The Power of Negative Blog Comments (Criticism)

Every article that is published will always receive some sort of criticism from individuals in form of blog comments who enjoy reading about new factors, however, it may be good or bad. As you begin to build a blog, its also about building the related design, execution, and especially the subjects that are posts or articles written about on your blog. The main objective of any blog, however, is to get as many individuals as possible to become enthusiastic about your blog and the content and visit it frequently and share their views via blog comments.

Negative Blog comments

The Bloggers who create blogs do not need to be very concerned about any bad reviews that is made about the blog in fact, they should be grateful that people are making any reviews at all. The fact is  that the individuals with every comment are referring your blog, even if it is adverse criticism, it should be considered as an excellent achievement in its own way for your blog because that is exactly what you want. If the articles written on your blog trigger a lot of criticism from visitors, then you have achieved your objective of getting more individuals to become enthusiastic about your blog.

The Negative Blog Comments :-

Handling negative blog comments (criticism) is a kind of a hard factor to control, especially if you are new to blogging and have never created a blog before. As time goes on, however, you will become more accustomed to blog criticism and negative blog comments and it will have a much less effect on your emotional perspective. You must remember that criticism is a very excellent factor because it shows that peoples are enthusiastic about referring to your blog and also provides productive reviews for you on how to better enhance and improve the overall efficiency of your content.

Probably one of the most obvious method of finding out how many lot people are visiting your web page used by the visitor is by looking at the quantity of reviews that your blog is having. Having many reviews and blog comments published to the blog, whether they are positive or negative, results into a very successful blog, so the question then is how you can get more reviews on your websites. This objective can be accomplished in a number of different ways. If you want to improve your visitors’ wishes to check out your blog, you must think of and implement topics  that draw out the feelings and views of an ordinary person.

Topics that are fairly recent or highly controversial will improve the visitors wishes to post a statement/comment on your web page which will therefore improve the number of individuals that check out your blog. Write content that will get individuals to want to give reviews and participate in the on the internet discussion that is organised by your blog. Making blogs as a type of competition will also ignite people’s chances of writing reviews on your web page. One of the factors that you can advertise on your blog which will make it very interesting is a prize for the top commenters to the articles that you post. This method will give visitors another reason for posting reviews and blog comments to your websites.

Is Blogging a form of Gambling ????

blogging and gambling

      Today having a computer with an Internet connection is a normal thing because we are living in a modern world. Everyday many people, especially the teenagers are diverting towards blogging. Why?? There is one and only reason – to make some quick bucks. Whole day they surf the net and at some point they come across a story of the top Probloggers who makes 5-6 figure from his blog. By seeing this, the teenagers are lured towards blogging as they think they too will make money the same way.

          But you can’t make money so easily, and at last they go in a direction that no Problogger or any blogger has ever taken.Must Read : Blogging Myths

A brief intro of Gambling.

 “Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. Typically, the outcome of the wager is evident within a short period” – WikiPedia

     In short, I can say that If you want to gamble then you need lots of money to spend on it. In the world of gambling, only luck defines the winners; you can earn double money or more, but you must have your luck by your side else you will be sitting on a footpath begging.

What’s Blogging ???

Blogging is the best job in the world that any one can have. If you are well-aware of the benefits of blogging, and you know how exactly the blogosphere functions, then you can easily make your influence in the online world. Blogging lets you build relationships, new friends, allows you to build your knowledge; overall its best to blog rather than spend hours on social networking sites. 

How is Blogging and Gambling connected???

   Blogging and Gambling both are connected in the monetary requirements. Both of them demands some starting investment, and both can give you monetary benefits at the end. But do you think blogging is just another form of gambling?? Let’s take a look at some key points.

1) Monetary investments :-      If you start a blog, you won’t be needing to invest any money in it. Your blog will be up within minutes and no money. But with blogger, you will be restricted on many aspects. So if you want to take up blogging professionally, then you should start a WordPress blog. But to start a WordPress blog, you need to invest money. Here are some of the aspects where you need to put money.

#1. Domain name.
To start a blog, you must have a unique domain name. You have to shell out some bucks to get a custom domain. The cost is not high, around $10 for a year, but still you put money in it.

#2. Hosting.
After you have your domain, you need a space to host it. So you will have to buy hosting for your blog. There are many popular hosting companies providing reliable hosting at affordable rates, like around $50 a year or maybe less. 

#3. The Design. 
Now that you have both, a domain and hosting, your blog is ready. Now all you need is a perfect design. There are many free themes available, but as such themes are used by thousands out there, the uniqueness will lack. So you will need to hire a professional to design it or buy a premium theme and do the tweaks to the design to give your blog a unique feeling.

    The above three points are important to start a blog, so it cannot be considered as some thing like gambling. But there are some other costs that many impatient so-called bloggers bear. Let’s see such unnecessary costs.

#. Buying high PR links :-
In order to gain a high Pagerank, many new bloggers take a turn in this direction. But the thing the don’t know is that the so-called high PR link packages are actually low PR links; and in the next penguin or Panda update, his blog will be wiped off, thus losing every money he spent.

#. Spending money on courses :-
This is another thing that many bloggers spend their money on. They see the ads of video courses or free weekly courses within cheap rates, from less known sites. These all thing are just shit and nothing else. If you want to do a course, you have to shell out a large sum not anything mediocre.

2) Addiction quotient :-

Gambling is addictive so is blogging. A blogger will feel uneasy if he hasn’t logged in to his blog for even about 2-3 hours. So is a gambler. A gambler will not be able to pass his day without playing the gamble. 

But blogging is a nice addiction (personal feeling). Blogging is something that helps you grow but gambling is something that helps you destroy yourself and the ones around you. But note that, the addiction towards blogging is good till some point, beyond which it can prove harmful. 

How Gambling is related to Blogging?? Is it Really??

    The three points I mentioned above about the domain, hosting and design are the required investments; but the two points like buying links and all that, you can connect them with gambling. Its the similar concept, you use money to get the double amount. 

    This is the only thing where blogging can be considered as gambling. Otherwise if you are spending your money on buying genuine stuff, then you are a blogger and not a gambler; but if you spend your parents’ hard earned cash on foolish things, then you are a jerk. (No Hard feelings)

I hope that the above article would prove useful to you all. There is nothing like gambling in blogging, but it’s just that some people spend irrelevant money and they don’t get any monetary return and finally in frustration they dub people as scammers.

About Author:

Sohil Memon is a computer geek. Spends most of his time on computers and his mobile. He provides various cracked softwares and Android-Iphone games on his blog

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4 Blogging Myths prevailing in the Blogosphere !!!!!

Blogging Myths

Being a blogger is a toughest job in the world with highest returns. But if you are a newbie in the blogosphere, you might be working up on building your knowledge on how the blogosphere works. You go through some high authority blogs and whatever you read there you believe it blindly. When I was new to this mysterious world, I too surfed around some biggest blogs and also some of the upcoming blogs just to build my knowledge. But now I can say that there are many myths prevailing in the blogosphere, as I am not a newbie any more.

        I have learned a lot in the recent months. I just want to share it with you all. Some of the myths that have surrounded the new bloggers, and how they get nowhere following them. I hope you will find it useful.


Myth #1 :-  Google loves fresh content.

     This is one of the biggest myth prevailing in the blogosphere. We all have been compelled to believe that posting articles regularly will increase our rankings, which is the biggest notion.
Truth :- 
The truth is that Google doesn’t love fresh content, but its the quality that it loves. The quality of your article ill decide whether your post is going to rank in Google or not. This might sound shocking, but is the truth. Just see around. Search about some specific keywords and you will see the quality articles ranking the SERP’s rather than the recently updated content. Let me help you here. Try to search “future of blogging” and you will see the post of ViperChill at top of search results. And below it you will find some fresh articles on the same keyword.

Myth #2 :-  People don’t like to read long articles.

This is another thing that many bloggers believe and post their articles according to it. We all think that an article should be around 700-1000 words or at most 1500 words otherwise your readers will get bored reading it.

Truth :-  This is yet another notion. The readers of your blog don’t look on your post length. Its the writing style of your article, the engagement that lacks in your post and this is the reason your articles are not read completely. I’ll give you the same example as in the previous point about the article on Viperchill about the future of blogging. The post is a freaking 12000 words post and still the most popular one with around 350 comments posted till date. It clearly suggests that if you have a great writing style and the engagement quotient is higher then the length of your post won’t matter. If you are not able to write engaging articles, then some writing tips provided at GeekyWriter will surely help you.

Myth #3 :- Guest Posts and blog commenting are only good for backlinks.

Whenever you search for the benefits of Guest posts and commenting, you will eventually end up with backlinks. If you ask anyone or read any related articles, you will find everyone concentrating on backlinks as the biggest benefit that is earned from guest post and comments.

Truth :- My take is completely different and opposite to what many of you know. Now that I am doing some guest posts and a lot of blog commenting, I came to know that the biggest benefit is the social exposure you get and the connection with other bloggers. I started with an intention to gain backlinks but I understood the reason that compels a Problogger like Zac Johnson do guest posts. The exposure you get, the relation you build with different bloggers is the only biggest benefit you get. Backlinks is nowhere near the exposure.

Myth #4 :- Adsense is the only big monetization program.

Many people enter in the field of blogging with an intention to make money with their blogs and their ultimate goal is to get an approval with Adsense. If they get rejected, they leave blogging in frustration. Such people think Adsense is the only thing that helps in making money.

Truth :- The bloggers who have already spent some good amount of time blogging will certainly know that Adsense is nothing to other mouth-watering programs in terms of earnings. If you got rejected or banned by Adsense, then its good for you. Try to explore more programs that offer higher incentives. The best one being Affiliate marketing. You can earn tons of money with it. Also the advertising method can bring huge amount of revenues. So don’t quit blogging. Try hard to build your blog and money will eventually start flowing towards you.

I hope that you all will completely agree with my above points. If I missed some point then I would really appreciate it if you add it in the comment section. If you liked it then please feel free to share it with your social circle. Thanks !!!!

Note :- This Post Is Written For Your Are A Blogger Contest Hosted By GeekyWriter. You Can Know More About The Contest By Clicking Here.