DesignCrowd – One of the Best Places to Find a Designer.

As many blogs and bloggers are coming out in the blogosphere, they all need a brand identity for themselves that make them unique from others. At such a moment, graphic designers come to the rescue of the bloggers.

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DesignCrowd is one such website, a crowdsourcing platform that lets you connect with designers from every corner of the world. So what exactly is DesignCrowd and how it is different from other such platforms ?

What is DesignCrowd ?

As I said, DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that provides designing services like logo, graphic, print, flyer and website designing. The platform allows you to connect with amazing designers from around the world.

There are almost 93,000+ designers ready on DesignCrowd that are willing to help you out with your designing work. So if you are willing to get a new logo done for your blog, then head over to this superb platform and see how many different designing concepts are being presented for you to choose from.

Using DesignCrowd as a Designer.

If you are a designer, then you must have an account with DesignCrowd. The biggest reason is that it organizes designing contests for every project submitted and you need to enter the contest with the design of yours and if selected by the customer, you win the contest and the money is all yours.

But you will think, what if I don’t win? Well, you move on to other contest. See, even if you are getting many clients for yourself without any platform, still you are not having any competitive feeling while doing the designing work and thus you don’t feel adrenaline rush. As a result, you won’t be able to present the best design of yours.

Once you are in the logo design contest, you will be able to create new concepts with ease and you will be able to polish up your designing skills while competing with the best designers in the world. That would help you exponentially in gaining expertise and also will help you in getting clients more easily.

Using DesignCrowd as a Customer.

As the blogosphere is growing and many new bloggers are coming up with their blogs, we are facing a tough competition. The website themes we use are being used by millions of bloggers and so that doesn’t give us a unique edge.

So in order to establish a brand, a blogger needs to get a new design for his blog or website. At this moment too, DesignCrowd seems to be the best platform to find designers and choose the best design. All you ave to do is submit some information about the work you need to do and your project will be up and see the different designs pouring in. You can get any design you want Рlogo design, flyer design, website design,  etc. The below screenshot will give you a better idea.


So What’s Next ?

Simple sign up with DesignCrowd and explore your designing skills. There’s more opportunity for Indians because DesignCrowd has officially been launched in India with a similar platform and you can benefit more from it.

So Indian designers, gear up and start designing and win contests and brush up your designing skills. Don’t forget to share your views regarding the post.

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