How LEDs Are Creation of Smart Future ?

LED refers to Light Emitting Diodes. You might have seen this technology being used by your friends or people you know. Thumbs down, if you do not use this in your home. Technology is progressing and so the people, but it seems that you are still on the same place. The ones who use LED technology are paying their contribution in defining bright future. They are playing their role in the creation of smart future. How? Well, the ‘HOW’ must be hitting your brain now. Right? The benefits of LED will answer this ‘How’ part. Let us have a look at it.

How LEDs Are Creation of Smart Future ?

No Heat

The best part of LEDs is nearly zero Heat Production by it. When you use traditional ways of lighting like CFLs or Fluorescent bulbs, then you might have noted that these get hot after a few minutes working. This happens due to heat production by them. About 80 percent of input energy gets converted into heat by CFLs. No such problem is there when you use LED as the heat production is almost zero.


As the CFLs get hot after a short time usage, one cannot use them in small places as there is always a huge risk in doing so. This makes CFLs to be unsafe. No heat production is involved in LEDs, so totally safe to use in any kind of places. Moreover, LEDs do not contain any glass in them, so there is not any problem of breakage. This makes LEDs safe from every aspect.

Energy Efficient

As stated already, heat production by LEDs is near to zero. It directly means that LEDs convert all the supplied energy into light. There is not any consumption of input energy. So you make use of all input energy. This certainly reduces the high electricity bills which always hit your doors.

Eco Friendly

Along with saving your hard earned money and thinking about your safety, taking care of environment is also your duty. After all, we all have to live in this environment and one can’t expect the life to exist if the environment is polluted. LEDs do not pollute the environment to any extent as these do not make use of dangerous material which can cause problems to environment. This is the reason why governments suggest people to use LEDs instead of CFLs, as in CFLs’ production, a dangerous material Mercury is used. This is highly harmful for environment.

Various Shapes and Sizes

LEDs are available in various shapes and sizes. It is clearly known that everyone has its own fantasies and choice. In CFLs, all are compelled to use same poor design, whether they like it or not. But no such case in LEDs. You have the option to select from a wide range of LEDs of different shapes and sizes. Select the one that suits your home the most. After all, it is beauty of your house that defines your personality. Right?

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