10 supercool mobile phone concept that’ll blow your mind.

Mobile phone concept

Mobile phone are a necessity of today  and even a fashion. People buy cool and expensive phones not because of their features but to flaunt it among their circle. For now iPhone and HTC phones are somewhat cooler and feature-rich than any other phone; Samsung too is gaining momentum.

But some futuristic people are not satisfied with the mobile phones that are available today and what something highly spectacular. They try to come up with some cool, futuristic and highly technological mobile phone designs. Such mobile designs are termed as “Mobile Phone Concept”.

Such mobile phone concepts mostly never become reality, because they are way too futuristic. But in this fast-paced advancing world, nothing seems impossible. Go a few years back, you won’t see touchscreen phones except iPhone, now almost all phones are touchscreen phones. So after a decade, we can expect some of the cooler phones to get launched.

Here I am presenting a list of 10 amazing mobile phone concepts that are not only technologically advanced but much cooler than what we have today.

1) Mobile Script

Mobile script is a superb mobile phone concept which is designed to work as both a mobile phone and a laptop. Yes, you heard it right. The mobile can be converted into a laptop which can reside in your pockets. You can access the laptops by pulling the flexible screen from the side of the mobile phones and can enjoy the all the functions of a laptop on a large screen.

Mobile Script Concept Design

2) iPhone Pro mobile phone concept

IPhone is the all-time favorite smartphone, so how can it be out of the race of the mobile phone concepts. This concept phone, named as “IPhone Pro” uses a sophisticated mechanism that hides two paddles with LED backlight and touch panel. The front camera is hidden in the top panel, comes with a 64 GB internal memory and a MacBook-friendly MagSafe connector.

IPhone Pro Concept Design

3) Blackberry Empathy

This mobile phone concept of BlackBerry is quite different that what you think it should be. BlackBerry Empathy is completely different from its counterparts, from the shape to its innovative functions like the flexible OLED screen, the translucent keyboard, the double-sided screen and the slide-out keypad.

Blackberry Empathy Concept Design

4) Nokia 888 Mobile phone concept

By looking at this phone, you will surely feel that this one is the most futuristic mobile phone concept in the complete list. Nokia has created a masterpiece. Like any other Nokia mobile, it is simple yet elegant. You can change the shape of the phone depending on the function you want to use. Cool, isn’t it ?

Nokia 888 Concept Design

5) Philips Fluid mobile phone concept

Philips is not a company that you associate with a mobile phone. But if this design becomes reality, the mobile market would feel a huge earthquake. The stylish concept features a super-stylish bendy OLED screen with bright, high-quality image resolution.

Philips Fluid Concept Design

6) Sticky Phone

Most of us place our phones near windows to get better signal reception. This mobile phone concept goes a step-forward by implementing a solar panel at the back of the phone to get it charged. You can stick the phone to the window glass so that it can charge itself with the natural energy source.

Sticky Phone Concept Design

7) Nokia Kinetic

The main idea behind this mobile phone concept is to change the way we receive notifications. Whenever we receive a message or call on our phone, we hear a tone a light flashes in it; but the Nokia Kinetic concept phone stands upright when it receives any notification. That’s really cool.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Design

8) Disposable PrePaid phone concept

The Disposable PrePaid mobile phone concept can prove as a life savior in come critical times when you need a phone. The phone is not too advanced, it’s devoid of any fancy stuff and features only some basic functions. So it will be cheap to manufacture and thus it will cost less. You can simple wrap the phone around your wrist and off you go flaunting it !!!

Disposable PrePaid Concept Design

9) Window Phone

This Window phone concept is designed to get the weather updated on your mobile screen. This mobile phone concept is unique n the sense that the glass display would be clear and fresh on a sunny day while it would be damp and blurry on a rainy day. To make calls or text someone, simply blow your breath and the phone will go into hand-writing mode.

Window Phone Concept Design

10) Nokia N1 Android Phone concept

Nokia has never given Android a try; and if Nokia and Android join their hands, they can regain their position in the mobile market. Android is the most sought after OS while Nokia is known for its highly durable and feature-rich phones. But for some reason the merger has not taken place. I am eagerly waiting for this mobile phone concept, Nokia N1 as it will change the face of mobile phone market.

Nokia N1 Concept Design

That’s all. I hope you liked all the concept designs I mentioned above. Please show your love by sharing the mobile phone concept designs and also drop your views about the article via comments below :)