Transport Layer Security Is Essential On Cloud Protection To Retain Technical Control Of Your Data

Your data is everything. It doesn’t matter what it is. Whether it’s photos, financial data, or the first few chapters of the next great American novel, you want control of your data and you want it to be secure. This is why it’s essential to maintain security. It doesn’t matter whether you have a secure room in a secure building with a server inside of it. It is just as vulnerable to theft and sabotage as anything that you have on the Internet.

The server itself may not be stolen if it’s locked up in a secure room of your building, but the content on the server is still hackable – and that puts you at risk of losing all of your content.

You need a professionally maintained system where it is someone’s job 24/7 to safeguard the data. This means that you don’t have to be the one worrying about whether the data is safe – someone is doing it for you. Hackers can have the opportunity to hack anywhere – but if the data is being maintained by professional system administrators, there is less for you to worry about.

It’s important to think outside the traditional data center because you want cloud computing. This means you have the ability to access your data when and where you want. Whether you are on the road a lot, use a variety of devices, or you jump from computer to computer, you need data access – and without opening yourself up to data security threats.

This is why it is important that there is a secure data transmission using TLS or Transport Layer Security. There are many benefits to TLS. The transport layer is handled by a process within the host computer instead of by routers and switches. This will ensure that you have a powerful service that is more reliable.

Within a TCP/IP model, the transport layer is used to deliver data to appropriate application processes on your host computer. The protocol will support virtual circuits and allow you to send data packets online. Because of the virtual circuits and the other application processes, it makes it harder for hacking to take place at any time.

Additionally, the TLP model allows for reliable communication, which includes error detecting codes as well as automatic repeat requests. This means you get more flow control and reduce congestion – which is especially important when you are trying to get to your data.

Regardless of why you are storing data in the cloud – easier access to the data from anywhere or as a higher level of security – the data transmission connection has to be looked at. You don’t want problems with the connection because it’s going to make you more vulnerable to hacking or it’s going to make it hard for you to get to your data. You don’t have to worry about either of these issues with a transport layer security because it’s what it was designed for.

When it comes to network design, you need technical control of your data. You need to be able to connect virtual servers without a company telling you that it’s impossible or that it’s not secure. Hundreds of large companies have gone to virtualization of networks because it is the most cost effective way to manage data and give users access to the data that they need on a daily basis. Whether you have big data or small data needs, you can virtualize your servers and still maintain technical control.

Security has to be a main concern no matter what you do. Even if you didn’t put your data on the Internet in a cloud, there is a way for hackers to get at the data in your secure room. Plus, when you keep your data on site, you have more issues – more energy usage, more heat, and more risks due to theft, fire and other hazards.

The argument for keeping data on site is no longer valid because of the cloud computing resources available. Firewalls, virtual networks and transport layer security are all arguments as to why data is more secure on the Internet than it is locked up in your server room.

By taking advantage of TLS connections, you maintain more control of your data and eliminate the security threat. Hackers can take their best shot at your data and it’s not going anywhere. Especially when you find the right hosting company, they are going to add additional security controls to prevent your data from being accessed, manipulated, or corrupt in any capacity.

Cloud protection is out there, which means the traditional arguments of online security are no longer valid. Before you put your data in the cloud, however, be sure that you have transport layer security in place because of all the benefits that it has to offer.

About the author:

Rosa Smith uses a ProfitBricks cloud security software when working remotely on her personal blog to protect her content and personal information. Business cloud networking by ProfitBricks are a great way to customize your businesses cloud network to fit your needs.

4 Things to Consider before Purchasing your Next Desktop

If you’re in the market for a new desktop computer, right about now you might be feeling a mix of overwhelming confusion and the need to have it all!

It’s true; there’s such a mass selection of computers available as far as brand name…not to mention models, which can make choosing one for your home or business downright intimidating. Really, you don’t need it all.

The key is to set a budget, shop around, and buy with an understanding of the features you need in mind. This way you will ensure you get the most out of your new purchase.

Here are four vital things to consider before buying your next desktop computer…

Save money on desktops

1. Don’t be afraid to compare prices

You’re the customer, so you’re in control. I really, really mean that statement. Consider that you’re buying at a great time. The holiday season has ended and retailers are trying to clear their shelves before the next batch of new models hit the shelves in late February. This means one very important thing: if you’re looking for computer deals, as a smart shopper you can snag a bargain! However, you have to take the time to shop around and compare computers.

This isn’t a matter of getting it done in an afternoon. So do the footwork (or surf work if you prefer to shop virtually) by checking out several different physical stores and online sites. And if you see a model you like at a store that you can’t get to, take the ad or flyer to a store near you—most computer retailers will match prices if it means a sale.

2. Don’t get dazzled by features

Your preliminary research should also encompass the computer features that are the most important to you. Otherwise, there are so many available that you will get confused by all of the prospects. Start by mapping out what you want to do with your desktop computer by priority.

For example, if you use yours primarily to complete office tasks—like write email, Word documents, complete spreadsheets, etc.—you don’t really care about what CD drive your desktop contains or how streamed video appears on the screen. Don’t let the salesperson overwhelm and sell you on features that you won’t ever use. Make a list of essential features and take it with you when you shop so you don’t get side tracked by needless bells and whistles.

3. Warranty and support services

Get the salesperson to put in writing the warranty details as well as the added support services included with your desktop purchase. For instance, if you aren’t that tech savvy, a computer purchase that includes free computer set-up or 24-hour technical support might be vital to keeping you operational.

That way you can be sure that if a problem or question arises, you’ll have instant access to the support or warranty for parts and services that you need to get you back up and running quickly. And think hard before springing for an extended warranty.

4. Don’t shy away from buying used

Of course you should be cautious when considering a used desktop computer. However, if price is an issue, but the latest and greatest features are not, buying a used computer can save you significant money. Just be sure to do the research. For example, if you have a model in mind, look it up online to get a sense for what the new machine costs. Sometimes online sellers won’t expect you to do your research. You can find many great deals online from sellers who are looking to upgrade to a newer model.

However, if you’re not technically savvy, bring along a trusted friend who can inspect the computer inside and out and give you honest feedback on things like condition of the hard drive, ports, keyboard, etc. Also, be sure to ask if the computer is still under warranty. Many manufacturers’ warranties will transfer to the new buyer. So make sure to double check if the warranty is still honored.

Definitive Windows 8 Starter Guide: Information, Apps and Utilities

Year is coming to an end and it brought in a major advancement in the world of Windows with the introduction of newer Windows in the form of Windows 8. So if you have been recently planning to purchase a Windows tablet or Laptop; then there are a few tips to adhere to while using windows 8. The answer to all questions can be easily found as you traverse ahead further down:

Windows 8 Starter Guide

Definitive Windows 8 Starter Guide - Let’s get started

Drivers, utilities and the customization of the screen

It is important to get all the drivers up-to-date as you surely wouldn’t like them to give you a chance of being startled if they stop working all of a sudden one fine day. So it is essential to manage the driver management mentioned on the top of the list for you- Windows 8 might boot and load up smoothly; but f any driver doesn’t then that will surely give a toll on you! Therefore is it important to keep all the device drivers updated as they drive your computer or they are the starter points or credentials.

There can be a point when there isn’t any problem with the drivers, but the Operating system itself is challenging and making all those things to happen. It is mandatory to focus on the complete study of the windows 8 operating system and what kind of problems it can pose.

Windows 8 has one of the most bizarre developmental decisions taken all due to the Start button; not any longer as the Start8, StartMenuplus8 and Win8 start button can help in bringing it back to the mainstay.

Power Tools- Dive deep in

The system has come up and started up with several magnificent and brilliant tools that are being recognized as a trademark for Windows 8. For example; The Bit Locker To go has been built directly into Windows 8 which is quite useful for the encryption of external storage devices such as the flash drives and the hard disk drives.

There are anti-malware tools available that needs to be updated and installed if in case you are super conscious about the security of your computer, all the data, the files and important information. Another greatly built Windows 8 feature that has been invoked inside prior to the installation procedure is the Storage Space. This is quite useful at allocating and combining all the sundry storage space all clubbed into one singular data pool- for data redundancy and for the basic management of the data files.

This is quite useful when the portable drives can easily be tapped for usage in both the Storage space as well as the bit locker. One thing that needs to be noted here is if your system isn’t able to support Windows 8 being a yesteryear machine. It is advisable to uninstall it! There are many Windows 8 productivity UI software, games and applications which ought to be carefully used!

So have you started falling in love with your Windows 8? Do you want more reasons to fall in love with Windows 8? Well, has an awesome collection of best of the best apps for Windows 8 users. We bet you will also start loving Windows Phone 8, which has also the same Modern UI of Windows 8. Here are some of the best twitter clients for Windows 8.

How to Update apps in Windows 8 Manually

Windows 8 is out now and chances are there that you might have installed it on your PC/Laptop. Not? Well, install it right away as it is far better than previous versions pf Windows. Windows 8 is good in features, but along with it, you are given the facility of Windows Store. Windows Store is separate place to find apps to install on your Windows . You might have seen the official app stores for mobile OS like Android, iOS. Microsoft wants to make Windows 8 as the best Windows till date and that’s why working hard on every aspect.

Update Apps in Windows 8 Manually

The apps are the best way to enhance your experience with Windows 8. Windows Store lists all apps under categories, making it easy for user to find the one that they need. Along with getting apps from Windows 8, Windows Store features the automatic updation of apps. This feature keeps your apps installed on your Windows 8, up-to-date. Although the automatic update feature is great, but you can also update apps in Windows 8 manually. The process is quite simple and I am explaining the same in this article.

Why to Manually Update?

Windows Store automatically updates your apps, then why to opt for manual process? If you are using Windows from quite some time, then you must have noted that the new updates pushed by Windows 8 are always not done on time, at which the new updates are released. Moreover, sometimes, Windows Store does not even push the new updates and thus you keep on using the old version of particular app, unknowingly.

I hope you are curious to know the manual update process. Follow this guide to do so.

Update Apps in Windows 8 Manually

  • Before starting with your actions, make sure that Windows Store is open. If it is not so, then open the same to proceed ahead with the process.
  • Now open the Charms menu. Just hover your mouse to the right top of screen and click on Charms menu.
  • If you are unable to do so, then you can use the shortcut key Windows + C . This will open the Charms menu.
  • From that menu click on “Setting” button and then choose “App updates”.
  • Click on “Check for updates”.
  • Windows Store will start finding the new available updates. After its search is over, it will take you to a new page, if any new app update is available.
  • Just select from the available updates, you wish to install.
  • If you want to install all the updates, then simply click the ‘Select All’ button and then select ‘Install’ button. All available updates will be installed automatically.
  • ‘View Details’ option enables you to check the details of new update. This is an option step, but it is good to know about the new stuff that you will be getting with new updates.

That’s all done! Automatic update feature is available for all, but you are somewhat advanced now. You know the manual update process as well. Let me know of your views on the above article on how to update apps in Windows 8 manually.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8

With the changing scenario and world around us, everyday we are crossing across new inventions and technology. Change is important to explore new ideas of working experience. With this concept, Windows has come up with its latest and advanced operating system, Windows 8. It is fast, better and more responsive. Not only that, it is installed with a touchscreen mode.

Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8

Are you still in doubt to switch over to Windows 8 operating system ? We have a solution for that. Below we have provided you few advantages of this operating system which will be your guide and help you to make a correct decision.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8

1. Faster ? Life is a race. We want everything to be done within nanoseconds. The moment we enter the desired query in Google, we get the results instantly. We all are so much acquainted with super fast services that we often make complains for a service, if it does not meet our standard even if it lags behind for a few seconds. This is what Windows 8 does. It does not make you wait at all. With a faster and quick response, you will notice that whatever function you want your PC to perform, it will be done in seconds. So make sure you upgrade your system with this latest operating system.

2. Cheaper ? When we think of something new and advanced, the one thing which pops up in our mind is its price. Better the technology, higher is the price. This is the common concept of most of the people. However, you will be surprised to know that the same concept does not apply here. Windows 8, apart from being faster and better than its previous version Windows 7, is also cheaper.

As compared to the previous Microsoft versions, it is much affordable to choose over the previous form. You need not have to be concerned if you are purchasing a new laptop because they have already been installed with this latest version of Microsoft. The main concern comes when you have to lose money from your own pocket. So, for that also, you should be glad that it is not costing you much for a better service. Therefore, it is value for money and this is one reason you must install Windows 8.

3. New Applications ? Are you bored with your Windows 7applications. You certainly would be. It is time to explore the whole new world of new applications which are loaded in the latest operating system. Windows 8 provides your PC touch screen mode and direct connectivity of application to the web world which means
more opportunity to get a whole new experience. The new applications will be displayed in the form of tiles in the front screen.

It even displays important information about the application which will guide you towards perfection. If you have not purchased it, you can directly install it, provided you are a registered customer of the previous version. There are multiple applications waiting for your to explore, so go on and make a mark.

4. Better Security ? If you are facing problem related to security in the earlier version, then this new operating system will not trouble you much. The reason being, its high end security system. It is so intelligent that it will not allow your PC to load an unauthorized operating system, which has not been marked by Microsoft. Another advantage is that it will save your system from downloading sites responsible for blocking your various programs. This is certainly a feature you will not get anywhere else, which makes it a must buy.

5. Touch Screen ? Windows 8 gives you to experience touch mode along with keyboard typing which is a very rare option you get in any operating system. Even though you are tired from moving your fingers from here to there, you can simply switch to touch screen mode which will provide you comfort and convenience.

These are 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8. You could also be the one to avail the touchscreen mode or find new and better applications. Therefore, go ahead and make yourself explore the new areas of the latest technology. For instance, you can check out all the features of this amazing new operating system in New Dell XPS 12.

Author Bio -  Alisha Martin is a freelance writer. She loves to write articles related to Windows 8, Tablets, Insurance, Finance, New technologies and Lawyer.

Things to Keep in Mind When You are Buying a Laptop.

buying a laptop

We are living in a world where everything is done with some key-strokes or just a finger touch. The tablet market is growing exponentially with all the giants launching their own tablets. This growing market has posed a threat to the computers but still laptops are going strong. There are many people who give first preference to a laptop when they want to buy a computing device.

So every person must know that which laptop will suit you the best. I have to tell you this one thing. If you are buying a laptop or any other gadget, don’t think about money and try to buy the best gadget which fits best in all the criteria. You must keep certain things in mind before buying a laptop to make sure you have the best machine with you.

So here are some basic things you need to look when you buy a laptop.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Laptop.


The first thing is to look at the best processors. The whole laptop performance depends on the processor. The better the processor, the better performance you will get. Nowadays the best processors available are Intel Core processors (i3, i5, i7), Atom, AMD etc. Also just don’t go with the processor with the best performance. Some processors shorten the battery life so choose wisely but don’t compromise.

The Memory:

Here we are talking about RAM memory. Today no one likes to use 512 MB or 1 GB RAM as there are programs that work slow on these RAM memory. So it is advisable to go for a higher RAM memory, maybe 2GB or higher. I would suggest you buy a laptop with a 4GB RAM, because people today love to play hardcore games.


To get the best graphics, you must have a good graphics card installed in your laptop. Personal suggestion, don’t go for 512 MB graphics card, go for 1 GB or 2 GB graphics card as you will get much better performance with that. And these days all the games that are released works only if you have a proper graphics card and also softwares like Adobe Photoshop also works great with graphics card.


LCD display with more pixels add to the advantage. IF you prefer then you can also go with touch screen display, dual scan display. Nowadays LED display is getting quite some momentum so it is too worth considering.


Battery life is one of the most crucial thing to consider when buying a gadget. It is advisable that you buy a laptop whose battery runs for at least 4 hours at a stretch, this would be quite essential. Lithium ion batteries and Lithium polymer batteries suit best for the laptops and are worth considering.


Would you like if you feel stressed and tired while carrying a laptop because of its weight ? Nowadays you can buy laptops that are ultra-light and ultra thin. When buying a laptop do consider the weight factor too.

OK That’s it.

So here are the most important things you need to look when you are buying a laptop. There are other factors too but you need to concentrate more on this factors to ensure better performance. There are many laptop brands worth checking. For a great range of cheap laptops online go to

So don’t get confused between the leading brands and buy laptops that you find the best fit for use. Once again, don’t consider the money factor because you are buying an electronic item so you must choose the best.

So I would be eager to here from you of what you think about the post ? Do you think there is anything important that I missed out ? Do share it with us.

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Best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

     Adobe Photoshop is by far the best image editor out there that I know and many of you will even agree with me. It’s the best and most popular. But you have to pay a high amount to buy it. For all those who can’t afford the high pricing of Adobe Photoshop, we have come up with a list of some alternatives that will most of your photo editing needs.     A few days ago, we posted about some best sites where you can learn photo-editing and manipulations with the help of Adobe Photoshop. You might like to read the article.

Read : Top 4 Sites To Learn And Become A Photoshop Master

GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) :-

 Photoshop Alternative-GIMP

There is no doubt that GIMP is the closest alternative to Photoshop. GIMP is used by many professionals and contains most of the functions that are similar to Photoshop. Some people feels that the interface is hard to use, but there are still many others who love this open source software. GIMP is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

Download : GIMP

Paint.NET :-


Paint.NET is more than the default Paint application in Windows. Originally it was designed as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint, but it has grown incredibly and today it has become a simple, yet powerful image editor. Currently, can only be used on computers that run Windows, however in future it might be able to support other operating systems.

Download : Paint.NET

Splashup :-


Splashup is a internet browser based photo editing program. No downloads are required; just “Jump Right In”, as their slogan goes. It features a wealth of popular tools, features and applications available. However, it is rather advanced so for the less expierenced user there is Splashup Lite. Best of all, both versions allow you to share finished photos to websites, such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and more, without a hitch.

Go to Splashup

Active Pixels :-

Active Pixels

This photo editor resembles Photoshop in many aspects, from the way menus and windows are laid out on its interface to the keyboard shortcuts used for many actions. It also includes similar tools, like the magic wand, the gradient, the polygonal lasso and others. What’s more, it supports working with layers. Active Pixels is an excellent photo editor that can be very useful for those cases in which you don’t have Photoshop at hand or you just prefer to use a lighter app to perform the same tasks.

Download : Active Pixels

Corel PaintShop Pro :-

Corel Paintshop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is the latest release in Corel’s popular line of photo management and editing software. The interface is fairly simple to navigate, with all of the program’s functionality falling under three main tabs at the top of the screen: Manage, Adjust, and Edit.

Go to  Corel Paintshop Pro 

The above softwares listed are really good with their amazing tools resembling to Adobe Photoshop but above all of this Photoshop rocks. It’s the best when it comes to image editing.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Symantec ST0-141 which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Symantec ST0-149. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.