4 Brick and Mortar Stores with Awesome Mobile Apps

You may be used to navigating your favorite bookmarked online shopping apps—such as RedLaser and Amazon—to compare prices between popular retailers and even emerge with shipped deals at a fraction of the initial cost! But what about those of us who would prefer to shop and eat from brick and mortar retailers in our own city?

The good news is that there are some really good smart phone applications for brick and mortar retailers and restaurants that won’t have you hunched over a computer for hours on end and never venturing outside of the house. The following 4 brick and mortar apps put you in contact with great retail and fast food services right in your own neighborhood…

Brick and Mortar Apps

1. Old Navy (Free – for iPhone, iPad and Android)

Did you know that the Old Navy app is magic? It’s true; when you use the brick and mortar stores mobile application, just click on the Old Navy logo and you’ll unlock shopping convenience and deals galore! You also have a wealth of retail information right at your fingertips—including the nearest Old Navy location near you, links directly to Old Navy Pinterest pages, which will help you get inspired for the upcoming season with stylish, new pin-worthy duds that other Old Navy fans are raving about. Also, when you snap any Old Navy logo, either in a store location, on a shopping bag, online, or on television, you’ll instantly receive a deal, game, or shopping code to use at your neighborhood Old Navy store. (You can also find a list of Old Navy coupons on the site as well.)

2. Domino’s Pizza (Free – for iPhone and iPad)

You can now use your mobile phone to order a piping hot pizza pie. And trust me, on a Friday, after a busy day at work, everyone loves the fact that I can place a cheap and convenient Domino’s order using my smart phone and have it reach home just as I pull in the drive way (there is a status bar in the app that shows you exactly what is going on with your pizza – order received, pizza being made, pizza in the oven, pizza being inspected and pizza being delivered!). With the Domino’s app you can order from more than 5,000 locations across the U.S., read the national menu, clip virtual coupons, and even set your preferences so your personal information is saved and you next order is one-click to pizza pie!

3. Home Depot (Free – for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile)

How sexy can a home improvement store app be? The answer is very. Home Depot’s app offers a ton of features you’d likely never even thought to look for. You can buy on the app and pick up in store, get store maps and aisle finders and even do bar code scanning. They also offer tools to convert measurements and calculate needed materials. The shopping list feature allows you to decide what you need at home, add it to the mobile app and then use it to find everything you need in the store. Fixing your kitchen sink this weekend? Figure out what you need, head to their plumbing supplies section and tick off everything you need in the app!

4. Target (Free – for iPhone, iPad, and Android)

With Target text alerts, you’ll never miss an exclusive in-store deal or coupon for your favorite Target store location. Plus, you can find the nearest store to your current location, check the availability of in store items, refill prescriptions, and much more—all from your mobile device. Also, be sure to check out this handy guide to deciphering Target deals – it’s a must read!