Sleeping Dogs : The Hong Kong Police Story !!!

Sleeping Dogs

A person saying that he don’t like playing games, is just bluffing. Every human being loves playing games, just the genres are different. But people who are hardcore gamers (just like me) won’t ever deny of their love towards the games. To add to this, there are many rocking games released in the past months that has created a great fan-following and collected great accolades for the plot and the storyline of the game. Recently hot in the market is Sleeping Dogs. The game is strongly matches the DNA of Grand Theft Auto and borrows some free-running elements of Assassins Creed and combats from other hits. The result is Sleeping Dogs.

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Almost every Grand Theft Auto fan will agree that San Andreas was the best game in the whole series. It was the best and the most loved because it had a lot of variety in terms of gameplay and the character building. The biggest factor that made it an all-time hit was the sense of being a part of the actual community. In San Andreas, you had friends and the sense of belonging to the neighbourhood. After San Andreas, it’s Sleeping Dogs that give the players the same level of excitement and a purpose to play the game more and more often.

Sleeping Dogs’ USP : The Plot

The plot of Sleeping Dogs is one of the strongest assets of the game, that will make any gamer buy this one.

Its a story of Wei Shen, a Hong Kong born who has just returned to his hometown after a stint in the USA. The game begins and he finds himself in a cell after being arrested in a drug bust. In comes Jackie, a childhood friend. Jackie, who works for the local Triads, offers Wei some work and in no time Wei is breaking bones, boosting cars and working his way up. But there is something his criminal pals don’t know about him; Wei is an undercover cop who is working with a task force trying to bring out the Triads.

As Wei gets deeper, he finds himself in a dilemma, who should he stay loyal too. He is surrounded bu criminals who can kill anyone, but they genuinely care for him and his well-being; where as on the other side is Wei’s commanding officer who wants the desired results even if it breaks the law. In this situation Wei finds himself hanging between his duty and the people that cares for him.

The complexity of the plot of Sleeping Dogs keeps you glued and it compels you to play the game to find you what’s going to unfold the next second. The different layers that unfold add a superb taste to the game. Sure thing that Sleeping Dogs has no ground-breaking plot but still its quite awesome to keep you going.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs – The complete mash-up

Sleeping Dogs – The Combat Mode

The plot is not the only interesting thing in the game. The overall mechanics and the rocking game controls are also bang on. The driving controls are great and perfectly added so that you won’t end up driving like a drunkard.

The protagonist’s hometown is Hong Kong so for sure you will expect some Kung-Fu fighting in the game. Wei’s kung-fu skills allows him to take on multiple opponents at a single place, and that too quite easily without any fuss. He can easily grab his enemies and throw them at others.

An extra feature added to the combat mode of Sleeping Dogs is that Wei can use his surroundings to cause devastating effect. He can dispatch foes by ramming their faces into fans, the walls, the circular saws etc. Using the environment in the combat mode is a superb thing because the gamers are now quite accustomed with using the environment to their benefits.

 The Surroundings :-

The developers have clearly went out of their way to make the pieces in Sleeping Dogs look as authentic and lively as possible, with the right audio-visual blend.In the game you visit the night market, filled with street food, pirated DVDs and fake designer wears. The flirtatious calls that you hear from the shopkeepers are simply amazing.

Apart from the main gameplay, you can take on some mini-missions like taking part in the street car racing events, participate in the street fighting contest, learn new combat moves, do some betting, pick up a car boost and even visit a massage parlor for some relaxation.

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Sleeping Dogs : The Ultimate Verdict

Games like Sleeping Dogs has a high risk of getting beaten down, but that’s not the case here. Its one of those rare gems that were not taken quite seriously before people actually started to know its worth. Sleeping Dogs presents a huge opportunity and paves the way for the developers to think about something that doesn’t involve aliens, zombies and wars.

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto, then Sleeping Dogs is the game that you were waiting for this long.

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Note : Sleeping Dogs has taken on the UK Games Chart, and is positioned at the Numero Uno spot for the last two weeks !!!!


  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    I haven’t played this yet, but it looks like a lot of fun. One of my coworkers at Dish recommended it to me too, saying it was a huge step up from GTA 4. I’m actually a bit tempted to buy it, but I remember how much money I used to spend buying multiple games a month (that adds up when they’re 60 bucks a pop). So I put Sleeping Dogs in my Blockbuster @Home queue instead; it’s much cheaper to pay a flat monthly rate. Oh and I’m guessing by your link that you played this on the 360; do you know if there’s much of a difference between the 360 and PS3 versions?

    • I haven’t played it on 360. I played only on PS3 so I don’t have any idea if there is any difference in the variants.

  2. Looking awesome game, dying to play…

  3. Nice game But i am addicted to tekken 6 only :)