Social updates – Two latest Facebook update and a Microsoft product launch

Facebook launches Timeline and Microsoft launches

       There is always something happening in the virtual world. The time you log into the online world, you come across something new. Some new updates, new launches etc. So today I came across three new social-updates that I am going to write about. They are not like the rocking or record-breaking news but yes, they are neither nonsense news. Two of these news are about Facebook and one is of Microsoft. Don’t worry, I am not going to tell you about Zuckerburg’s marriage; I assume that you already know about it. 

        So here are the three latest updates of the social (online) world.

1. Facebook to lift Ban on under-13s

Facebook to lift Ban on under-13s

      We all know about this. Children under-13 years of age are not allowed to sign-up. (What a joke!!!) They just don’t allow to sign-up but they don’t know about the children today. They fake their age to get a Facebook account. As a result, the social networking giant plans to relax the ban on children under the age of 13, according to a report. A senior Facebook employee said that the decision to lift the ban came after finding that many kids, some with and some without their parent’s permission were already signing up. If the decision is implemented, a flood of new sign-ups are expected.

2. Microsoft launches SO.CL 

Microsoft launches SO.CL

    Software giant, Microsoft is too planning to jump in the social networking market by launching (pronounced as “social”). It is a social network that was tested by university students in 2011. According to Microsoft, is am experimental research project developed by the company’s FUSE Labs (Nice idea, if the network bombs then they will at least have an excuse). It is mainly focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning. And yes, search is powered by Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing.

3. Facebook launches Timeline feature for mobiles

Facebook launches Timeline feature for mobiles       The timeline feature got both positive and negative responses from Facebook users when it was launch. There were people who were criticizing it and there were people appreciating it.But it seems that Facebook officials don’t get much affected with such mixed responses. They launched the ‘Timeline’ feature in the mobile phones. You will now be able to see all the features of Timeline even in your smartphone. I don’t know if it will be appreciated or we will be able to see some jokes about it on Facebook itself. Whatever it maybe, the company is taking strong steps to rule the social world in every device.

        So what do you think about all the above latest updates ?? Do you think it is the right move for Facebook to remove the ban and launching Timeline for mobiles ?? Will the Microsoft product be able to create a fan following of its own ?? Do share your views regarding all  these points with us. We will be more than happy to have your feedback.

Facebook’s IPO – Who’s getting more richer ??

who got rich with Facebook IPO
       Facebook launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) late on Thursday night. Facebook put up 421 million shares up on sale at a price of $38 per share. This is the largest initial public offering for a technology firm. Facebook has aimed to raise around $16 billion from this IPO which will raise its value ti $104 billion. But do you know who is getting rich by this latest move? Today I am going to post about the people who are going to get rich by this move. 

Here is the list of people who got the maximum benefit :-

Mark Zuckerburg1) Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg who owns 503.6 million shares, is now worth $19.14 billion, though his personal fortune has surpassed the $20 billion several times.

Jim Breyer2) Accel Partners / Jim Breyer

Breyer and Accel got a total of $7.7 billion, which is a very nice payout, considering that Accel only invested $12.2 million in Facebook in 2005, according to reports.

Peter Thiel3) Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel was an early investor in Facebook. Thiel’s stake is now valued a good $1.7 billion. He is the co-founder of Paypal and was an early investor in the most popular social networking site.

Yuri Milner 4) Yuri Milner 

Yuri Milner’s firm DST Global Limited got $1.7 billion in cash in Friday’s IPO and a paper value of well over $3.3 billion.

Eduardo Saverin5) Eduardo Saverin

The estranged Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, has an estimated net worth of about $2.7 billion. According to estimates, he will also save around $67 million in taxes by renouncing his U.S. citizenship.
Sean Parker

6) Sean Parker

Sean Parker didn’t sell any of his shares in Friday’s IPO but his paper value of Facebook shares is now well about $2.65 billion.

Greylock Partners7) Greylock Partners

Greylock Partners are the owner of about 1.5 percent of shares of Facebook which is now estimated worth about $1.6 billion.

8) Bono

No one actually knows what Bono is going to make from Friday’s IPO but his investment firm, Elevation Partners, made about $1.5 billion.

Sheryl Sandberg9) Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg also didn’t sell any of her shares on Friday but she has a paper value of about $72.2 million.

David Choe10) David Choe

David Choe, a graffiti artist, who painted the walls of Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto, California, was paid in 3.77 million shares of the company, which are now worth of $144.2 million. 
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Facebook set for Market debut, valued at $104 billion

Facebook launches IPO
         Facebook has made history by launching one of the largest initial public offerings for a technology firm. It has aimed to raise $16 billion which pegs the value of the world’s most popular social networking site at $104 billion. Facebook put up 421 million shares of its common stock up for sale late on Thursday at a price to the public of $38 per share, according to the company’s statement.
        The shares were to be traded on the NASDAQ exchange on Friday under the symbol ‘FB’. Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook head, was expected to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ remotely from Facebook’s California headquarters. 
        Welcoming the IPO, the company is holding an overnight ‘hackathon’ where engineers stay up all night writing programming codes to come up with new features for the site. The public offering is expected to close on May 22. Facebook roped in financial giants like Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank Securities to serve as book runners for the offering. 
Facebook launches IPO


       At $16 billion, Facebook’s IPO is now the third largest in the US company, with the largest being the Visa IPO, which raised $17.9 billion in 2008. For a company that began in a Harvard dorm eight years ago, the IPO will now bring a windfall which will give the financial muscle to the social network to develop more services and features and implement the best in the business. Zuckerburg is selling about 30 million of his shares but he still holds the position of Facebook’s largest share-holder. Zuckerburg will now own 503.6 million shares or 32 percent of company’s total shares after the IPO. 
        The launch of Facebook’s IPO is the biggest news today and we will cover it in more detail. In my next article I will share with you about people who will rake in the maximum benefits from company’s this move. So stay connected with us.
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Facebook improves mobile experience – Bigger photos in your News Feed

Facebook announces bigger photos in News Feed.      The social media today has find its place in the smartphones. People like me are more inclined to using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on the go. So it is understandable if the leading social networks work in making the mobile app better and better. Facebook is taking strong measures in making the mobile experience better.

       Facebook is now upgrading its mobile app to make photos appear more prominently in the user’s News Feed. The leading social networking site announced the redesign on Monday on its Facebook Mobile Page. The major change came after its successful acquisition over Instagram back in April. The changes will gradually roll out in the upcoming days and we will all be able to see the enhancements.

       Just last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg told the investors that the mobile market is the company’s top-notch priority. And it should be as the world today is finding its place in the small but smart devices. Facebook now boasts of over 901 million active users.

       Now the mobile users will be able to enjoy the photos more better than before. The images are now upto three times what it used to be. Every image will be fitted from edge-to-edge in your mobile device. Facebook has planned to roll the changes out in the leading smartphones like Android and iOS. Users who are using other devices than these two can also enjoy this feature by visiting Facebook through

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Facebook Dislike button – The most awaited feature

Facebook Dislike button

        Ask any person, which site he spends more time on ?? And the ultimate answer will be Facebook. Everyone spends most of his time chatting or updating status messages on Facebook. Not just people, but bloggers are using it to promote their blog posts and to socialize and connect with their fellow bloggers. It is becoming the connecting link between bloggers from different corners of the world. Apart from it, many people start their day with a status update or liking a friend’s photo or status.

       But with the growing number of users of Facebook, the junk uploaded on Facebook has even increased. Facebook is now filled with some irritating status updates, awkward photos, stupid questions. There is a Facebook like button but now their is a great need for a ‘Dislike Button’.

Why do we need a ‘Dislike’ Button ?

Facebook Dislike button

     I hate when people, especially girls update status like ‘Travelling in a bus for first time’. Is it necessary to update status like this?? If you are travelling for the first time, then it’s your problem. I get frustrated the most when some of my friends message me and say to like his/her status or a photo. I ask them what’s in it worth liking ? And I get an answer – “Just like it”.

      This isn’t just my story. I bet all of us would have experienced such stupid things. At such moments, I feel or maybe you too will feel the absence of a Dislike button. Now it is the right time for Mark Zuckerburg to take a next step and provide a dislike button to frustrated users like me. This feature is now the most awaited thing. Once it is introduced everyone will dislike stupid status and photos and we will get relief from mindless stuff updated by people, especially girls.

If Facebook ‘Dislike’ button available ??

    There has been much discussion about this issue. No one has got any official confirmation about the launch of a dislike button. It’s not yet been officially released but you can still use it. There is an extension for Chrome and an add-on for Firefox – Facebook Dislike, with the help of these two things you can fulfill your desire of disliking any hopeless update.

    There might be a simple catch if you use the extension or add-on, it should be installed in the other person’s computer as well to be visible. I don’t know perfectly about this thing as I haven’t tried it but you can see for yourself.

Summary :-

   What do you think, is this the right time for the launch of a ‘Dislike’ button ?? Please do share your thoughts over this topic via comments below. Also if you used the above two extensions (or add-on), then please share your views about it, do they really work ??

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Some weird advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.


I have written many articles about the most used social networking site – Facebook; and I am bound to write more as it is providing me some new topics to blog about. Facebook is the biggest social networking site today with its own pros and cons. So today I will tell you about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. This topic clicked in my mind while I was on Facebook yesterday and so I wrote down everything that came in my mind and here I am writing a full article about it.

In this article, I would list out some points with their own advantages and disadvantages. I hope that you would like it and will even agree with me. So let’s get to it.

1) Socializing :-

There is no doubt that Facebook has helped us to interact with people in the world but with some good things bad things come as a free product. Its a “Buy one get one free” type scheme.

  • Advantage :- As I said before that Facebook has helped us in knowing the people from different corners of the world. We come across many new people from whom we come to know about different topics about variety of subjects. So this one is a good thing about socializing.
  • Disadvantage :- The person who is on Facebook will surely get addicted to it someday. In this addiction, he cuts himself completely from the world around him. His friends list may contain some big names from around the world but he might not know the name of his neighbours.

2) The command over English :-

English has become a global language and most of the people around the world prefer in using English as the language of communication. So if you want to expand your network you must improve your English.

  • Advantage :- The one unexpected advantage of Facebook which most of us have experienced but not noticed is that we have started speaking English more fluently than before. This has come in my favor as my English has improved much than what it used to be before joining Facebook.
  • Disadvantage :- No doubt that our English has improved a lot when it comes to speaking it but when you sit down to write something, you will end up using your Facebook language. This create a negative impact on others when we end up writing such things in exams.

Conclusion :-

If you know any such point that is weird but true that I didn’t mention then please let me know by commenting below. Please never hesitate to share your views with us.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Vmware VCP410-DT which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Vmware VCPVCD510. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

The things about Facebook that I love and things that I hate !!!

Things I love and hate about Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the leading social networking site today with more than 750 million users worldwide. Many people start their day with a status update which is sufficient to show how much people are addicted to Facebook. It is the best place today to socialize with people around the world and stay connected with your friends. But there are something that Facebook excels in and something where it fails. Today we are gonna discuss some points that I love and some points that I hate about Facebook.

First of all let’s see why is Facebook so much popular ?? The reason about the popularity of it among the youths as well as old people around the globe.

The reason of its Success :-

The biggest reason why Facebook is so popular is it’s perfect timing. I mean to say that Facebook came when no other social network was offering any such services. Mark Zuckerberg hit the fortune by launching it a time when people were bored of other social networks and Facebook offered them much different services to explore. So more and more people created their account with it and thus made it so much popular.

The things that I love about Facebook :-

Its Design :-

The creators of Facebook have indeed done a great amount of hard-work to create the design of Facebook and give it a perfect look. Even the new users will love its simple user interface and would never get confused.

Wide Variety of Pages and Groups :-

This is the best thing about Facebook that fell in love with. You can find a wide range of pages and groups of different categories on Facebook. You will never get bored of browsing such pages.

Strong Connection :-

I am able to easily connect with my friends on Facebook. I can see what they are doing or what they are up to. Above this all, Facebook helps me to remember my friends’ birthday and saves me from their torture that they give me if I forget it.

The things that I hate about Facebook :-

Large number of users :-

This is the biggest nuisance on Facebook. Their are so many users of Facebook that it makes almost impossible for you to find anyone’s profile. Also the amount of fake accounts is way more that the genuine ones. I think that Facebook has managed to get so many users just because of the fake accounts that people create.

Timeline for pages :-

After the implementation of Timeline feature for personal profile, Facebook introduced it for the pages as well. In this process, all the pages lost their landing pages. This landing pages where the main attraction of such pages which are now completely gone. But you can create a cover photo instead but it can’t be compared with the landing pages.

Unlimited tagging :-

You are tagged with many photos or videos or links which are not at all of any use. This things are just useless. It annoys me very much when any of my friend tags me to some useless photo.

The ‘Dislike’ button :-

This is the feature for which I am longing to have. People in my friend list just upload some things that are just bullshit. What they think when they update some stupid status which has got no meaning. Now Facebook has got to introduce a ‘Dislike’ button.

Final words :-

My list of likes and dislikes not just ends here. It’s just that I cannot present it in one single post or you will get annoyed with the article. This points I wrote about are my personal view. If you feel that you like some point that I don’t then it’s just a matter of perception. If you think I am missing out on some point then please let me and my other readers know it by commenting below.

Again I want to say that each and everything that I have written is my personal perception. It may be that you will feel differently about it as it is your personal view. So if you are offended by any point then please don’t take it seriously. No hard feelings.

Author Bio:  I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with EMC E20-515  which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass EMC E20-517. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.