4 Blogging Myths prevailing in the Blogosphere !!!!!

Blogging Myths

Being a blogger is a toughest job in the world with highest returns. But if you are a newbie in the blogosphere, you might be working up on building your knowledge on how the blogosphere works. You go through some high authority blogs and whatever you read there you believe it blindly. When I was new to this mysterious world, I too surfed around some biggest blogs and also some of the upcoming blogs just to build my knowledge. But now I can say that there are many myths prevailing in the blogosphere, as I am not a newbie any more.

        I have learned a lot in the recent months. I just want to share it with you all. Some of the myths that have surrounded the new bloggers, and how they get nowhere following them. I hope you will find it useful.


Myth #1 :-  Google loves fresh content.

     This is one of the biggest myth prevailing in the blogosphere. We all have been compelled to believe that posting articles regularly will increase our rankings, which is the biggest notion.
Truth :- 
The truth is that Google doesn’t love fresh content, but its the quality that it loves. The quality of your article ill decide whether your post is going to rank in Google or not. This might sound shocking, but is the truth. Just see around. Search about some specific keywords and you will see the quality articles ranking the SERP’s rather than the recently updated content. Let me help you here. Try to search “future of blogging” and you will see the post of ViperChill at top of search results. And below it you will find some fresh articles on the same keyword.

Myth #2 :-  People don’t like to read long articles.

This is another thing that many bloggers believe and post their articles according to it. We all think that an article should be around 700-1000 words or at most 1500 words otherwise your readers will get bored reading it.

Truth :-  This is yet another notion. The readers of your blog don’t look on your post length. Its the writing style of your article, the engagement that lacks in your post and this is the reason your articles are not read completely. I’ll give you the same example as in the previous point about the article on Viperchill about the future of blogging. The post is a freaking 12000 words post and still the most popular one with around 350 comments posted till date. It clearly suggests that if you have a great writing style and the engagement quotient is higher then the length of your post won’t matter. If you are not able to write engaging articles, then some writing tips provided at GeekyWriter will surely help you.

Myth #3 :- Guest Posts and blog commenting are only good for backlinks.

Whenever you search for the benefits of Guest posts and commenting, you will eventually end up with backlinks. If you ask anyone or read any related articles, you will find everyone concentrating on backlinks as the biggest benefit that is earned from guest post and comments.

Truth :- My take is completely different and opposite to what many of you know. Now that I am doing some guest posts and a lot of blog commenting, I came to know that the biggest benefit is the social exposure you get and the connection with other bloggers. I started with an intention to gain backlinks but I understood the reason that compels a Problogger like Zac Johnson do guest posts. The exposure you get, the relation you build with different bloggers is the only biggest benefit you get. Backlinks is nowhere near the exposure.

Myth #4 :- Adsense is the only big monetization program.

Many people enter in the field of blogging with an intention to make money with their blogs and their ultimate goal is to get an approval with Adsense. If they get rejected, they leave blogging in frustration. Such people think Adsense is the only thing that helps in making money.

Truth :- The bloggers who have already spent some good amount of time blogging will certainly know that Adsense is nothing to other mouth-watering programs in terms of earnings. If you got rejected or banned by Adsense, then its good for you. Try to explore more programs that offer higher incentives. The best one being Affiliate marketing. You can earn tons of money with it. Also the advertising method can bring huge amount of revenues. So don’t quit blogging. Try hard to build your blog and money will eventually start flowing towards you.

I hope that you all will completely agree with my above points. If I missed some point then I would really appreciate it if you add it in the comment section. If you liked it then please feel free to share it with your social circle. Thanks !!!!

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  1. Oooh great. As newbie my mind was set that I have to concentrate on 101% fresh content and Backlinks. But last month I got to know that Relationship with other bloggers is very important to survive. I lost my precious time in this kind of misconceptions.

    I think it is Very good post for reshaping the minds of newbies who are miss-understood the rules of the game, like me.

    • Yeah I too was somewhat mislead by such myhts in a earlier months. But as I got interested in blogging, i realized all things I followed were not at all useful. SO i decided to help others clear the misconceptions and so I wrote this post.

      Thanks for visiting and hope to see you more often :)

  2. Great Post Arbaz But According To Sponsored Posts Are Best Way To Earn Money :)
    Don’t Accept Guest Posts For Free


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