Transforming your Small Business – Ways to Go Green

Go Green

While it’s nice to make your small business Eco-friendly, ultimately, your business decisions come down to one thing: how you can save money to increase your income. Technology makes it easy for a small business to ditch paper processes and offers a way for you to manage your company through cloud computing and simpler processes. Software and applications are released regularly with the small business owner in mind, and if you aren’t taking advantage of technology, you’re behind in the market. If you want to save your company money while doing your part to save the environment, here are a few things you can do reduce your carbon footprint.

Online Credit Card Processing

Now, before you start to freak out and say you can’t take credit cards online, it’s important to realize that most small business owners still know very little about the process. However, this green concept allows small businesses to increase profits while reducing paper waste. You can save up to six pounds of paper a year for each customer or client you have, simply by taking credit cards online.

This process allows you to eliminate all paper waste that comes with a purchase from your company. No longer will you need to print out receipts, shipping information and confirmations to your clients. By asking your customers for their contact information, you can email all of these documents, along with any warranties, directly to the customer. Why pay for paper products that are likely to end up in the trash when you can keep the expense of these products within the company?

Online Invoicing

It is baffling just how many companies out there still rely on paper to conduct business. When you make the choice to manage your corporate invoices online, you save paper while making your bookkeeping process less chaotic. Thanks to technology, online invoicing provides you the ability to update and create documents, even when you’re out of the office.

Among the easiest and least painful ways to become Eco-friendly is to reduce your company’s paper consumption. Through online invoicing, you won’t be required to print a single document, and you’ll be able to access all of your invoices from any computer. Rather than continue to print out every invoice and store them in large filing cabinets, why not take advantage of the technology available and make your life – and the lives of your coworkers – less stressful? Not only will online invoicing allow you to reduce your paper waste, but it also allows you to send messages to your clients directly from the software, so you can make notes and remind clients of when they’re payments are due.

Accounting Software

Purchasing and using small business accounting software can be a bigger benefit to your company than you may even know. Not only will this software help you become greener, but will also make your bookkeepers fall in love with you. Finding the right software for your company – and there is industry-specific accounting software out there – will remove your company’s need for actual books, as everything will become digitized.

When you use small business accounting software, there are additional ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint than you may know. Begin by transferring all of your handwritten notes to your software, and by creating all of your future notes within your software. This will make it easier for your bookkeepers to know every last detail about your accounting without having to schedule a meeting with you to gather this information. Then, set up your payroll so everyone in the office is paid via direct deposit. This can save your company hundreds, if not thousands, of envelopes and paper checks a year.

With just a bit of research, you can find the right Eco-friendly practices to apply to your small business that will help you reduce your waste. No matter how big or small your company is, we can always find areas where we can improve. So, ask yourself, how could your company benefit from going green?