6 Awesome Ways to Create Valuable Content.


create valuable content

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The problem with most blogs is..their content sucks! They don’t worry about creating valuable content to their readers. Most of the blog posts will be either boring, unhelpful or they totally lack quality.

So how can you create incredible content for your readers that last even after years?

Here’s the dirty little secret to create valuable content.

Ways to create Valuable Content :

Every blog post should have a PURPOSE. You must be able to provide quality to create a great connection with your readers.

Incredible content starts with great headlines: 90 out of 100 people will decide whether or not to decide your blog posts by just looking at your headlines. So never (ever) forget the importance of your headlines. Spend some time to craft the killer titles. Try to create 3 to 5 headlines for each blog post that you write and choose the best one among them. This way you can create better titles for your blog posts.

16 is the new 14: Make your font size bigger. Your typography plays a vital role to make your blog more appealing. Your readers will love to read with bigger font sizes, don’t make it hard to read your content by using small font sizes like 12 or 13 px. Make it large.

Use the word YOU: Write your articles as if you’re directly talking to your friends. This way you can create engaging content. Your readers will love to see this kind of engagement on your blog. Moreover it creates a personal touch with your audience which will be very useful for you to build a better network around your blog in the long run.

Have a voice: Don’t write your blog posts without having a personality in it. No one will like to read the blog posts which lack the ‘feel’ in it. You can only breathe life into your blog posts by having a personal tone. Develop your own writing style and stick to it. Make sure your readers are comfartable with it.

Create scannable content: Write for the online readers, not for offline people. Most of the online readers prefer skimming your content rather reading it from the scratch. Consider this point before you’re writing your future posts. Write scannable content. Break your content into short paragraphs. Use lots of sub heads, bullets, italic, bold letters to make it more appealing.

Remove the unwanted stuff: Don’t use fluff words. They will degrade your quality of the content. Make sure you’re writing a great copy instead of filling your blog posts with useless stuff.

Interlink to your old posts: Don’t forget to interlink to your old posts, but be sure you’re linking to the relevant posts. It’s recommended to linking to authority sites in your niche whenever it’s necessary. By doing this, you’re not only providing extensive reference to your readers but also you’re increasing your credibility.

Bonus tip: proof read your content

Don’t forget to double check what you’ve written. Because your blog readers won’t love when your content contains full of grammatical mistakes and typos. It also creates a bad impact on your blog when you publish the blog posts without worrying about proof reading it. Even the prolific writers will get typos while writing, but they will take care of whatever they write. They will triple check their writing before hitting ‘publish’ button.

Over to you:

Creating great content is not a rocket science though, but it takes lots of time, research and efforts. You can’t get the results immediately after publishing your blog posts. Give them some time to get more online visibility. Moreover if you publish the blog posts randomly without worrying about the readers you can never make captivating content.

Do you’ve any more tips to write killer content? Share them below

Author Bio: I am Sai Kumar, Founder and CEO of Crunchyhub. I am a 21 Year Ordinary and a Simple guy from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am a part time blogger and I write about How-To’s, Technology, Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media etc

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How Did Probloggers Became Probloggers And How Can You Too ??

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Top 5 Benefits of Using CDN (Content Delivery Network) !!!

CDN is the abbreviation for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. The term is used to describe a technology that involves the use of many servers located in different places to improve the rate of access to websites. Having your website hosted via CDN is like having your website files stored in many different locations around the world, so that they can be accessed faster irrespective of the location of the person seeking access.


CDN takes advantage of the fact that servers in different places around the globe are unlikely to face the same level of demand for resources at the same time. This means that CDN achieves better performance by using any idle capacity by distributing copies of files across many servers in different locations.

The result is that whenever an access request is sent, it covers a shorter distance irrespective of the requester’s location. This leads to near 100 percent hosting uptime. It is for this reason that more people and businesses are placing their websites on content delivery networks so that surfers get access speeds similar to surfing local websites.

Top 5 Benefits of Using CDN :

#1. CDN Offers Virtually Limitless Capacity.

The main players on the World Wide Web in the names of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft own an ever expanding infrastructure. This is what comes to play when using CDN. The capacity is constantly expanding, creating space for more content handling.

#2. CDN Reduces the Bounce Rate and Improves Earnings.

Because surfers get almost instant access to websites hosted via the CDN technology, more visitors are likely to get to the site. This means that the bounce rate is reduced and with the higher number of visitors, the number of those taking the next desired step to subscribe or purchase services or products is also raised. Depending on the percentage of visitors who take the desired action, CDN helps to improve earnings.

#3. CDN Uses Different Domains.

In normal circumstances, a browser will limit the way you connect to any single domain. This means that you cannot work as fast as you wish, especially when you are downloading large files. The result is that you have to wait for one connection to complete downloading so that you can get access to another connection. When you use CDN, this arrangement is different which means that you can carry on with your tasks much faster.

#4. CDN Relies on Distributed Data Centers.

CDN uses a series of localized data centers or edge servers to handle content. This for instance allows someone accessing a file in America from Europe to get it faster than when relying on an individual server located in America.

#5. CDN Frees Resources in Your Hosting Server.

By spreading the resource hungry theme and media files across the many edge servers across the globe, CDN helps free resources in your hosting server. This effectively means that you can carry out more tasks using your parent server. It also means that you can cut your hosting costs. This effectively translates to reduced overall expenses.

Author Bio : David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of WhoIsHostingThis.com. David is a freelance technology writer who enjoys writing for various online publications.

PinSomo WordPress Theme : Making Money for Amazon Niche Sites

Pinsomo WordPress Theme

If you’re an Amazon affiliate looking to gain an increase in site traffic for your site, here’s PinSomo — your WordPress wondertheme.

PinSomo theme is the first Pinterest theme of its kind to be integrated with Facebook OpenGraph, Facebook Insights, Google Authorship Markup and a Mobile-Responsive design. Plus, we can trust PinSomo Theme as it comes from the person who brought the superb SEO plugin – SEOPressor, yes it’s Daniel Tan.

Read : SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO by Yoast

These are several benefits PinSomo can give you as an Amazon affiliate there’s another benefit that may not seem as monumental as the others but is still relatively important and usually overlooked.

This is the benefit of minimal time, effort and cost of setting up PinSomo. It only takes 2 minutes to download and install your PinSomo, just like any other WordPress theme. And there’s no need to hire programmers to create a whole new site for you, it’s a simple task that anyone can do — for free!

The other main benefits of PinSomo WordPress Theme.

  • Increase site traffic by turning your site into Pinterest
  • Allows you to monitor and adjust your site content based on visitor feedback (how your visitors behave and navigate on your site using Facebook OpenGraph) which is graphically consolidated for your easy disposal and analyse (Facebook Insights function)
  • Automatically integrates your site with Google Authorship Markup so that your work is always recognized by Google and improves your SEO ranking because of your original content
  • Lets your visitors view your site no matter what devices they’re on because of its mobile-responsive design, meaning your site will still be as aesthetic and still functional even if it’s viewed on devices with a different screen size

With PinSomo, whether you’re an Amazon affiliate or just a simple online marketer, you’ll be armed with tools that will help you increase traffic, monitor and adjust to maintain that traffic and provide your visitors with the best user-experience doing so.

PinSomo can work wonders.

PinSomo WordPress Theme

Bizrate Insights found that 32% of online buyers in North America have made purchases after seeing an image on Pinterest or a similar image-sharing site.The reason why PinSomo works for Amazon niche sites is because is mainly because Amazon is filled with many products with visual representations and these visual images are naturally attractive to each and every person out there. Images are literally first impressions that are the essential first-steps to any purchase. It only makes sense that as an Amazon affiliate, having your site look like Pinterest means having more traffic and in turn – more income.

However, this is not always the case as mentioned earlier and we always have to bear in mind that the content that we put on our site has to be relevant with the Amazon product that we’re promoting otherwise there wouldn’t be results. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and imagine yourself seeing some attractive visual content with a product that could satisfy a need that you have — wouldn’t you be disappointed if you clicked on it and realized it has nothing to do with the product you had in mind?

See PinSomo in Action :-

Traffic increase by just changing theme to PinSomo ….

Many people in the online industry struggle to gain more traffic on their websites and this usually affects the sales. There are many other sites, especially socially networking ones that do incredibly well in terms of web traffic. However, not all of us can afford one.

World’s most expensive domain, www.s*x.com, it too was struggling with traffic issues despite bring quite popular. What they did was just change the site’s layout to look like Pinterest and the traffic jumped by a whopping 1173%!

What are you waiting for ….

So now what ?? What are you waiting for ?? Just follow the link below and buy the theme and add it to your site layout and see the magic happen.

PinSomo Theme Demo | Buy the PinSomo WordPress Theme Now


OIO Publisher Review : Best Ad-Management plugin !!!

When we talk about making money from our blogs, we always think of programs like Google Adsense and advertising programs like BuySellAds. There are many blogs whose main income stream is selling out advertisement space. For selling advertisement banners, bloggers use services like BuySellAds. But getting approval from it is as tough as getting approved by Adsense. Not anymore. Here is an awesome plugin that can manage all your ads from a single place – OIO Publisher plugin.

When you have a blog that attracts a lot of traffic, you will receive many advertising offers daily. Sometimes that too irritating, because replying to each and every mail is a tedious job. Plus, the offers are of different types like purchasing banner ads, text-link ads or a sponsored post. You might get confused about all this chaos.

So for you, here is a revolutionary plugin that will take care of all your worries, and will notify you when a sale is made. All you have to do is install the plugin, do some settings, create some ad-spots and forget about it.


What OIO Publisher can do ???

I can’t say anything about the plugin. It’s so easy to use that any blogger will be able to set it up within a matter of minutes.

Setting up Ad zones

It’s really quite easy to set up the ad zones with the plugin. You don’t need to do any coding. All you have to do is add different values in the plugin dashboard, save it, drag the OIO ad box to the sidebar or wherever you want and wait for the advertisers to buy them.

OIO Publisher - Setting ad zones

As you can see, you can select the create different ad zones, and customize it according to your need – like selecting the different banner sizes, cost per month, per impression or per click. Great isn’t it ??

Theme selection

When you install the OIO Publisher and set it up you will get a custom advertise page from where advertisers can directly buy ad-spots. You can change the look of it. There are 3 custom themes available to do that. Or if you have the knowledge of PHP and CSS, then you can design the page as you like.

Payment Options

OIO Publisher supports many payment options. You can accept payments via :

  • PayPal
  • AlertPay
  • EntreCard
  • Google Checkout
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.net
  • Or Offline Payments

Advanced Settings

The plugin also allows you to set different settings for more convenience. The advanced settings of the plugin include :

  • You can decide if you want to allow the advertisers to edit their banners after purchasing.
  • You can accept payments only after you approve the ads.
  • Open ads in a new window and adding a nofollow attribute to the links.
  • You can allow advertisers to upload their images to your server.
  • To avoid spammers, you can also add a security question.
  • Plus, many more features. Explore it yourself ;)

How OIO Publisher plugin works ??


When you install and setup the plugin and create your desired ad spots, you will see a widget which you have to place wherever you want – sidebar or header. This widget will display the “Advertise here” banner.

When a potential advertiser clicks on your banner, he will be redirected to your sales page, which is generated by the plugin automatically. This page is a simple form where the advertiser has to fill in the required details and submit it for review. If you find the ad appropriate, you can approve it and the ad will be displayed on your blog.

If the advertiser has subscribed for regular ad banner for month to month payment, then OIO publisher will check the payment gateway to see whether the payment is done or not. It will also notify you if any buyer cancels his subscription and the ad will be removed automatically.

My Final view on OIO Publisher plugin.

The plugin is a superb and a must for every blogger. I would strongly recommend it for those who want a hassle-free environment for selling ad spaces. There is everything in the plugin you would look for. It allows you to sell banner ads, text-link ads, sponsored posts and Inline Ads as well. So I would surely say that why to go for BuySellAds, when you can control everything with the help of OIO Publisher.

The plugin, however is a premium plugin which will cost you $47, but I have a great offer for you. You can use the coupon code GREEN-TB10 and get the amazing plugin, OIO Publisher at just $37.

Buy OIO Publisher now

Blog Engage – The Best Community for all Bloggers !!!

Blog Engage - RSS and Marketing Services

What’s the main aim of a blogger ?? Obviously, making some quick bucks from his blog. But for that quick bucks to actually generate, a blog should be getting a decent traffic. So as per my view, getting traffic should be the only goal of a blogger.

So how to get traffic to your blog ?? There are many ways for it, but I am going to share a unique way to get traffic which most of the bloggers might be knowing already. I’m talking about BlogEngage community. Its a beautiful place where you can know many bloggers, plus you can generate great traffic to your blog.

What is Blog Engage ??

Blog Engage is a simple site where you can submit your blog, submit your recently published blog posts and see the traffic flowing to your blog.

Wait it’s not that simple. You too have to do some work. You have to use your social skills. Your article will be shared and voted only if you are kind enough to share and vote other users’ (bloggers’) articles. The other members of the community will surely like your gesture and you will get votes and shares in return.

Its just like Facebook for bloggers. You like (vote) the articles, share them on different networks and get the same thing in return and you can even get your blog post on the homepage of the amazing site.

Advantages of being on Blog Engage :

  • You can manually submit your articles and you can use all the features and functions of the site.
  • Adsense Revenue Sharing program.
  • You can create or join existing groups and increase your exposure.
  • Blog Forum and Blog Directory.
  • You can keep a watch on your friends’ activities on your wall.
  • EasyRetweet bonus.
  • Free SEO marketing e-book.

Blog Engage - RSS and Marketing Services

Earn money with Blog Engage :

You heard it right. You can even make some money with this amazing site. You can join the Affiliate Lights affiliate program and you can add recurring commissions for every referral. Plus, as a member of the community, you are eligible to take part in the “Guest Posting Contest” and make some more money. Great, isn’t it ;)

There’s much more ……….

The things I have mentioned above are that of a Standard account, but that’s not all. You can even sign-up for a premium account to enjoy more added features. You can see the different membership options here.

So now you know of yet another robust service that can give you long-time results as a blogger. So please be sure to join Blog Engage and enjoy the benefits :D

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO by Yoast – Clash of the Titans !!!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as one of the most important aspect for a blog’s success and it should be because a highly SEO-optimized blog ranks higher than any other.

When my blog was on blogger platform, I didn’t had access to all the SEO features and my knowledge about this great thing was minimum. But after I migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress, I got to know the importance of SEO for a post. There are many plugins available for doing Search Engine Optimization but not all are as good. I have used two plugins – SEOPressor and WordPress SEO by Yoast, and believe me both of them are superb plugins.

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO

Clash of the Titans !!!!

Today I wanted to write something different and this idea clicked my mind – why not write a comparison article. There are many bloggers who think WordPress SEO is the best plugin while there are other who think SEOPressor is the best. So let’s start the ultimate duel – SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO …..

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO by Yoast

I won’t say that SEOPressor is better than Yoast SEO or vice-versa; but I would say that both of them are best plugins when compared to the other.

Let’s see about the features of both the plugins ……..

WordPress SEO by Yoast :-

WordPress SEO is a superb plugin compared to other plugins. It can take care of your blog’s complete SEO needs. This

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO

The complete panel of WordPress SEO by Yoast

plugin will help you optimize your complete blog for search engines and your individual posts too.As you can see, there is a large list of the features. You can set the “Titles and Meta Tags” and create Sitemaps.Moreover you have other options like Permalinks Settings, RSS, Internal link settings, Social Integration and a whole set of SEO features in the Dashboard. You will need an expert’s help to set up this plugin to use it to the fullest.

Post Optimization ……….

With this you can optimize your individual posts for the search engines. It offers great interface to optimize your post so that it can rank well in the SERPs.

wordpress seo plugin

Post Optimization Panel

As you can see in the above image, you are able to optimize your post in a superb way.

WordPress SEO asks you for a keyword, your main keyword and then it analyzes the complete post and gives you exact results. You can know where the keyword is absent so that you can add it to improve your SEO score. You can also set the SEO title and the Meta Description for the post to further improve the SEO of the post.

Other Features of WordPress SEO by Yoast ………

  • It analyze your post/page for simple things that you will forget for sure.
  • The plugin has the multi-site compatibility functionality.
  • One of the best feature of this amazing plugin is that it allows you to import/export the SEO settings to Thesis or Genesis or any other framework with the help of the SEO Data Transporter plugin.

SEOPressor – The best plugin ever

Using this plugin is like having a SEO expert sitting right beside you helping out. This wonder plugin is created by Daniel Tan and he is being praised all over the blogosphere for creating this great plugin. If you want to do good On-page SEO to rank your posts high then SEOPressor is a must.

What can the plugin do …………

  • The plugin analyzes the proper placement of the keywords in your posts which one of the most important aspect when you want Google to love your site.
  • It highlights the keywords in your posts by applying different styles like bold, italic and underline to them.
  • It also analyzes the title tags of your posts and also add “alt tags” to your images with a keyword in it.

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO by Yoast

So now you know what both the plugins can do for your blog. I have used both of them and even now I love them and use them to optimize my posts. SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO – let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of this plugins.

Pros and Cons ………

  • SEOpressor is too easy to install and setup while Yoast SEO is a little bit complicated to set it up for getting full advantages.
  • Yoast SEO is a free plugin, where as the latter comes with a price tag (it’s worth every penny).
  • Both plugins are used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers and are recommended by everyone.
  • You can get your post ranked in Google results with less work and less time consumption.
  • You get life-time update options in both of the plugins.

It’s your turn now ………….

OS what do you think about the above comparison ??? Am I right or wrong at some points ?? Do you think one is better than the other ?? Please do drop your comments and let me know about your views regarding the two titans in the SEO world.

SEOPressor vs WordPress SEO – Which one is the best ??

The Power of Negative Blog Comments (Criticism)

Every article that is published will always receive some sort of criticism from individuals in form of blog comments who enjoy reading about new factors, however, it may be good or bad. As you begin to build a blog, its also about building the related design, execution, and especially the subjects that are posts or articles written about on your blog. The main objective of any blog, however, is to get as many individuals as possible to become enthusiastic about your blog and the content and visit it frequently and share their views via blog comments.

Negative Blog comments

The Bloggers who create blogs do not need to be very concerned about any bad reviews that is made about the blog in fact, they should be grateful that people are making any reviews at all. The fact is  that the individuals with every comment are referring your blog, even if it is adverse criticism, it should be considered as an excellent achievement in its own way for your blog because that is exactly what you want. If the articles written on your blog trigger a lot of criticism from visitors, then you have achieved your objective of getting more individuals to become enthusiastic about your blog.

The Negative Blog Comments :-

Handling negative blog comments (criticism) is a kind of a hard factor to control, especially if you are new to blogging and have never created a blog before. As time goes on, however, you will become more accustomed to blog criticism and negative blog comments and it will have a much less effect on your emotional perspective. You must remember that criticism is a very excellent factor because it shows that peoples are enthusiastic about referring to your blog and also provides productive reviews for you on how to better enhance and improve the overall efficiency of your content.

Probably one of the most obvious method of finding out how many lot people are visiting your web page used by the visitor is by looking at the quantity of reviews that your blog is having. Having many reviews and blog comments published to the blog, whether they are positive or negative, results into a very successful blog, so the question then is how you can get more reviews on your websites. This objective can be accomplished in a number of different ways. If you want to improve your visitors’ wishes to check out your blog, you must think of and implement topics  that draw out the feelings and views of an ordinary person.

Topics that are fairly recent or highly controversial will improve the visitors wishes to post a statement/comment on your web page which will therefore improve the number of individuals that check out your blog. Write content that will get individuals to want to give reviews and participate in the on the internet discussion that is organised by your blog. Making blogs as a type of competition will also ignite people’s chances of writing reviews on your web page. One of the factors that you can advertise on your blog which will make it very interesting is a prize for the top commenters to the articles that you post. This method will give visitors another reason for posting reviews and blog comments to your websites.

How to increase blog subscribers fast ??

If you ask most newbie bloggers what’s the most challenging thing to them, it’s how to increase subscribers to their blogs. Anyone that knows what blogging means must know the importance of having blog subscribers. The issue for many bloggers is how to make people subscribe to their mailing list.

get more blog subscribers

Even established bloggers find it tough most times.

You might even have tried all of what you’ve heard and read from other bloggers on how to increase blog subscribers but nothing have worked, then you are even on the verge of giving up on increasing your subscriber base. These days, we are no longer in the era when good blog design and traffic used to help bloggers to gain new blog subscribers, but there’s been a lot more to it.

My article will be drawing insights on how you can increase your blog subscribers base in less than three months.

#1 Problem: Traffic

It’s undeniable, if you don’t have traffic flowing in on your blog, you won’t get blog subscribers. But this time, it’s not just any traffic, but traffic that reckons with your blog. Take for instance your blog talks about the latest Smartphones; if the readers coming to your blog are not interested in Smartphones, then it’s not useful for them to subscribe to your blog. This is why it is important for you to get traffic that resonates with your blog.

How to Solve this Problem

Solving your traffic problem would go a long way to increase the number of people that subscribe to your blog every day. To increase the number of resonant traffic you get to your blog, you should try the tips listed below:

  • Run guest posts on relevant blogs and websites
  • Target relevant keywords for Search Traffic
  • Model your blog posts to resonate with your blog

#2 Problem: Conviction

The second thing that hinders people from subscribing to your blog is the lack of conviction to do so. Before anyone will surrender his/her email address to you, they will ask themselves why they must do so. Erase any thing that gives them doubts to subscribe to your blog.

Give people a reason or course to willingly give up their email and you’ll see how your blog subscribers base will dramatically increase.

How to Solve This Problem

Looking for a way to give people reason or course to subscribe to your mailing list will help you to achieve a milestone success. Since traffic, high quality articles and a good blog design alone is not enough to help you gain a lot of subscribers to your blog, applying the tips listed below will help you complement your efforts.

Other methods that you can implement to increase blog subscribers.

Run a Blog Event (Contests, Free Membership site offers etc.)

Running an event on your blog would be a powerful way to give people reason to subscribe to your email list. Of course this won’t happen automatically, but you will make them sign up to your email list before they are eligible to participate in the event. And you’ll notice, people will be more than willing to subscribe to your email list if your event is of great benefit to them, which is why making the event even extremely useful to bloggers more important.

Launch a Product

Another great way to make people willingly surrender their email address for you is to launch a product. People appreciate new things and can do anything to get exciting offers. Use your new product as a bait to capture people’s email address and your turn up will be worth it.

Mind you, you might need to collaborate with other bloggers to make this more effective and get more blog subscribers.


With the tips you’ve seen in this blog post, if you can apply them religiously you will be rewarded with a surprising increase in your blog subscribers list.

Author Bio : This is a guest post from James Jorner who writes for www.speedyloan.com. This site has link on how to get quick loans.

How I got a Pagerank 3 in just 3 months work ???

If you ask a blogger, who is new in this field, about his goals; his first answer would surely be of earning money online but the second answer would be of increasing Pagerank of his blog.

Increase Pagerank

So are there any solid methods to get a good PR???

Of course, there are many methods that can help you in increasing the Pagerank of your blog. The Pagerank mostly depends on the backlinks and the quality of the backlinks. So if you can create some high quality backlinks then you can expect a high PR in the next update.


  • Less backlinks, high quality – High Pagerank
  • More backlinks, low quality – less or maybe no Pagerank

How can you build quality backlinks ??

If you search around on some top blogs you will find a common article on increasing Pagerank. Most of the articles will only tell you to build backlinks through methods like Guest posting, blog commenting, submitting articles on article directories, using web 2.0 properties, joining forums etc.

The above mentioned sources guarantees a high quality backlink but why should you waste time when you can achieve result using only two solid methods like I did.

How I got a Pagerank 3 ??

Though I knew about the benefits of every method mentioned above I preferred only two methods to increase my blog’s Pagerank. That two methods were Guest post and blog commenting. I never tried article submissions or web 2.0 sites to get backlinks.

I started link building for my blog after the PR update in May. So it is exactly 3 months that my blog got a Pagerank 3.

Guest Posts :-

Guest posts have played an important role for my blog. Not only did it gave me solid dofollow backlinks but I got much required exposure from them. That was the reason I continued guest posts.

You might be thinking that I have done around 30-40 guest post to get Pagerank of 3. No, I did only 10 guest posts.

Its not just about the backlinks, you must also deliver quality content in your post. Also you must select a blog with a large readership base. Don’t just go blindly towards a blog with a PR 5 and no readership.

If you say to choose between a blog with Pagerank 5 or 6 with no comments on its first 10 articles and a blog with a Pagerank 2 or 3 with a good number of comments on each article; I will surely choose the later one.

That’s what I did. I always preferred guest posting on blogs with a wide readership. By doing this, you will get a good exposure and if your article is amazing, their readers might even tag you and your blog in their posts.

Blog Commenting :-

Commenting on blogs has its own benefits. I chose this method just because I can engage with other bloggers around the world.

By commenting on big blogs you will get a high authority backlink, if it is comentluv-enabled, you will get two backlinks. (Nofollow or Dofollow – just forget about that).

To get the maximum benefit out of your commenting efforts, you should leave a genuine comment; don’t just comment for the sake of it or your comment won’t even get an approval. By commenting, you are trying to start a conversation with your host blogger and also with the readers. This can help a lot. If your comments are conveying a superb point then be prepared to welcome some loyal guests at your blog.

Should you worry about DoFollow-NoFollow ??

This is other point of concern for many bloggers. You are doing link-building to increase your Pagerank. So you must get dofollow backlinks. But don’t only go behind blogs that offer dofollow backlinks for commenting. Your blog must have a proper balance of dofollow and nofollow backlinks so that it looks natural.

I would say that don’t worry about this dofollow-nofollow stuff. Just build backlinks. A few days ago I read an article where I read that now search engines give dofollow and nofollow the same importance. Whatever it may be, you must not ignore nofollow links.

 Control your outgoing links :-

You are writing an article and you want to link to another blog then I would suggest to keep it nofollow. I know that linking a highly popular blog with a dofollow link is appreciated by Google, but I would prefer to increase my Pagerank first.

The blogs you are linking to already have a good PR. First you must get a proper Pagerank and then you can give them a dofollow link.

A Personal advice : Don’t accept guest posts until you have a proper Pagerank, because by doing so most of your link juice wil flow to other sites and in the PR update you will see a Pagerank that you have not expected.

Don’t forget Social Media : 

Don’t avoid social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can put your blog’s link on such sites for as many number of times you want. So don’t try to ignore the power of Social Networking sites.

Did you like my article?? Do you have any suggestion regarding it?? Do you think I missed out on any point or presented anything in a wrong way?? Please let me know of my blunder. I would love to hear from you.