6 Awesome Ways to Create Valuable Content.


create valuable content

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The problem with most blogs is..their content sucks! They don’t worry about creating valuable content to their readers. Most of the blog posts will be either boring, unhelpful or they totally lack quality.

So how can you create incredible content for your readers that last even after years?

Here’s the dirty little secret to create valuable content.

Ways to create Valuable Content :

Every blog post should have a PURPOSE. You must be able to provide quality to create a great connection with your readers.

Incredible content starts with great headlines: 90 out of 100 people will decide whether or not to decide your blog posts by just looking at your headlines. So never (ever) forget the importance of your headlines. Spend some time to craft the killer titles. Try to create 3 to 5 headlines for each blog post that you write and choose the best one among them. This way you can create better titles for your blog posts.

16 is the new 14: Make your font size bigger. Your typography plays a vital role to make your blog more appealing. Your readers will love to read with bigger font sizes, don’t make it hard to read your content by using small font sizes like 12 or 13 px. Make it large.

Use the word YOU: Write your articles as if you’re directly talking to your friends. This way you can create engaging content. Your readers will love to see this kind of engagement on your blog. Moreover it creates a personal touch with your audience which will be very useful for you to build a better network around your blog in the long run.

Have a voice: Don’t write your blog posts without having a personality in it. No one will like to read the blog posts which lack the ‘feel’ in it. You can only breathe life into your blog posts by having a personal tone. Develop your own writing style and stick to it. Make sure your readers are comfartable with it.

Create scannable content: Write for the online readers, not for offline people. Most of the online readers prefer skimming your content rather reading it from the scratch. Consider this point before you’re writing your future posts. Write scannable content. Break your content into short paragraphs. Use lots of sub heads, bullets, italic, bold letters to make it more appealing.

Remove the unwanted stuff: Don’t use fluff words. They will degrade your quality of the content. Make sure you’re writing a great copy instead of filling your blog posts with useless stuff.

Interlink to your old posts: Don’t forget to interlink to your old posts, but be sure you’re linking to the relevant posts. It’s recommended to linking to authority sites in your niche whenever it’s necessary. By doing this, you’re not only providing extensive reference to your readers but also you’re increasing your credibility.

Bonus tip: proof read your content

Don’t forget to double check what you’ve written. Because your blog readers won’t love when your content contains full of grammatical mistakes and typos. It also creates a bad impact on your blog when you publish the blog posts without worrying about proof reading it. Even the prolific writers will get typos while writing, but they will take care of whatever they write. They will triple check their writing before hitting ‘publish’ button.

Over to you:

Creating great content is not a rocket science though, but it takes lots of time, research and efforts. You can’t get the results immediately after publishing your blog posts. Give them some time to get more online visibility. Moreover if you publish the blog posts randomly without worrying about the readers you can never make captivating content.

Do you’ve any more tips to write killer content? Share them below

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Update Your Content Regularly to Make Your Visitors and Penguin Happy.

Evergreen content is one that never goes out of date. Websites that have evergreen content are the ones that receive continuous readership. In other words, such websites have content that remains useful even if someone reads it after five years. News articles cannot be counted as evergreen since they usually contain contemporary information.

Evergreen Content

Writing evergreen content is all about writing information that won’t change even if it is read several years down the line. Here are some examples of evergreen content:

  • How to Design Your Bathroom
  • How to Make Cake
  • Historical articles on places or people
  • Encyclopedia type articles

However, creating timeless content in every niche is not easy. So, as an alternative, you can try creating content that is useful for the reader at least for a year or two. And if even that’s not possible, then you can update your posts on a timely basis so that they remain relevant for a longer period. When you realize that content is becoming old or outdated, you should start researching on it and update it so that it remains valid. For example, if you have a post like top 10 local search marketing companies of St. Louis, then the article may not hold its utility for longer unless you infuse it with fresh data/facts every year or so.

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Google Penguin Update

On 24th Apr, 2012, Google announced its algorithm called Google Penguin to thwart all the websites that are making use of black hat SEO techniques to rank better on Google Search results. Google does not want its users to see websites that make use of tactics like overuse of keywords, cloaking, taking part in link schemes, using plagiarized content, etc. Google Panda, the previous algorithm release by Google, was aimed at downranking all the poor quality websites. Google Penguin was aimed at putting an end to spammy content and link bombing.

Benefits of Regularly Updating Content on Your Site

1. Better ranking on search engine

Search engines always want to show search results that are useful for their users. Hence, famous search engines are making use of algorithms that allow them to display unique, informative and topnotch quality to their users. Up-to-date content meets all these factors and this is the reason why such content ranks well on search engines. Before allotting a rank to a website, search engine spiders crawl the entire website and then they index it. If the website is found to contain high quality and relevant content, it will receive a good ranking.

2. Providing your readers with informative content

Readers will only read your posts if they find them interesting and informative. If they find boring and old content on your site, they will leave your website and go to another one.

3. Increasing credibility of your website

When your site visitors find interesting and relevant content every time they visit your site, the credibility of your website will increase. This will in turn also help in increasing your visibility in SERP.

4. Boosting traffic to your site

Since regularly updated content helps in ranking your site better on search engine, it will directly help in boosting the traffic to your site. You will receive high traffic continuously even long time after the day it was published.

5. Generating lead

The success of any business depends on how fast you are able to generate leads. Networking is one of the best ways to generate leads. If you are updating your site with relevant, informative and fresh content, there is a high possibility that people will share your website to their friends and colleagues and thereby increase the chances of generating sales.