Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Google Page Rank

Page rank is an algorithm introduced by Google to determine the importance of a webpage. Page rank of a webpage depends on various factors like incoming links, outgoing links, internal linking between different webpage. Page rank is a factor which is important when you are looking for some direct advertisers for your blog or website to make money. Search engines also give some weightage to page rank of a webpage for search results. Hence having a good page rank is useful to attract advertisers and search engines also. If you want to increase page rank of your blog then here are some tips that will help you to increase page rank of your blog for sure.

Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Google Page Rank

Tips to Increase Your Blog’s Google Page Rank

Build Backlinks:

Backlinks or incoming links are the most important factor that helps you to get better page rank. You have to build links to your blog by social bookmarking, Link baiting, link exchange and other link building strategies. You can increase your blog’s Page rank by building quality do-follow links to your blog.

Frequent Updation:

Many people say that Google Page rank is not dependent on posting frequency, but reality is somewhat different. A blog with frequently updated quality content will help you to increase your blog’s PR.

Work on On page SEO also:

Page rank can’t be improved just by building backlinks, you have to work on your blog’s on page seo. You need to write quality rich and search engine friendly articles for your blog to improve Page Rank.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is the best way to build quality links to your blog. By writing guest posts for authority blogs you can easily grab quality links to your blog. You can also build relationship with blog owners by writing guest posts on their blog. Guest posting will also let you have traffic to your blog.

Forum submission:

There are many do-follow forums available which allows you to have links to your blog/site. By joining these do follow forums you can easily build quality link to your blog. By the help of forums you can also grab targeted traffic to your blog.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting on high PR do-follow blogs can help you to improve PR of your blog. It is one of the most popular and recommended way to build links to have better page rank for your blog. Blog commenting will also help you to get traffic to your blog.

Final Words:

Page rank of your blog can be easily improved, all you need is some consistent and smart work to build links and quality content. Tips mentioned above will surely help you to improve your blog’s page rank. You need to be patient to see result of above mentioned tips. So, are you the one who is looking for tips to improve page rank of your blog then these were few tips for you to have better page rank. If you have any other tips with you to get better page rank then share it with us via leaving a comment.

Author Bio: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada Company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses

The Power of Negative Blog Comments (Criticism)

Every article that is published will always receive some sort of criticism from individuals in form of blog comments who enjoy reading about new factors, however, it may be good or bad. As you begin to build a blog, its also about building the related design, execution, and especially the subjects that are posts or articles written about on your blog. The main objective of any blog, however, is to get as many individuals as possible to become enthusiastic about your blog and the content and visit it frequently and share their views via blog comments.

Negative Blog comments

The Bloggers who create blogs do not need to be very concerned about any bad reviews that is made about the blog in fact, they should be grateful that people are making any reviews at all. The fact is  that the individuals with every comment are referring your blog, even if it is adverse criticism, it should be considered as an excellent achievement in its own way for your blog because that is exactly what you want. If the articles written on your blog trigger a lot of criticism from visitors, then you have achieved your objective of getting more individuals to become enthusiastic about your blog.

The Negative Blog Comments :-

Handling negative blog comments (criticism) is a kind of a hard factor to control, especially if you are new to blogging and have never created a blog before. As time goes on, however, you will become more accustomed to blog criticism and negative blog comments and it will have a much less effect on your emotional perspective. You must remember that criticism is a very excellent factor because it shows that peoples are enthusiastic about referring to your blog and also provides productive reviews for you on how to better enhance and improve the overall efficiency of your content.

Probably one of the most obvious method of finding out how many lot people are visiting your web page used by the visitor is by looking at the quantity of reviews that your blog is having. Having many reviews and blog comments published to the blog, whether they are positive or negative, results into a very successful blog, so the question then is how you can get more reviews on your websites. This objective can be accomplished in a number of different ways. If you want to improve your visitors’ wishes to check out your blog, you must think of and implement topics  that draw out the feelings and views of an ordinary person.

Topics that are fairly recent or highly controversial will improve the visitors wishes to post a statement/comment on your web page which will therefore improve the number of individuals that check out your blog. Write content that will get individuals to want to give reviews and participate in the on the internet discussion that is organised by your blog. Making blogs as a type of competition will also ignite people’s chances of writing reviews on your web page. One of the factors that you can advertise on your blog which will make it very interesting is a prize for the top commenters to the articles that you post. This method will give visitors another reason for posting reviews and blog comments to your websites.

How I got a Pagerank 3 in just 3 months work ???

If you ask a blogger, who is new in this field, about his goals; his first answer would surely be of earning money online but the second answer would be of increasing Pagerank of his blog.

Increase Pagerank

So are there any solid methods to get a good PR???

Of course, there are many methods that can help you in increasing the Pagerank of your blog. The Pagerank mostly depends on the backlinks and the quality of the backlinks. So if you can create some high quality backlinks then you can expect a high PR in the next update.


  • Less backlinks, high quality – High Pagerank
  • More backlinks, low quality – less or maybe no Pagerank

How can you build quality backlinks ??

If you search around on some top blogs you will find a common article on increasing Pagerank. Most of the articles will only tell you to build backlinks through methods like Guest posting, blog commenting, submitting articles on article directories, using web 2.0 properties, joining forums etc.

The above mentioned sources guarantees a high quality backlink but why should you waste time when you can achieve result using only two solid methods like I did.

How I got a Pagerank 3 ??

Though I knew about the benefits of every method mentioned above I preferred only two methods to increase my blog’s Pagerank. That two methods were Guest post and blog commenting. I never tried article submissions or web 2.0 sites to get backlinks.

I started link building for my blog after the PR update in May. So it is exactly 3 months that my blog got a Pagerank 3.

Guest Posts :-

Guest posts have played an important role for my blog. Not only did it gave me solid dofollow backlinks but I got much required exposure from them. That was the reason I continued guest posts.

You might be thinking that I have done around 30-40 guest post to get Pagerank of 3. No, I did only 10 guest posts.

Its not just about the backlinks, you must also deliver quality content in your post. Also you must select a blog with a large readership base. Don’t just go blindly towards a blog with a PR 5 and no readership.

If you say to choose between a blog with Pagerank 5 or 6 with no comments on its first 10 articles and a blog with a Pagerank 2 or 3 with a good number of comments on each article; I will surely choose the later one.

That’s what I did. I always preferred guest posting on blogs with a wide readership. By doing this, you will get a good exposure and if your article is amazing, their readers might even tag you and your blog in their posts.

Blog Commenting :-

Commenting on blogs has its own benefits. I chose this method just because I can engage with other bloggers around the world.

By commenting on big blogs you will get a high authority backlink, if it is comentluv-enabled, you will get two backlinks. (Nofollow or Dofollow – just forget about that).

To get the maximum benefit out of your commenting efforts, you should leave a genuine comment; don’t just comment for the sake of it or your comment won’t even get an approval. By commenting, you are trying to start a conversation with your host blogger and also with the readers. This can help a lot. If your comments are conveying a superb point then be prepared to welcome some loyal guests at your blog.

Should you worry about DoFollow-NoFollow ??

This is other point of concern for many bloggers. You are doing link-building to increase your Pagerank. So you must get dofollow backlinks. But don’t only go behind blogs that offer dofollow backlinks for commenting. Your blog must have a proper balance of dofollow and nofollow backlinks so that it looks natural.

I would say that don’t worry about this dofollow-nofollow stuff. Just build backlinks. A few days ago I read an article where I read that now search engines give dofollow and nofollow the same importance. Whatever it may be, you must not ignore nofollow links.

 Control your outgoing links :-

You are writing an article and you want to link to another blog then I would suggest to keep it nofollow. I know that linking a highly popular blog with a dofollow link is appreciated by Google, but I would prefer to increase my Pagerank first.

The blogs you are linking to already have a good PR. First you must get a proper Pagerank and then you can give them a dofollow link.

A Personal advice : Don’t accept guest posts until you have a proper Pagerank, because by doing so most of your link juice wil flow to other sites and in the PR update you will see a Pagerank that you have not expected.

Don’t forget Social Media : 

Don’t avoid social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can put your blog’s link on such sites for as many number of times you want. So don’t try to ignore the power of Social Networking sites.

Did you like my article?? Do you have any suggestion regarding it?? Do you think I missed out on any point or presented anything in a wrong way?? Please let me know of my blunder. I would love to hear from you.


A blogger should never blog about these topics !!!

      Being a blogger, I know how difficult it is to come up with articles that will gain you both respect and authority as a blogger. The bloggers who are well aware of the working of the blogosphere will find a way out because they know that blogging is not a place that yields immediate results, you need to be patient and work constantly to build your blog and you will surely taste success. 

     However this is not the case when it comes to talking about new bloggers. They are not completely aware of how to manage their blogs and their presence. Their main aim to start a blog is to earn some money and because of this very reason they can’t succeed at all. They start posting irrelevant content on their blog which never gain any attention.
     So today I decided to write an article on what things a blogger should never blog about. 

How to make money online ??

    You have no right to tell people how to make money online when you are not making a penny. I have seen many blogs with “money making” niche but when it comes to their own earnings, they can’t answer it. 
     If you have immense knowledge on making money online or through blogging, then first you should apply it, make some money through it and then use your income report in the post so that your readers will believe you and won’t take you as just another blogger. Set an example before guiding your readers on any road. 
    Blogging about affiliate marketing when you are not making even $50 out of it. Everyone who knows about affiliate marketing also knows that it is not an easy task to make money out of it and so they will believe you only when you have some proof about what you got through it.

Writing Reviews.

    Whenever I read a review on a blog, I can say whether it’s copied or not. Not only I but anyone can say if its genuine or not. I have already seen many reviews and you might have seen some too. Writing reviews pf products that you don’t use is a bad practice. If a blog has benefited by writing such reviews, then don’t think that your blog will too. Its a completely different aspect. 
      You are on blogger platform and you write reviews of WordPress plug-ins on your blog, writing reviews of different hosting companies; are you fooling your readers ?? Do you think that people are dumb ?? A reader will instantly make out hat you do not have any knowledge and you are not at all serious for your blog. This practice will only harm your blog rather than doing any good.

The topics that doesn’t interest you

     This is the biggest problem prevailing in the blogosphere. Many new bloggers just start out their blogs on a topic that they don’t know about. Why to do such things ?? People follow such tactics just because of a simple notion. They simply see a successful blog on the very same topic and they think if it is making money then I can too with that particular topic.

       You won’t make money by just thing. That successful blogger has great knowledge about what he blogs. That’s the reason he is successful and you are not. Also if you try to read his articles and present it i your manner without knowing about the topic, you will suffer. How would you be able to answer your readers’ queries. Think about it ??


     Ah…… Now we are at a great point. There are many blogs are around that concentrated on providing other bloggers with great tutorials, widgets and customization for the blogs, be it WordPress or Blogger. But with such blogs, there are some blogs that copies the tutorials and present it on their blog as if they have worked on it.

      You can easily make out from the look of the blog and the presentation of the article, whether it is a genuine tutorial or a copied one. If you can’t make out from the above points, then try to drop a comment on how to customize it according to your own needs. I bet you won’t get a proper reply. This works, I have tried it on many blogs.

Finally ………

Why spend your precious time on such tactics. Your blog will not enjoy the benefits but will only loose the readership you have got. Write what you love and don’t see other successful blogs. Take inspiration from them but don’t blindly copy them. Believe me you will surely get successful with your blog. Keep blogging !!!

How can you write a good blog post ??

With millions of blogs around and thousands added everyday, many people dream of having a blog and that too a popular one. There are many blogs that are very informative and so they are too popular. Taking inspiration from such super-blogs and there monthly income report, people tend to incline more towards the blogging thing. But can you create a good blog ?? Of course, you can have one but with some work.

If you have started a blog, don’t just rush in to create content, because rushing into create more and more content you will copy from other blogs and this can prove your biggest mistake. Content is everything for your blog at the end. Don’t just throw in something old. Create a blog you can feel proud of.

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Consistency :-

The most important factor that makes your readers believe in your blog is your posting consistency. Try updating your blog once a day or once in two days. But please maintain a proper time. Don’t just post five times a week and nothing in the next week. This will make your readers think that you are not at all serious about your blog. Thus they will avoid turning towards your blog. This is not at all good as your blog’s success is dependent on your readers only. Maintain a schedule so that your readers know when you update your blog and they will visit you at that time.

Include some of “You” :-

I think if you have created a blog of your own then you will probably know the fact that a blog is a reflection of you. People blog to connect with other people around the world. Write a post in a such a way that people feel that you are talking to them. Don’t write the words as if your blog is some News Channel. There are many News Channel to do that. People love if you write like you are actually interacting with them. Also you can share some details of your life in your blog like your first income or any important event of your life. Such tactics won’t affect your blog but will only help it improve.

Use Pictures or Videos :-

Don’t just write for the sake of updating your blog. And if you are writing a post, don’t just use text. Sometimes readers search for an image in the post (even me). Use at least one image relevant to your topic.

“Images convey better than words.”

If you are writing about some gadgets or softwares or games or providing a tutorial, then including a video will be a great thing. Your readers will only love it. So don’t restrict yourself to text or even images. Try using videos at some moments.

Final Words :-

Keeping the above points in mind while writing a post will help you much and will also appeal to your readers. I hope that you would have liked my article. Please feel free to share it with your friends.

Do you think that I missed out on some important point ?? Then don’t hesitate and use the comment section below to point out the error I made and please let me know which point I missed ??

How to start the traffic flow towards your blog ??

How to drive traffic to blog

       I hope now you might have started a blog. For some newbie bloggers, it is very hard to get a decent amount of traffic for their blog. If they are completely new to the world of blogging then they would surely face a tough time in bringing the people to their blog. Even I faced this problem when I started blogging. But after reading many blogs, I found my way out and the traffic started diverting to my blog. So today I am going to share some simple ways on how to start diverting the traffic flow to your blog.

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Promote your blog among your friends :-

     ”A friend in need is a friend in deed”. Why not use this phrase ?? Ask your friends to visit your blog and even share it with their friends. This way you will get more exposure and thus you will get some extra visitors. Remember one thing that you won’t be able to get more number of visitors if you alone take all the responsibilities. Give some responsibility to your friends even, they won’t say no to your hardwork and will surely support you in your blog promotion.

Use Social Networks :-

      The world is experiencing a social revolution. The influence of social networks is prevailing in every field. Why not use the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for promoting your blog. This platforms are not just for chatting or tweeting but you can use it to gain some visitors. Join groups, like pages, make your fellow bloggers your friends and they too will help you by sharing your work. Don’t restrict yourself to just the above 3 social networks; explore more like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and many more. The latest hot network is Pinterest and even you can gain much traffic from it.

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Comment on other blogs :-

       Find other more popular blogs having a large number of visitors in your niche and start commenting on that blogs. But before commenting on the blogs, read the complete article before commenting so that you know on what topic you are giving your views. Always avoid comments like “Good job”,”Nice article” etc. Leave a genuine comment on the articles and you will see other visitors taking interest in your comments. Plus you will also build a good reputation of you own and thus of your blog.

Final Words :-

    The above points are very basic points aimed at people who don’t know how to start getting traffic for their blog. In my upcoming article, I will cover more ways to get more amount of traffic. I hope that you would have liked my above article. Please share it with your friends and let them also get benefited.

How to choose the right domain for your blog ??

Choose the right domain

The biggest roadblock a blogger faces when he wants to create a blog is the blog’s domain name. Choosing a right domain is a very crucial task. So how to get the best domain name for your blog. But before that you should read my before posts if you haven’t read it yet. We have discussed about Different blogging platforms and after that I posted about the importance of niche in your blog. So today we are going to take the next step i.e. deciding the domain name for your dream blog.

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Why should I have my own Domain name :-

Having your own domain name is the biggest desire for most of the bloggers for many reasons. For a start, it will become your identity in the future – call it your online identity. A carefully selected domain name will help you enhance the branding of your blog, your services and thus will give the respect in the online world. All this will happen if and only if you have selected a domain name that best describes your site. Additionally you will be able to have your own e-mail address with the same domain which will add professionalism and branding to your blog.

How to choose the best Domain name for your blog :-

When you are choosing your blog’s domain, you should keep some points in mind to get the best results in the future. You should choose wisely. Don’t just choose your own name as your blog’s domain name if you are wanting to monetize your blog. But that’s just about your own personal taste. But if you are keen on making money from your blog then you should choose the perfect domain for your blog.

  • Describe your blog’s topic :- Your domain name should be such that it should best describe about your blog. Your reader should understand what your blog is all about by just looking at your blog’s domain. This will make them feel that your blog doesn’t contain any junk and is worth visiting.
  • Should be easy to remember :- The domain of your blog should not be lengthy. You should keep it short and sleek for others to remember it easily. A person should not get confused when he hears the domain.
  • Should consist your blog’s keywords :- Another point to keep in mind is that your domain name should consist the keywords of your blog. Its not always that easy to use all your keywords but try and keep such keywords that you blog the most about. At the same time don’t forget to keep it short.
  • Future preferences :- One more thing to keep in mind is that keep it vulnerable for your future updates. I mean to say that, if you are planning to include some more topic to your blog in future, then it should support your domain name. So keep in mind about your future adventures at the time of deciding the domain name.
  • Things you should avoid in your domain name :-
  1. Numericals (eg. ’2′ or even ‘two’)
  2. Symbols
  3. Confusing or difficult to spell words.
  4. Hyphens.
  5. Letter jumbles. ( Your domain should not have such words that you feel it confusing eg. softtech )

Summary :-

I hope you that you got the idea of how to select a domain name for your blog or website. These are the basics of domain selection that will help you in your online venture. If you want to get more and some confusing details about selecting the domain name then you would love to read this post on Problogger.

Even I am looking for a domain name for my blog. If you have any ideas about what it should be then please let me know via comments. I had some of the names in my mind but they are all already registered. I would be grateful if you will help me with this thing.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Symantec ST0-134 which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Symantec 850-001. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Why is selecting a “niche” so important for your blog ??

Select a niche to blog about

Blogging is one of the easiest thing on Internet; but if you want to succeed as a blogger then the same thing becomes really tough. We introduced this section a few days back to help you make your own blog. Today we are going to write about the next point to keep in mind before you start blogging. The first point that we posted was about Different Blogging Platforms that can help you to build your blog. Now today we will see how to decide on the “niche” i.e. the topic of your blog.

Selecting a niche for your blog is very important because it gives you the direction to take further steps in your blogging career. Not deciding a niche will only confuse you and even search engines will not be able to figure out what your blog is all about and thus your blog will go unnoticed. Below are some tips to help you decide on your blogging niche.

1) Ask Yourself :-

The first tip lies within yourself. First of all ask yourself what you are really good at. Which are the topics that really interests you, the things that never bores you, the topics in which you crave to learn more ?? Prepare a complete list of all the topics of your interests. Sort it out according to your knowledge about each of them. Don’t avoid any of the topic as you will be needing it in further steps.

2) Research around the Internet :-

After sorting out all the topics, you need to do a complete survey of what people search more on the Internet. See if there is any topic in your list that is searched more on the Internet. If yes then give the top priority to that topic as most of the traffic comes from the search engines. Don’t go for topics that people are not looking for. You must look in to each point in selecting the best niche as it is the only thing that will help you blog in the future.

3) Look for more sub-niches :-

After you have zeroed down on a topic, then just relax and prepare a complete list of articles that you are going to write on your blog. This will help you give the initial push to your blog. After that see if there is any more topic that relates much to your main niche. If yes, then do include it also in your blog so that you never feel short of articles and your blog remains well-updated.

Final Words :-

By following the above points, you will surely end up in selecting the best niche for your blog and will be able to make the most out of it. But remember that you will not be able to see immediate results and won’t get success in the beginning. Blogging is a time-consuming job and should be done with much patience.

If I am missing out on something then please let me know by dropping your comments below so that I can update the post. Feel free to ask any questions.

Author Bio: I am Rahul Garewal a content writer and a Professional Blogger.  I am certified with Vmware VCA410-DT which is very popular these days and have a great scope in the field of IT Certification. I always like to take certification exams and now I have planned to pass Vmware VCP510-DT. These kinds of exams could secure your future as well as your job.

Introducing a new section to this blog – How to blog

How to blog

         I have succeeded in getting some good response to this blog from you guys. This has motivated me a lot in bringing some more topics to this blog. I have handpicked some topics which can prove useful to you guys in the near future. From this topics, the first topic I am starting today is about Blogging. All of you must be knowing that this is a blog itself. I will give you some tips that I learned so far so that you can create a blog for yourself much easily without any hassle.

         Some of the points that we will see in this topic have been briefly described below. This are some of the terms that you need to get familiar with before you jump in the ocean of blogging. So here starts my work of making you well aware of the dos and don’ts of blogging.

Blogging TipsBlogging Tips :-

    In this section we will see some basic, simple yet powerful tips to make your blog the best blog out there. You can find blogging tips everywhere on the net but they are by pros for pros and is hard to understand it in the beginning. Even I cannot understand some of the points after spending so much time on researching about it. So I will try to provide you with the tips in an understandable language.

SEO tipsSEO :-

     This is the most important thing when it comes to blogging. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The meaning of this term is to make your blog’s design such that the search engine robots can crawl easily in your blog and can gather each and every post of your blog. Every blog should be SEO optimized if it wants to get success and a high search engine ranking.

Getting trafficGetting traffic :-

       This is the common “funda” when it comes to getting success. We all know that if the traffic rate is higher in a shop, then that shop will surely make more business. Similar idea can be applied here. The more people visit your blog, the better are the chances for it getting more popular. So we will provide some tips and some ways that are useful to divert traffic flow towards our blog.

Content WritingContent Writing :-

        If you have taken care of all the aspects above, still you are unable to get success then its probably because of your content. You write about what your readers know or have read it somewhere else. This will prove harmful and you will lose your readers. The content is like “Electricity” for a blog without which evry items are useless. We will even cover this point in detail in our upcoming articles.

Other points :-

         Blogging is not just limited to this 4 points but it is wide perspective and I cannot tell about everything in one single post. In the upcoming articles related to blogging we will look deep into the blogging world and will try to learn everything about blogging.

         So stay tuned with us. Subscribe to our e-mail updates so that you do not miss out on any useful article from this blog.