games Series That can Beat Your Boredom

Games has always been a passion to me and I bet most of you might also be very passionate about games. Why games are so popular among all the age groups? There is just one and only one reason for this, the fact that playing games gives you a kind of relief and ease you of all the mental stress.

Best Games Series

There are many games out there in the market and the games that made a great impact all over the world were turned into a whole series. We all now have great chance to play lots of exciting games. The best games series so far has been NFS, Prince of Persia, FIFA, God of War, GTA, etc. There are lots of games and it is almost impossible to mention them all here.

The above mentioned games can be played only on special gaming consoles or PC that meets proper hardware requirements. So what if you don’t have the above games or can’t play because you don’t have all the arrangements on your side. There are still some games that you can play to beat the boredom out of you.

Best Games Series

Mario Games:

As said in the recent post, Mario is an iconic fictional character that has ruled the gaming world and still holds a very special place in the hearts of all the gaming fans.

Mario became so popular just because of the time that it came out. Mario was no restricted to just games but also got featured in different strips. It became the face of Nintendo games, a mascot. The game, precisely the character was so popular that many games were launched and a simple game was converted into a whole series.

The series included many games featuring Mario and in every genre, sports games, RPG games, educationla games, racing games, etc. Super Mario Bros. continued the legacy and many people has played the game over and over again.

Ben 10 Games:

Ben 10 is a highly popular cartoon character. It originally was presented to the whole world as a cartoon character, and later on followed some movies, comic strips and games.

Ben Tennison finds a device, Omnitrix, that allows him to transform into many Alien characters each having its own high advantage point. Ben 10 has become a very popular fictional character that till today it has grossed more than $2 billion in retail sales and over 100 million toys have already been sold.

If the character is so popular, then you must expect some cool games also. There are lots of awesome games that you can check out to beat your boredom. You can play Ben 10 games in a number of ways ranging in every genre like RPG, racing etc. You can find lots of games at Ben10Fire to choose from. So choose a game and play it to come over your boredom.

Sonic Games: 

This one is another stress buster. Sega launched Sonic to compete with the growing popularity of Mario in the gaming world.

Sonic, the Hedgehog, is one of the most known characters all around the world. Sonic games are played and enjoyed by every person who sits to play it. I bet there won’t be a single person who haven’t yet played sonic games or are not a fan of it. Sonic games too have been transformed into a series of games ranging into different genres.

In most of the Sonic games, there is a villain, evil Dr. Robotnik, and Sonic sets out to stop all his evil plans to take over the world. You can find many Sonic games with a simple Google search.

Your Views.

What do you think about the above online best games series? Do you all love the 3 online games series that I mentioned and agree that these are the best games series? Please leave your feedback so that I can know what do you think of it.

The 2 Best Games that I Played – Mario and Sonic.

Playing games has always been on my to-do list and I don’t think this habit is going to be changed even when I get old. Why do I love to play games? The simple reason is that, it not only helps you relax your mind but also provide you some adrenaline rush when you are too engrossed in the game.

We are currently living in a world where new inventions are taking place very now and then. Before some years there was just a small kit to play games and now look around, we have PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Wii, PC etc. to fulfill our gaming needs. There are lots of games that provide action and come with jaw-dropping graphics. Some of the best games are the Prince of Persia, Sleeping Dogs, GTA series etc. but still my (and yours too) all time favorite games consists of two games that I played a lot in my childhood days – Mario and Sonic.

Mario and Sonic

Mario and Sonic – The Two Best Games

About Mario Games:

Mario is a fictional character that was designed by Japanese video game designer. Mario became so popular since its inception that it has appeared in over 200 videos including almost every genre of games.

Mario is a simple, short Italian plumber who resides in Mushroom Kingdom and repeatedly goes on a rescue mission to save the Princess Peach from a turtle-like villain Bowser and prevents his numerous plans to take over the kingdom. It is a very simple game and that only element makes it the best selling video game series of all time with more than 210 million units sold till date.

Mario has appeared in almost every genre of video games, like racing games such as Mario Kart, sports games such as Mario Tennis, role-playing games such as Super Mario RPG and many more.

About Sonic – The Hedgehog:

Nintendo was printing bucks by launching the popular Mario series video games and to compete with Mario, Sega launched its very own flagship video game series, Sonic The Hedgehog.

The launch of Sonic was a super success and it has gone  to become the most known video game character in the world, with over 80 million copies sold so far. Sonic games have hit jackpot as Sonic got featured in many comic-strips, cartoons and a feature film.

Sonic games are loved and played by everyone because of its variety of games. Sonic, the Fighters is a fighting game in Sonic games line-up. Like in most Sonic games, the villain in this one too is Dr. Robotnik. Sonic gets to know about the evil doctor’s plan and he decides to stop him. They have to find the 8 Chaos Emeralds to defeat the wicked Eggman. The game becomes gripping from the very beginning. Today also whenever I get a chance to play Sonic, I grab it and relish the old childhood memories.

So what do you think is your most favorite childhood games? Share with me via the comments below. I am eager to get your feedback.

10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Playing Games on a smartphone is the most addictive thing that each and ecery person who owns a smartphone does. Just a few days back, iPhone 5 hit the markets and so that’s why we wanted to bring to you the best games to play on iPhone 5.

10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Some people are going to use new iPhone 5 for making business, for studying or for blogging. Somebody can write essays with it but most people prefer playing games. We propose you the list of the most popular games on iPhone 5.

Top 10 Best Games on iPhone 5

Captain America

Lead captain America on a suicide mission through HYDRA in World War Two. You must battle to free Dugan, Falsworth and Bucky from the fiery red hands of the Red Skull, all whilst he secretly develops weapons of mass destruction. Armed with his unbreakable shield, he must somehow keep everybody alive and foil Red skull, all
within the limits of this iPhone game.

Dead Space

The iPhone version of this survival horror is never going to be as scary or immersive as the console version, unless you are playing it on a plane during a power cut. Nevertheless the game has been highly ranked for its competent conversion from console to phone. It even keeps some of the scary elements; along with keeping the
improvised weapon aspect. It is currently the goriest iPhone 5 game you can buy.

Infinity Blade II

Siris battles his way through a world where the God King has been defeated. Siris must battle un-killable tyrants and their hordes of Titans. It is full of mystery and stunning graphics which immerses you nicely into the legendary and mythical feel of the game.

Grand Theft Auto 3

From the 2D game that drained young people’s time like acid did for 1960’s hippies. Grand Theft Auto went 3D and changed console gaming forever. Now it is on the iPhone 5 with graphics that are undeniably compelling. The world is just as ruthless, seedy and open as its console counterpart.

Real Racing 2

Just like the name claims, you can play this game and watch through live cameras as you drive real cars on a real track, all from the comfort of your home. Well not seriously. The title actually stands for the realism they have tried to add to the game; with real feel road surface reactions and gear switching. It is a hard game to play because it is easy to make mistakes and crash. Nevertheless it is fun in short bursts.

StarFront: Collision

You are placed on Sinistral, where Xenodium crystals are the new oil, and humans are racing to grab as much as they can through their company called the Consortium. There is also an alien race that is just itching to eat these crystals and will do anything to stop you digging them up. A third party can enter the game too, called the Wardens. These are a robot race who don’t like the look of humans and fancy helping the aliens.

Halo multiplayer : The Archetype

It logs you into a lobby of other players remarkably quickly so that you can start a shooting match with strangers very quickly. It is a first person shooter with a futuristic feel.

Scribblenauts Remix

This is a puzzle game. It gives you challenges to complete with word puzzles and challenges. It has fifty levels and super scribblenauts with a further 40 levels. It is not very different from the online puzzle games but is not very expensive, so maybe worth a little try. It is said to be addictive, as most of the 2D online games tend to be.
Maybe you could try a previous scribblenaut before buying or watch a game being played on YouTube first.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

It is not unlike the many other PGA tour versions, but is a nice distraction if you have a few minutes with nothing to do. It can become addictive if you pride yourself on perfection. It is possible to learn the “technique” to improve your game.

Fight Night Champion

A boxing game is always fun on an iPhone, and this one is especially brutal. The game play is innovative, which makes a change because boxing games are notorious for becoming monotonous very quickly. The in-game graphics are the best graphics ever seen in a boxing game (remember that there are not loads of them on the market though).

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