I am Participating in Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest #6.

I am quite excited that I am now a part of the guest blogging contest that is organised by Blog Engage. This is my first time on Blog Engage.

Blog Engage has already hosted 5 successful guest blogging contest this year and this is the 6th one which too will be quite successful. Blog Engage is an active community where bloggers meet and share articles with each other to maximize traffic flow to their blogs and connect with other bloggers in the same niche.

As I said Blog Engage is a great place to meet new bloggers and grow your blog, so if you are not a member already then it is a great chance to participate in the contest and get a standard Blog Engage account for yourself and enjoy some of the awesome services that are offered.

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What will I get from the Contest ??

  • The first thing that I will be getting is the exposure which is too useful if you want to succeed as a blogger.
  • I will be able to get new visitors for my new blog that has been recently launched.
  • The next thing that I will get is some solid backlinks which will help me getting a high Pagerank.
  • If I win this contest, I may get the awesome cash prizes too.
  • If I don’t win, then also I will be a part of the rocking community plus I will be able to connect with some top bloggers in the niche.

My Contest Entry :

I have been working on this post from a long time as I have planned to participate in the Blog Engage Guest Blogging Contest a long time back. So to make this post rocking I have done some great work.

My post topic is about becoming a Problogger. Becoming a Problogger is a dream of every blogger but how to become one is tricky but quite simple. You will also see some Probloggers revealing their personal strategies they used in their early blogging days in the post. So hope you will like my article and share the post and help me win the contest.

My Entry :

How Did Probloggers Became Probloggers And How Can You Too ??

3 Winners are going to be selected and the cash prizes are $250, $150 and $100 for first, second and third spot respectively. I will need your support to win this contest. Comment, like, tweet, share, pins, +1s will all be appreciated. 

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TechBreach is now a WordPress Blog – The Complete Journey

It was the toughest decision for me take in my blogging journey. Migrating your blog from blogger platform to WordPress platform. But I took the decision and now my blog, TechBreach is a WordPress blog.

Blogger to WordPress

I started my blogging journey in late 2011 with a blogger blog. At that time I wasn’t even knowing what is the meaning of a blog and what blogging is all about. As a result, my first blog was a piece of junk and so I deleted it. But that gave me something. I found myself more interested in blogging than before. And my new journey started.

After getting failed at the first attempt, I decided to start off again, this time with proper knowledge and planning. I searched about blogging and found that it wasn’t just a 8 letter word. It was a complete ocean of opportunities. With little knowledge that I got, I started a computer blog (this blog itself) and named it All-for-computers.blogspot.in. Of course it was blogspot as i didn’t even knew of WordPress at that time.

I started posting about softwares and their cracks and applied for Adsense the very next day. I was such a fool; I got to know about this when in just two hours I got a mail telling that my application is rejected. LOL

Then again it was break time. I took a long break, like about 2 or 3 months; I don’t properly remember. But I started blogging again in like March 2012. The blogging was going slow but steady. That was the time I got introduced with other blogger through social networking sites. It completely changed my approach.

Now I decided to expand my blog and added some more niches, like the tech-related articles, social media and blogging related articles. That helped me in updating my blog more often.

Then I bought a custom domain name, TechBreach.net on 2nd May 2012, a day before the last PR update. Then I started some serious link building for my blog to get a good PR in the next update. I read about many methods to get backlinks but I preferred guest posting and blog commenting over other methods.

I commented a lot on many different blogs and did some 10 guest posts on some highly popular blog. This gave me some great backlinks and at the same time more exposure in the blogosphere. Now I can say that many people know me as a blogger.

Finally I decided to migrate my blog, TechBreach to WordPress and take it to a new level. I migrated to WordPress on 29th July, 2012. It was a smooth process because of some great tutorials I referred before migrating.

Thanks to everyone who helped me !!!

Many people, I mean bloggers have helped me in getting to this place. I want to thanks all of them for their support. They have all helped me whenever I needed them. That’s why I love blogging because everyone is always willing to help newbies.

Here are the name of the bloggers and their blogs because of whom I have reached to this spot.

  1. Ammar Ali of AllBloggingTips.
  2. Saad Naeem of SEOallrounder.
  3. Abhi Balani of OddBlogger.
  4. Mairaj Pirzada of GuidePlease.
  5. And last but not the least, Amit Shaw of ITechCode.

All of them have helped in one way or the other. I thanks them all and also other bloggers who have solved my queries every now and then. (Forgive me if I have not mentioned you).

Got a gift from Google.

Yesterday it was the day of a PR update. I am very happy to tel you that our blog, TechBreach is awarded a Pagerank 3. That’s just amazing. I got this achievement in just 3 months of work and I am very happy about it.

Let’s see if I can get to PR4-5 in the next update. ;)

Please share your views if you find any problem with the blog. Also suggest me some great plugins and widgets to make my blog a better blog. Thanks guys !!!


Took the next step of my blogging career – A custom domain for my blog !!!!

        It’s been over 8-9 months when I first came across the term ‘blog’ and my life has changed ever since. I have been the blogging-type ever since. But it wasn’t so easy; reaching upto here, blogging seriously and not just for fun. Now I have taken a step further in my online venture. I just got a custom domain for my blog which was originally a free blogspot one.

        Now I am on the right track of blogging. This blog was just created as a hobby because I never knew that there are people earning thousands of dollars. It is after I got exposed to the blogosphere that I came to know that a blog is not just a word; it is much more than that. But when I came to know about the monetizing thing, I created another blog and started posting things, copying from here and there. And the very next day, I applied for Google Adsense. Can you believe it ?? Of course, I got rejected and that too within half an hour of my application. At that moment all my dreams of making some huge amount of money shattered. And for some days or maybe weeks I left blogging. But soon I was getting bored playing online games and using Facebook. So I decided to explore more about blogging. Making myself aware of the do’s and dont’s of blogging. And that’s where I became serious. I was getting more and more involved in blogging and this blog is a result of that involvement.

         At first, I was to blog only about computers but I thought it would be a very small niche as I ain’t a computer junkie; so I decided to expand it’s niche and started to write about social media, technology and even blogging. So I didn’t think that the name of my blog “All-for-Computers” was appropriate. So I wanted a domain that had the word “tech” in it. The domain names which were in my mind were either registered or were premium ones. At this point, a friend and fellow blogger, Ammar Ali of Allbloggingtips.com helped me and suggested some super domains. And I finally zeroed down on this name – TechBreach.net.

       I wish that one day I too will join the league of the successful bloggers and if God permits, maybe I can become even more successful then them. Hope is everything. And hard-work is even bigger than hope. So my next step is to gain some serious visitors and expanding my blog. I hope that you will help me with that.

       Please do comment below to let me know of your views about the topic. I will be more than happy to have your valuable feedback.