Some Major Issues of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was released amid much fanfare. It has been hailed as Apple’s best handset. The handset comes with several new features like a faster processor, 4G LTE features and a larger screen. The device sold about 5 million pieces in its first weekend. However, it does come with its own share of issues. Here are some of them.

Major Issues of the iPhone 5

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Major Issues of the iPhone 5 :

  • Aluminum Casing -The Aluminosilicate casing of the iPhone 5 is causing some issues for its users. This issue now popularly referred to as the “Scuff-gate” has left users complaining of scratches and nicks on the bezel of their iPhones after removing it from the box. This has been attributed to the Aluminum coating. The scratches will only increase with time. Hence it is wiser to use a protective case for your iPhone 5. There are a variety of cases in the market some where you can even design your own iPhone 5 barely there case using Case Mate DIY tool.
  • Light Leaking - The Apple iPhone 5 white colored models seem to be suffering from an issue of light leaking. This problem is mostly seen while using the phone in the dark. There seems to be some light emitted from the top right corner of the device behind the screen. This same issue was also faced by several iPhone 4S users. Several users who had this problem got their devices replaced by Apple.
  • Wi-Fi issues - Several iPhone 5 devices has had issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. Some users have complained about a really slow connection whereas some have no connection at all. Meanwhile some carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have had complaints of a bug that caused the network to charge for data when using Wi-Fi. Most of these issues have been resolved by Apple using a restore operation.
  • Maps - The maps issue started when the iPhone iOS 6 announced that it will introduce its own maps app and that iOS 6 will not be having Google Maps App. What happened next was navigation pandemonium with choppy looking images, wrong addresses. There were several reports of people getting stranded in snake infested deserts after using Apple maps. However, the issue seems to have been put to rest after Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology and Google Maps has been released for iOS 6.
  • Purple Flare - The iPhone 5 camera has been well acclaimed, but several users have been complaining about a purple flare in some of the images. This issue occurs whenever the camera lens is angled at bright lights. According to Apple, this problem has been seen in several phone based cameras.

Despite these shortcomings, the new iPhone 5 is still very much a great buy especially for those who are impressed by the design, simplicity and aesthetic sense in Apple products. The iOS6 interface is very user friendly and is one reason that Apple has a very loyal customer base.


  1. I phone 5 is Fast, great screen quality, iOS/OSX integration, good camera, panorama mode is cool. Decent battery life.

  2. I don’t know why, but even though the price is high,I love it because of its UI