Definitive Windows 8 Starter Guide: Information, Apps and Utilities

Year is coming to an end and it brought in a major advancement in the world of Windows with the introduction of newer Windows in the form of Windows 8. So if you have been recently planning to purchase a Windows tablet or Laptop; then there are a few tips to adhere to while using windows 8. The answer to all questions can be easily found as you traverse ahead further down:

Windows 8 Starter Guide

Definitive Windows 8 Starter Guide - Let’s get started

Drivers, utilities and the customization of the screen

It is important to get all the drivers up-to-date as you surely wouldn’t like them to give you a chance of being startled if they stop working all of a sudden one fine day. So it is essential to manage the driver management mentioned on the top of the list for you- Windows 8 might boot and load up smoothly; but f any driver doesn’t then that will surely give a toll on you! Therefore is it important to keep all the device drivers updated as they drive your computer or they are the starter points or credentials.

There can be a point when there isn’t any problem with the drivers, but the Operating system itself is challenging and making all those things to happen. It is mandatory to focus on the complete study of the windows 8 operating system and what kind of problems it can pose.

Windows 8 has one of the most bizarre developmental decisions taken all due to the Start button; not any longer as the Start8, StartMenuplus8 and Win8 start button can help in bringing it back to the mainstay.

Power Tools- Dive deep in

The system has come up and started up with several magnificent and brilliant tools that are being recognized as a trademark for Windows 8. For example; The Bit Locker To go has been built directly into Windows 8 which is quite useful for the encryption of external storage devices such as the flash drives and the hard disk drives.

There are anti-malware tools available that needs to be updated and installed if in case you are super conscious about the security of your computer, all the data, the files and important information. Another greatly built Windows 8 feature that has been invoked inside prior to the installation procedure is the Storage Space. This is quite useful at allocating and combining all the sundry storage space all clubbed into one singular data pool- for data redundancy and for the basic management of the data files.

This is quite useful when the portable drives can easily be tapped for usage in both the Storage space as well as the bit locker. One thing that needs to be noted here is if your system isn’t able to support Windows 8 being a yesteryear machine. It is advisable to uninstall it! There are many Windows 8 productivity UI software, games and applications which ought to be carefully used!

So have you started falling in love with your Windows 8? Do you want more reasons to fall in love with Windows 8? Well, has an awesome collection of best of the best apps for Windows 8 users. We bet you will also start loving Windows Phone 8, which has also the same Modern UI of Windows 8. Here are some of the best twitter clients for Windows 8.


  1. Hi Arbaz, I don’t have windows 8 installed and honestly speaking don’t know if my system can handle it. Just curious though how good is the compatibility of Windows8 with photo editing tools like photoshop as I can’t live without it which I use for my landscape photos.

  2. I am using Windows 8 on my lenovo x121e and i think it is performing just fine. Metro is a bit different story and i am not using it. Thank god for applications like Start8 which brings back same functionality as with older windowses.